Does presotherapy really help slim down?

¿Ayuda realmente a adelgazar la presoterapia?

Let's start with a sensible and direct message. Effort and willpower are required to start any weight loss program. We emphasize this because we understand how worried you may be about losing weight, how excited you get every time you try, and how bad you feel when your expectations are not met. It is very disappointing to see that neither with diet nor with physical exercise, you manage to lose weight in an appreciable way. Why does this happen? Ruling out hormonal or even digestive imbalances, in many cases weight is not lost because insufficient measures are taken.

And with disappointment, the mission is quickly abandoned. It is of little or no use to eat very lightly but not to do any exercise. At most, you are going to maintain a more or less stable weight, but burn fat, make no mistake, you are not going to burn it. And if you exercise but continue eating without any nutritional criteria or regard, you will be the same. Therefore, it is important to combine a balanced diet, pressotherapy with some physical exercise, but be glad because not everything is going to be physical effort.

There is in fact a resource that can be of great help and you do not have to do practically anything. We are talking about the popular and revolutionary pressotherapy! A lymphatic massage technique that detoxifies your body, enhancing its natural functions. But does pressotherapy help to lose weight? Does pressotherapy slim the abdomen? Let's go in parts because losing weight does not happen by magic even if it has its little tricks, and the effectiveness of pressotherapy is not a myth, but you have to know how to combine it with other habits so that it really works.

Sizen Faja Abdominal

Presotherapy for weight loss

If your goal is to lose weight with pressotherapy, you must be clear that it will help you as long as you combine it with other measures. A proper diet is as essential as a couple of good sports sessions a week. If you also add to that a few lymphatic massage sessions, you already have the perfect triad in your favor. And it is that although it is scientifically proven that pressotherapy improves the figure and the general contour of the body, by itself it does not work miracles.

But it can help you get rid of excess cellulite. It is not like liposuction, but it manages to greatly reduce the appearance of "orange peel" which is the superficial manifestation of cellulite. Also do not forget that pressotherapy is indicated to treat problems that can be solved with a non-invasive therapy such as this. The main function of pressotherapy is to stimulate lymphatic drainage, responsible for returning to the bloodstream the proteins that have "lost" passing to an area that does not correspond to them, retaining fluid, causing inflammation and finally, cellulite, edema and varicose veins. And all of this, as we know, is especially visible on the legs.

But if this is your problem, don't be discouraged. Fortunately, there is pressotherapy for the abdomen, arms and legs. And if you ask around for leg-slimming devices, they will surely recommend pressotherapy boots, already famous throughout the world for their many benefits for both the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Even both amateur and professional athletes are using them after training or competitions, thus achieving better muscle recovery. And if what you want is to reduce the belly or reduce volume in the arms, the effectiveness of pressotherapy will also surprise you.

The importance of hydration in pressotherapy

Water is crucial when it comes to losing weight. Ruling out obesity, since in that case pressotherapy is not indicated or any other possible contraindicationYes, you can lose some excess weight by following a series of guidelines. Among them, proper hydration. What happens if you don't drink enough daily? In addition to putting your health at serious risk, your body will retain as much water as it can to continue giving its cells the minimum to keep them alive.

So if you don't drink enough, it's possible that much of your overweight is due to retention. And if, in addition to drinking little, you lead a sedentary life, fluid retention is more than guaranteed. Undesirable effects soon appear, such as edema – fluid retention that causes swelling in the feet, legs, arms and even hands -, cellulite and even spider veins. Symptoms that clearly indicate that something is not circulating well inside you. You will probably also feel sudden aches and pains and a significant drop in energy. You should also be careful with the salt.

We need sodium in our diet, but it should not be abused. In the long term, an excess of salt can cause hypertension, heart or kidney problems, osteoporosis... and also retention. And this manifests itself in a particularly scandalous way in the lower extremities... so you probably want to know if you can eliminate liquids and fat in the legs or if pressotherapy in the abdomen helps reduce love handles, right? Let's go with the tips that will help you achieve that and much more.

Exercise, Diet and Presotherapy: the balanced formula that works

Our first piece of advice will always be the same: Analyze your problem and consult your doctor. Let her know that you are concerned about your weight and that you want to know what you can do to reduce the problem. They may prescribe a diuretic to expel fluid if the problem is very noticeable. And it would also be necessary to take into account sex, age, hormonal function, genetics, stress, habits in general... All of this can influence weight. Given a general idea of your physical condition and the changes required in your lifestyle, you should be able to lose weight as normal. Here are some basic tips.

  • Drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day.
  • Take care of your diet. It should be as natural as possible, light but also nutritious. If you deem it necessary, consult a professional nutritionist. A personalized diet plan may be worth it. Stick to 5 meals a day, not too large. And go from more to less.
  • Do not abuse salt. Don't miss vegetables. Fruits yes, but those that contain less fructose. Skip the price of processed foods, pastries, fried foods... Excesses end up generating metabolic disorders.
  • Do about 30-60 min. of physical exercise at least 2-3 days a week. Preferably at sunset. And hydrate well. Wait an hour and a half before eating anything solid again. Your metabolism continues to burn fat. And remember: the last ingested fat is burned first and the rest will be burned evenly throughout the body.
  • After that hour and a half, do a pressotherapy session of about 30-45 minutes. Having a team at home would be ideal. With the metabolism still hot and fully reactivated, pressotherapy reduces volume by making it easier to eliminate liquids and fat from the legs. Pressotherapy boots are the perfect tool for that. And if you need pressotherapy for the abdomen, extend your treatment with an abdominal belt.
  • Dinner, light, and if it's early, better. Metabolism also depends on your schedules. If you have had dinner and after half an hour you have started exercising, ideal. If not, try to eat something as light as possible.
  • Stop drinking an hour before you go to bed and sleep for at least 8 hours.

Tratamiento de Presoterapia para combatir las VARICES

How many Pressotherapy sessions are recommended?

We clarify that pressure therapy in a center is not the same as at home, and that the frequency of pressure therapy also depends on the body and lifestyle of each person. A professional team can apply more pressure, so normally an initial and intensive treatment of 10 sessions is recommended, doing about two per week. But there is no set standard either. In some clinics they recommend about 4 sessions per month. It depends on the situation of each person and their expectations.

With domestic pressotherapy, you will need a minimum of 3 or 4 weekly sessions and continue with the routine for a while to start noticing changes. The intensity is different, although with both you get the same benefits. You should also know that since it is less intense, the pressure of a pressotherapy equipment for home allows you to use it as often as you want, up to every day, without posing a problem to your health.

When are the benefits of Pressotherapy noticed?

Again, everything depends on each person and their needs, and as we explained before, whether we are talking about pressotherapy in an aesthetic center or pressotherapy at home. With professional pressotherapy, you should already notice some change after the fourth or fifth session, but with pressotherapy at home you must be somewhat more constant since the pressure applied is less. Miracles do not exist and a combination of factors is always necessary to lose weight, but with effort, patience and perseverance, the metabolism does its job.

And if you also use pressotherapy as a fluid drainage tool to lose weight, it will help you speed up the process. And also keep in mind that to notice the effects of pressotherapy in the abdomen, you will surely need more sessions. Fat, to put it in some way, settles especially in that area and even with exercise you will need a few months to get rid of it.

SIZEN helps you achieve your goals

Now that you know that pressotherapy works to lose weight to a certain extent, the time has come to jump at it all and make room for the Size 6+, a pressotherapy machine that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are thinking about pressotherapy to reduce the abdomen, to get rid of edema in the legs or to shape your entire figure in general, SIZEN makes it very easy for you. Dare to try the leading pressotherapy in the Spanish market and you will not regret it. The machine is accompanied by pressotherapy boots, but you also have many other items at your disposal for a much more complete treatment. Take a look at the wide catalog and you will see that everything has been thought of. If you are looking for a compact, transportable unit with an elegant design as well as an advanced technology, look no further. What are the benefits of Pressotherapy SIZEN for your health and your physical appearance? Take note:

  • Reduction of edema (swelling caused by fluid retention)
  • Prevention and improvement of spider veins and varicosis in general
  • Prevention and improvement of lymphedema and lipedema
  • Instant Relief from Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Purification of toxins by stimulating the circulation of the Lymphatic System
  • Strengthened immune system thanks to a sap healthy and clean
  • Firmer and more toned skin thanks to greater oxygenation of the tissues
  • Reduction of the appearance of orange peel skin caused by cellulite
  • Acceleration of muscle recovery after sports activity
  • Relief of stiffness and any muscle pain in general
  • Redefinition of the contour in arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs

How about? Sounds promising, right? Put illusion and good will and you will see how SIZEN is able to help you achieve your goals much sooner.

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