Presotherapy and pregnancy, Are they compatible?

Presoterapia y embarazo, ¿Son compatibles?

And presotherapy and pregnancy Are they compatible is a question that comes to us very frequently, obviously it cannot be resolved with a brief answer and in the case of pregnancy it is always necessary to consider all the variables.

During pregnancy, many questions related to health arise and, since one of the frequent problems that appear during pregnancy is increased fluid retention, it seems logical to think of resorting to the pressotherapy as a treatment during pregnancy.

Presoterapia y embarazo

According to Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine 95% of women are prone to suffer circulatory problems during pregnancy, resulting in the formation of varicose veins and swelling of the legs and ankles, in addition to the formation of cellulite in the long term.

For this reason it is valued the use of pressotherapy as a treatment during pregnancy, is it recommended?, the answer is YES, although there are certain precautions that we should take into account. Is It is important not to undergo pressotherapy treatments during the first trimester and, in any case, never apply pressure treatments on the trunk, pelvis and abdomen.

If we take these two exceptions into account, pressotherapy will be the great ally of our tired legs during pregnancy and will allow us to prevent and reduce long-term ailments.

5 Benefits of Presotherapy in Pregnancy

Pressotherapy helps, above all, to prevent the risks derived from fluid retention and, with this, we also help to prevent the formation of cellulite, varicose veins or small venous thrombosis in the last period or during childbirth.

  1. Reduce fluid retention and relieve ankle swelling

In most cases we find women seeking to relieve swollen ankles, the feeling of tired and numb legs due to weight change and circulatory variations.

In these cases the frequent use of presotherapy boots helps reduce fluid retention and thereby reduce the volume of legs, ankles and feet during pregnancy.

It is especially advisable during the third trimester of pregnancy, although it can be applied from the second; It is more common for ankle swelling to appear in the last few weeks due to increased blood volume and pressure changes caused by the growing fetus.

  1. It is an effective treatment for the prevention of varicose veins

Thanks to pressotherapy we improve circulation, which is an excellent help for women who suffer circulation disturbances caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

One of the least desired consequences in the postpartum period is the appearance of varicose veins due to small venous ruptures, which can be avoided through the continued use of pressotherapy boots.

  1. Improve the appearance of the skin

Pressotherapy has a positive effect on circulation, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, which favors cell regeneration and improves the appearance of our skin.

  1. Reduce or prevent the appearance of cellulite

It improves by stimulating the lymphatic system and producing drainage, this release of localized fat in the buttocks, thighs and thighs improves the elimination of orange peel skin and prevents it from reappearing.

  1. Prevent possible venous thrombosis in the last period or during childbirth

During pregnancy, hormones from the placenta cause changes in the blood, making it thicker. This change may seem illogical and we do not understand why our circulation worsens during pregnancy, but it is the way in which the body prepares for childbirth, avoiding bleeding problems.

Those women with previous circulation problems can blame these changes much more during pregnancy and the use of pressotherapy treatments is highly recommended, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy in order to avoid the formation of venous thrombosis.

Precautions of presotherapy in pregnant women

Despite the fact that pressotherapy is a recommended technique during pregnancy, there are some issues that we must know to prevent possible risks to the fetus. As we have already mentioned there are two basic points in cautioning the use of presotherapy during pregnancy.

  • Avoid undergoing this treatment during the first 12 weeks.
  • Do not apply any kind of pressure to the trunk, pelvis and belly

In case only used pneumatic pressotherapy boots there are no risks for the baby or the motherIn fact, it will be a great ally to reduce the symptoms of fatigue, circulation and swelling of the legs, ankles, etc.

The ideal is to follow a treatment of up to three sessions per week, leaving a break between sessions so as not to saturate the lymphatic system.

On the other hand, we must not forget the general contraindications of pressotherapy, regardless of whether there is pregnancy or not. We must exercise caution and the use of pressotherapy is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Hypertension.
  • Open lesions on the skin in the area to be compressed during treatment.
  • Coronary or artery problems
  • Thrombosis or thrombophlebitis
  • Infections or febrile processes

se puede beneficiar una embarazada de la presoterapia?

Presotherapy in the postpartum

Another of the big questions that our team receives refers to the use of pressotherapy after childbirth.

Undoubtedly the use of Postpartum pressotherapy treatment will help to recover the silhouette, improve the appearance of the skin, avoiding the formation of stretch marks, flaccidity in the arms or legs or the formation of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

As a conclusion, we can say yes It is true that pressotherapy can help improve our circulation during pregnancy and the elimination of liquids among many other benefits that will continue and increase even in the postpartum period.

Thanks to presotherapy SIZEN and by adapting habits, diets and training, you can alleviate the feeling of tiredness during pregnancy and reduce the consequences of changes in circulation and fluid retention after childbirth, improving your physical shape and, ultimately, your health.

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