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What is pressotherapy and how does it work?


¿Qué es la presoterapia y cómo funciona?

If you have heard about pressotherapy but still have certain doubts and want to know everything about this revolutionary treatment, you are on the right blog. With this article you will clear up all your doubts: how does pressotherapy work and what is it for, what presotherapy machines exist, in which cases pressotherapy works better and much, much more. Let's start with a little history.

Its first application was purely therapeutic, in the 1970s, curiously as postoperative treatment for vasectomy. Yes, men were the first to know about medical pressotherapy. Later, until well into the 1990s, it gained prominence in the field of aesthetics, promoting itself above all with a feminine approach. And already entered the new millennium, it ceased to be pigeonholed when not only its aesthetic function was recognized but also its therapeutic and sports function. This produced a real boom in the design and manufacture of equipment designed to offer a much more complete comprehensive treatment.

So currently, it is both women and men who take advantage of the benefits of pressotherapy for their health and figure, either by going to a center or mostly, given its many advantages, using modern pressotherapy equipment without leaving home. Interesting, right? Are we still telling you what presotherapy is and how it works?

How does a pressotherapy machine work?

A pressotherapy team is made up of a machine – also called a device or console – and a series of padded garments, made so that they can be inflated, with a material that is usually pleasant to the touch as well as fire retardant. Connected to the current, the machine blows air through tubes connected to the garments. That air passes sequentially through a series of independent chambers, called pneumo-compression, distributed throughout the garment. That is, they fill up consecutively at a certain rate. Depending on each team and program, there comes a time during the session in which all the chambers are inflated, maintaining the pressure for a longer period of time.

This compression and decompression massage exerts moderate pressure and is sufficient to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is found shallow under the skin. Therefore, a lot of force is not necessary to cause an effect and manage to redirect the retained fluid, toxins and fat cells. Essentially, this is how pressotherapy works.

The most used garments are presotherapy boots but there are also shorts for the buttocks and hips, an abdominal belt and a sleeve for the arms. These garments can be used separately or combined for a more complete treatment. Regarding the programs and the pressure forceEach team is different, but a quality one should offer at least 4 programs to give treatment versatility and also several pressure options, since not all problems need to be treated with the same intensity.

Distal-proximal massage

Don't be scared, it sounds super scientific but its definition is very simple. Colloquially, a distal-proximal massage is one that is performed from the periphery of the body towards its center. Distal means distance and proximal means proximity. By using a complete pressotherapy equipment, the garments cover almost the entire body, from the feet to the upper abdomen. And the massage always follows this same order; from the feet upwards, progressively approaching the most central points of the lymphatic network that runs throughout the body.

And if we use only the pressotherapy sleeve, exactly the same: the massage goes from the wrist to the deltoid area. We tell you this way in case you read it out there and it sounds a bit like Chinese to you. For example, the fingers are distal to the shoulder. However, some pressotherapy machines allow you to program the air chamber filling circuit in reverse: in the proximal-distal direction, something indicated for specific cases such as peripheral arterial disease.

Those who suffer from it have difficulties conducting blood flow from the heart to the extremities. And it is that pressotherapy works very well to treat certain health conditions, but also to solve or keep many other problems at bay.

Pressotherapy and its 3 main applications What is Presotherapy for?

Pressotherapy has 3 main applications: Aesthetic, sports and therapeutic. We can also say that it is a 3×1 treatment, because even if you select a specific program, this type of massage achieves several effects at the same time, and it can also be stated that the lymphatic drainage of pressotherapy has effects that go beyond the lymphatic ducts. , also resulting in a better tone and elasticity of all tissues thanks to better purification and oxygenation of them. Let's not forget that everything in our body is interconnected, and the lymphatic system is key to good, purified and fluid circulation, which also directly affects the immune system.

In short, pressotherapy is a moderate alternating pressure method that stimulates the lymphatic system, while improving the functioning of the vascular system and also the immune system. That is why pressotherapy and poor circulation are concepts that are well associated. And when both systems work better, the body responds satisfactorily. How good is this treatment? The truth is that yes, but everything works in pressotherapy as it works in other treatments.

Depending on each case, it will be necessary to provide a certain level of will, commitment and patience, especially if you are wondering if pressure therapy loses weight. Rome was not built in a day. That input. The truth is that it is not a method to lose weight, but to define and maintain the figure. You can get very positive results if you use pressotherapy for cellulite. Now that you know what pressure therapy is and what it is for, let's see which are the cases in which you can apply it with guaranteed success.

Pressotherapy for therapeutic purposes

Using pressotherapy for therapeutic purposes helps greatly to prevent, alleviate and reduce multiple health problems. That is why in many clinics, this treatment is offered as medical or medical-aesthetic pressure therapy, not only because of the many benefits of pressure therapy in the legs, but also because you can greatly improve both the internal functions and the external appearance when using it for:

  • Edema, lipedema y linfedema (congenital and post-operative)
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • blocked lymphatic ducts
  • Accumulation of fats and toxins
  • Spider Veins and Varicosis
  • Venous ulcer (including recalcitrant or chronic)
  • Reduce any general inflammation
  • Venous stasis (obstruction or compression of the veins)
  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Relieve tired legs syndrome
  • Muscle recovery of immobilized patients
  • Reactivation of circulation in paralyzed limbs
  • Post-operative liposuction
  • Post-surgical bruising
  • Stress (due to its relaxing effect)
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (with proximal-distal massage)
  • Post-phlebitic syndrome (pain, redness and swelling of the leg due to a venous clot)

Pre-therapy for sports purposes

Many athletes, both professional and amateur, join the use of pressotherapy for sports purposes every day to:

  • Relieve soreness
  • Eliminate lactic acid first
  • Oxygenate all tissues
  • Maintain good lymphatic health
  • recover sooner after training
  • Relieve edema caused by muscle damage
  • Combat the stress of competitions

Presotherapy for aesthetic purposes

What about pressotherapy for aesthetic purposes? Both men and women use body pressotherapy to beautify their bodies. There is even facial pressure therapy, which, like all pressure therapy, serves to enhance blood flow, relax muscles and improve their tone thanks to the stimulation of collagen production. On the rest of the body, in addition to the boots, the pressotherapy girdle for the abdomen, pressotherapy shorts for the buttocks and hips or the pressotherapy sleeve for the arms are often used. And it is that all these garments help you to:

  • Reduce "orange peel": Yes, pressotherapy and cellulite combine perfectly.
  • Improve flaccidity. Better circulation = greater elasticity to the tissues.
  • Reduce volume in localized areas, keeping those extra cms at bay.
  • Oxygenate the skin and tissues and tone the muscles in general.
  • Preventing and combating varicose veins: pressotherapy and varicose veins is another successful pairing, since by improving lymphatic and blood circulation, this type of injury is reduced.
  • Accelerate postpartum recovery. The taken It is the best gift for a mom!
  • Slimming presotherapy: This treatment is not indicated by itself for the loss of many kilos, but it does help you reduce the contour and redirect fluid retention that also contributes to excess weight.

Although there are many benefits of pressotherapy, in some cases it may be contraindicated. We advise you to consult a doctor to rule out any impediment. 

Advantages of using your own Presotherapy machine

Now that you know that pressotherapy does a lot, you may be wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of pressotherapy. The truth is that if you can get your own equipment, all are advantages and not insignificant:

  • The machine does it all. Select a program and relax!
  • No schedules. You decide when to use your equipment and how long your session lasts.
  • With a very calculated pressure, you can do pressotherapy every day.
  • At home, you can watch TV, read or listen to music during your session. To your roll!
  • How about sharing your equipment with other members of your family?
  • Incalculable savings and rapid profitability. Going to a center regularly means making your monthly budget much more expensive, but having presotherapy at home all your life is PRICELESS.

SIZEN: The leading Pressotherapy brand in the Spanish market

Since our beginnings, we have opted to offer a pressotherapy equipment that would reach the general public, gathering all the characteristics that give SIZEN the 5 stars capable of positioning it as the leading Pressotherapy brand in the Spanish market:

  • Best value for money on the market
  • Made in Spain design, compact and ergonomic, easy to use thanks to its Quick Connect System and transportable in a very sporty style bag.
  • Technically efficient: 5 hour battery life, 4 massage programs, 6 compression chambers, sessions of up to 90 min and maximum pressure of 240 mmHg
  • Excellence in customer service / personal advice, because deciding which pressotherapy equipment to buy is something serious that should not be done lightly.
  • 15-day trial, financing facilities, free delivery and 2-year warranty

Obviously, in addition to these points, pressotherapy SIZEN It works because the different needs of not only athletes who use pressotherapy due to its integrated intelligent recovery system have been taken into account, but also people who want to improve both aesthetics and health thanks to this revolutionary treatment. That's why the machine Size 6+ it is so popular and a big favorite among the users. And if you still have doubts about whether pressotherapy gives results, take a tour of our networks and you will be able to read the opinions of both our ambassadors and clients.

Now that you know everything about pressotherapy, what it is for and you know all the benefits of lymphatic drainage, all that remains is for you to see first-hand the effects of pressotherapy, whether your goals are aesthetic, sports or therapeutic. Anyway, you will be able to enjoy at home an excellent tool designed to take care of your body and improve your well-being.

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