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Benefits of pressotherapy


Beneficios de la presoterapia

Pressotherapy is a massage technique known today throughout the world for its valuable health benefits. Thanks to the stimulation of the lymphatic system through professional pressotherapy devices, facilitates circulation and drainage lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and contributing to the dissolution of fat cells. And since the lymphatic system runs through the entire body, we can well talk about the benefits of body pressotherapy.

Because the massage that you apply to the legs, trunk or arms acts directly in that area but ends up also positively affecting other areas of the body. In addition, the lymphatic system is also closely linked to both the circulatory system and the immune system, so keeping it healthy is key to the prevention and development of multiple diseases that can be fatal. So aside from the benefits of pressotherapy on the legs, widely known for the popularity of pressotherapy boots, there is still much, much more that this treatment can do for your health.

Presoterapia Sizen

The Presotherapy serves to:

  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Progressively undo fat nodules
  • Purify tissues by redirecting stagnant toxins
  • improve edema / lymphedema / lipedema
  • Firm tissues, tone muscles and oxygenate the skin
  • Facilitate venous return to the heart
  • Strengthen the immune system (related to the lymphatic)
  • Recover sooner and better after liposuction
  • Prevent varicosis (spider veins / varicose veins) or improve its appearance
  • Reduce the appearance of "orange peel" caused by cellulite
  • Reduce and redefine contour (you don't lose kilos but you do lose cms!)
  • Improve circulation in patients with hypertension or diabetes
  • Reduce the inflammation of the legs and all the symptoms of "tired legs"
  • Reactivate circulation in the arms after a mastectomy
  • Accelerate muscle recovery after sports activity
  • Reduce stress and fatigue thanks to its relaxing effect

How Presotherapy works

Pressotherapy is a non-invasive and non-painful massage technique that can be performed both manually and with a machine, although today the second option is the most widespread and the one we always talk about in this blog. And it is that with the comfort offered by modern equipment, pressotherapy is applied much more easily and more effectively than if it is done by hand. In addition, this therapy requires some continuity to have a permanent effect, so it is pressotherapy as we see it in an aesthetic or physiotherapy center that is already used all over the world. Let's see how pressotherapy works:

On the one hand we have a device or machine and on the other one or more padded garments. When we are told about this treatment, we usually imagine a pair of padded boots, which are really covers or leg warmers that cover from the feet to the upper part of the thigh. This is the most common in the commercial images that we see out there, although there are many other pressotherapy garments that you can use to cover more parts of your body and thus achieve a more complete treatment.

The garments are connected to the machine through several tubes, so when the machine starts to work, having previously selected the program, pressure and duration of the session, air currents pass through these tubes, filling the different chambers in the garment. . Depending on the chosen program, the chambers will inflate and deflate several times, in a rhythmic and alternating way and always in an upward direction.

Does pressotherapy hurt at any time? Absolutely. Even the maximum pressure is quite bearable, because influencing the lymphatic system does not require much force, since it is located just a little deep under the skin. The sessions in any center usually last between 30 and 45 minutes, but if you are lucky enough to have equipment at home and since the pressure, although equally effective, is less than that of professional pressotherapy, you can extend your session much more without prejudice. some for your health

What is always advisable is to drink a couple of good glasses of water before the session and at the end of it, do some exercise - it's worth walking briskly - for at least 20 minutes. This helps to continue keeping the lymphatic system active and performing its cleansing function.

Presoterapia Sizen 6+

Can Pressotherapy be contraindicated?

Although it is a generally very safe massage method, contraindications to pressotherapy can occur in the case of: deep thrombosis, cancer, infections, open wounds, heart problems or a high degree of obesity, among others. For more information, read our pressotherapy contraindications guide And above all, no matter how much information we can offer you, if you suffer from any health problem, always consult a doctor before starting this type of massage.

Do not forget that everything in the body is connected in some way, and for this reason, even something apparently innocuous such as pressure therapy, could not always have a positive effect. And if you are a woman, you should know only in the days before the menstrual period and after the first three months of pregnancy you can use this kind of treatment.

Pre-therapy for athletes

It is good that if fitness is part of your lifestyle, or you are planning it to be, you know the benefits of pressotherapy in sports. Because athletes, whether amateur or professional, all without exception need to take care of their muscles, speed up their recovery and of course, take care of your lymphatic system.

For this reason, it is common to see them today sharing publications on their social networks, where we see them happily wearing their boots and commenting on the benefits of pressotherapy on the legs. Do you want to include this recovery treatment in your sports routine? Write down these benefits of pressotherapy for athletes:

  • elimination of toxins
  • Injury prevention
  • improves performance
  • stress reduction
  • Reduced muscle fatigue (and soreness)
  • Acceleration of muscle recovery

Advantages of Pressotherapy at home

Now that you know how beneficial lymphatic massage is, the logical thing is that you want to include pressotherapy in your wellness habits. But isn't that too expensive? The truth is that this is a treatment that works optimally with frequent sessions, but of course, going weekly or several times a month is not affordable for everyone. What solution do we have? Undoubtedly, having your own domestic pressotherapy equipment is the most practical and reasonable.

One of quality and with everything you need whether you want to keep your figure, or because you have been told about the many benefits of pressotherapy on the legs, or to reduce hips, reduce belly volume, shape arms... All this and more it is possible with pressotherapy SIZEN, the most competitive pressotherapy brand in the Spanish market. And if we have to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of pressure therapy, the reality is that whenever we talk about pressure therapy at home, there are all advantages.

Perhaps the disadvantages of pressotherapy only exist in case you always have to go to a center. In the medium term and no matter how good the offer is, it involves a considerable expense, and in terms of time, this can be another inconvenience if your schedule is tight and you cannot always go to the center on the assigned day or at a certain time slot.

Attention to the super advantages of having pressotherapy SIZEN at home:

  • You use it when, how much and where you want
  • It is light, compact, nothing bulky, modern and elegant
  • You can take it with you wherever you want: office, hotel, camping...
  • It has a battery life of up to 5 hours
  • Adjustable pressure with a maximum of 240 mmHG
  • Sessions that you can extend up to 90 minutes in length
  • 4 massage programs and 6 independent air chambers
  • You can use it for aesthetic, therapeutic or sports purposes
  • Broad garment catalog for a more complete treatment
  • The most competitive value for money in the Spanish market
  • Great financing facilities and the best customer service
  • Free shipping and 2 year warranty

Enjoy SIZEN Presotherapy

The list you just read is not bad at all, right? Go ahead and try the SIZEN 6+ and take advantage of the benefits of pressotherapy to lose weight, as a tool for sports recovery, to combat cellulite, improve circulatory and lymphatic problems, get rid of the annoying syndrome of tired legs... Whatever your need, pressotherapy can help you achieve your goals. And the best thing is that you no longer have to worry about how many pressotherapy sessions are recommended.

Normally, in a center they will recommend at least 10 consecutive sessions, spread over 2 weekly appointments, for a pressotherapy treatment with benefits and visible and palpable results, but the reality is that depending on your situation, you may need more sessions and that It's something you can afford when you have the prisoner at your fingertips in your home. Ride it your way and without schedules. If one day you have not had time, you will do pressotherapy the next day, or if you do not do it earlier, do it later, a while before going to bed. So now you know, enjoy pressotherapy SIZEN because it has everything you expect and deserve.

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