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Slimming Presotherapy: Does It Really Work?

Presoterapia para adelgazar: ¿Funciona Realmente?

Let's clarify that pressotherapy alone, DOES NOT LOSE WEIGHT. Wow, how direct we are, right? The truth is that we do not want to deceive or deceive anyone with false expectations. Honestly, no weight loss method works without a complementary one. You can eat very lightly, all boiled and grilled, but if you don't move, you won't lose weight. You will keep it more or less fixed, but neither the love handles nor the 'cartridge bags' will go away.

Or you may exercise regularly, but if you continue to eat at odd hours and at will, without any nutritional measures, little or nothing will change on the scale. And no, it's not that it's gone bad, it's just that you're not burning fat. So We are not going to talk so much about how to lose weight with pressotherapy, but about how it can help you maintain the line and redefine your contour reducing those extra centimeters that are usually the ones that ruin all your effort and sacrifice. In that, pressotherapy is effective. You should also know that depending on your overweight, you will have to adopt a series of measures with more or less intensity. And in case of obesity, feeling it a lot, you should completely rule out this treatment.

The reason is that pressotherapy reduces volume and redefines the contour, but it is neither liposuction nor a magic wand that suddenly takes 10 kg off your shoulders. No matter how many sessions you do, if there is widespread accumulation of fat throughout the body, pressotherapy will never cause the necessary impact to eliminate such an amount of adipose tissue. So if you are overweight, do not be discouraged but we must be clear: to get rid of a significant amount of fat, there is only one method that has worked all your life. Perseverance and effort, an intensive physical exercise program and a studied diet that accompanies it. And of course, nothing to do if you don't provide good will and a series of changes and readjustments in your habits. But do not be discouraged because once you have tried the benefits and results of pressotherapy, you will not want to stop using it. So let's get to the heart of the matter, but not before remembering what presotherapy is for.

What is presotherapy for?

So if you don't lose weight, what is presotherapy for? It is logical that you ask yourself that question if your main concern is losing weight. The answer is simple. The main function of pressotherapy is to facilitate lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood circulation.. It is in these two key points of your body where pressotherapy is effective. Boosting both systems, it helps to clear the obstruction caused by the accumulation of fluid, fat and toxins. This treatment, to put it in some way, serves to unclog the ducts, contributing to their purification and channeling everything towards the lymph nodes. And for this to work, you will have to do some exercise and eat as healthy and balanced as possible, including proper hydration in your diet.

And when we talk about hydration, we are referring mainly to water. Essential element of which your body is composed to a large extent and not of carbonated drinks or alcohol. We are not saying that you should totally give up some other whim, but you will see how by giving priority to water, your body responds with just that, with an amazing change. And the same goes for fruit juices. Choose to prepare them at home, 100% natural and without added sugar.

Think that adopting healthy habits is the first step to ensure that fat does not go to more. Once this objective has been achieved, pressotherapy serves to redefine your contour and always keep it in line. Following a series of healthy guidelines, with pressotherapy you will be able to lose volume in thighs, knees, remove fat from the hips and abdomen... even in the arms if you need it there too. But you will notice that change, yes, with the continuity of the treatment. Be constant and you will see how in the medium term you begin to notice the effects of pressotherapy.

let's remember the benefits of presotherapy directly related to weight loss:

  • Pressotherapy reduces volume in legs, hips, abdomen, buttocks and arms.
  • Pressotherapy attenuates the appearance of "orange peel" (cellulite)
  • Pressotherapy redirects fluid retention towards the lymphatic channels.


Pants Sizen 8 PRO

And as for the benefits of pressotherapy in the legs, one of the parts of the body that most often worry, pressotherapy boots are undoubtedly the star treatment. So although this therapy is not specifically indicated for weight loss, it does help to dilute fat nodules to some extent. But you must move to burn it because without movement, don't be fooled, the fat will remain where it is. How would you rate the benefits and results of presotherapy? The answer is in making your session of taken , ideally an hour or hour and a half after exercise.

During that time, your circulation is still going strong, with your metabolism still processing fat burning. This means that when you put on your boots and connect your pressotherapy device, the lymphatic massage will more easily redirect part of the diluted fat. It is important that you continue to drink some water after exercise. The pressure and decompression of the massage rhythmically moves everything stagnant, oxygenating the tissues and helping the body to eliminate fat and toxins. Other benefits of pressotherapy on the legs are better muscle tone and healthier and more elastic skin. So if you wonder if pressotherapy is effective, once you try it you will no longer have any doubts. And as an example of the benefits and results of pressotherapy, we invite you to read about the experience of Misha Sekulova, athlete and ambassador of SIZEN.

Is presotherapy effective for cellulite?

When there is an imbalance in the fat cells, they end up flooding all the space they find between the tissues. In other words, you accumulate interstitial fat. This forms a cocktail mostly made up of water, adipocytes and of course many toxins that shouldn't be there either. And it is due to this alteration of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, that the elimination of waste and fat does not occur correctly, giving rise to those unsightly nodules and dimples with the appearance of orange peel, which is how we colloquially know the infamous cellulite.

If you are a woman, you will certainly suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent after puberty, although it tends to be more pronounced as menopause approaches. So, is pressotherapy for cellulite effective? Yes, but to a certain extent. Frequently used, pressotherapy reduces volume and most importantly, keeps cellulite under control. It does not completely eliminate it, but it does achieve a visible and palpable reduction. Let's continue to see what else pressotherapy is effective in.

Presotherapy and fluid retention

When there is overweight, we are not just talking about fat. There is usually a good deal of retained fluid, so lymphatic drainage can be of great help by redirecting this accumulation of fluid towards the lymphatic channels. And there is no better combination than pressotherapy and fluid retention because in fact the main function of this treatment is to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Being overweight is usually precisely one of the main causes for which the lymphatic system becomes clogged. What happens when there is excess fat and toxins in the lymphatic channels? Well, the same as when a pipe gets clogged with various residues. Pressotherapy and fluid retention? You will not have a better "plumber" for your "pipes".

How to lose volume in the legs

Another very common problem derived from excess fat and fluid retention is that one of the parts of the body that is immediately affected is the legs. Without a doubt, they are the great protagonists of the summer, either because the lights with a dress or shorts. And it's a nuisance when they look swollen, flaccid or deformed by cellulite. How to reduce volume in legs with pressotherapy? Very easy: with healthy habits and frequency in sessions, you will be able to tone the tissues and redirect fluid retention, the main culprit that makes your legs look more voluminous. The ideal way to reduce volume in the legs is to apply the treatment after having done some physical exercise. These are the benefits of pressotherapy on the legs:

  • Better overall lymphatic health.
  • Say goodbye to swollen or flabby legs.
  • Prevention of spider veins and varicose veins.
  • More contoured shape when reducing volume.
  • Fast relief from heavy leg syndrome.

The Weight Loss Formula

The formula for losing weight is always the same. There are few measures that you must take but very concrete. There are no excuses or half measures if you really want to improve your figure. All those people who sport a fitness body are working on it and not without some sacrifice. In addition to physical exercise, they take care of their diet. Be careful, not all of us have a reason to have the gym as a second home or work out our bodies every day, but it is clear that regular exercise is immediately noticeable both inside and out. And you don't have to eat rice and boiled chicken every day either, but a diet that is as natural, light and healthy as possible will work wonders for your body. And that is something that you will begin to see from the first month.

Miracles do not exist and if you are considerably overweight, you must become even more aware of the fact that not taking this with a certain discipline means the failure of the entire program. Many people tire quickly of the new routine, returning to old unhealthy habits even more eagerly. It's like falling into a hellish spiral, a vicious circle, so take note and don't get carried away. Move and take care of yourself, there is no more. If you don't have it out of habit, it will be difficult for you to get used to it, but once you are already on the path, you will see it in the mirror and others will see it too. That pat on the back, the best motivation to keep going and never again feel bad or upset with your physical shape. Beyond aesthetics, being overweight ends sooner or later, taking its toll on your body. Write down the infallible formula to lose weight:

  1. The power of your mind: There is no better start than to want something firmly. Only you can give yourself the real push you need to lose weight. Your body is yours, right? Nobody like you to know how you have to be to feel and see yourself better. The next step is…you got it right! Start making adjustments to your habits and reschedule your routine.
  2. Diet: Request medical tests to see if there is an excess/deficit of certain nutrients and if your hormones are balanced. Then consult a nutritionist and ask him to come up with a diet plan. Avoid processed foods, fried foods, pastries as much as possible...Today, everything is adulterated and overloaded with so many concoctions that there have never been so many cases of intolerance and obesity, even in children. Do not poison your body and eat as homemade as possible, also reducing salt because it contributes to fluid retention. Due to natural inertia, your palate will quickly adapt to the unadulterated flavors!
  3. Good hydration: If you retain fluid, you may not be drinking enough water. Your body needs it to hydrate and purify itself. Drink at least a liter and a half a day. Another good part of water can be obtained from fruits, smoothies, salads... Water is the gasoline and lubricant of all your systems.
  4. Physical exercise: A sedentary lifestyle is your worst enemy and one of the main causes of overweight and retention. An hour of physical exercise 2-3 times a week to start with is enough. As you feel better, you can level up. You could become a fan of a sport or sign up for a masterclass, or spinning sessions at the gym. Or exercise outside. Or at home! How about you put on some really rockin' dance music and shake your whole skeleton like it's the last party of your life? Any aerobic exercise will go well. It is about accelerating the heart rate and continuing to drink water before, during and after exercise. Do not forget that this sounds so easy, breaks the deception of any sensationalist marketing campaign aimed at losing weight: Your body mainly needs two things to burn excess fat: WATER AND OXYGEN. This, added to the diet, is all you need to achieve a great change. And do not forget that you are not going to burn fat from a single localized point. You will burn fat from all over the body, a little here and a little there, being the most settled fat the most difficult to eliminate, although with time, effort and patience, you will see that eventually that one also goes away.
  5. Presotherapy: If you want to lose volume in the legs or other areas, the presotherapy boots and the shorts o to Abdominal girdle they are what you need. Treatment after exercise will also go well as sports recovery. And drink water beforehand to facilitate lymphatic drainage. Putting on some fat burning gel can also go well. Cover the area smeared with gel with plastic so as not to stain the pressotherapy garment.

This and no other is the equation of factors to reduce volume with pressotherapy. If you are able to stick to these 5 rules, you will soon be able to put on those jeans that you loved so much and that you left abandoned in the back of the closet. Do not throw them away, do not sell them or give them to anyone. Patience and effort, and you will be able to show them off again. Lose weight with pressotherapy? Not completely, but it does redefine the contours of the arms, waist or hips and lose volume in the legs. Is pressotherapy effective? Yes, but as a support tool for everything else.

Let's say that it is that final touch that can beautify your figure much more and, above all, keep your body purified and in enviable lymphatic health. And it is precisely because continuity is required for the effects of pressotherapy to be remarkable, that pressotherapy machines for home ended up being designed. If you are not Paris Hilton, a continuous treatment is only feasible by having your own home pressotherapy equipment.

How many pressotherapy sessions are recommended?

We clarify that pressure therapy in a center is not the same as at home, and that the frequency of pressotherapy also depends on the body and lifestyle of each person. A professional team can apply more pressure, so an initial and intensive treatment of 10 sessions is normally recommended, doing about two per week. But there is no set standard either. In some clinics they recommend about 4 sessions per month. It depends on each person's situation and their expectations.

With domestic pressotherapy, you will need a minimum of 3 or 4 weekly sessions and continue with the routine for a while to notice changes. The intensity is different, although with both you get the same benefits. You should also know that since it is less intense, the pressure of a home pressotherapy equipment allows you to use it as often as you want, up to every day, without posing a problem to your health.

When are the benefits of pressotherapy noticed?

Again, everything depends on each person and their needs, and as we explained before, whether we are talking about pressotherapy in an aesthetic center or home presotherapy. With professional pressotherapy, you should already notice some change after the fourth or fifth session, but with pressotherapy at home you must be somewhat more constant since the pressure applied is less. Miracles do not exist and a combination of factors is always necessary to lose weight, but with effort, patience and perseverance, the metabolism does its job.

And if you also use pressotherapy as a fluid drainage tool to lose weight, this will help you speed up the process. And also keep in mind that to notice the effects of pressotherapy in the abdomen, you will surely need more sessions. Fat, to put it in some way, settles especially in that area and even with exercise you will need a few months to get rid of it.

SIZEN: The presotherapy that helps you keep the line

In SIZEN We are clear about it: we want people who are satisfied and happy with the use of pressotherapy, but always from a realistic perspective on the complex process of keeping fit, without ever sacrificing optimum levels of health and well-being. Can you lose weight with pressotherapy? Is pressotherapy effective for cellulite? Does pressotherapy work to reduce leg volume? The answer is that it can help you with all of this and more, but by combining it proportionally with other measures. If you are able to follow the health advice that we have given you previously, you will also know the benefits and results of pressotherapy.

This is the ideal treatment to maintain your figure and stop worrying about those extra inches. And best of all, you can take care of yourself without leaving home. Forget about commuting, incompatible schedules or that pressure therapy is something that you cannot financially afford every month. get your SIZEN 6+ and let yourself be pampered. Now you not only know what pressotherapy is for, but also what is the best pressotherapy you can buy in Spain. SIZEN It is the home pressotherapy that helps you maintain the line, with professional results and always ready for you. are you?

Before knowing if you can use pressotherapy to treat whatever your problem is, do not forget that this treatment may be contraindicated in some cases.

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