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What are the differences between cavitation and pressotherapy?

¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre cavitación y presoterapia?

Every time you go out to train, you give it your all. And although passion is always with you, sometimes the body suffers. You need an effective method to condition and prepare your body before each workout and to recover after an intense session. We have the answer that is already on the lips of many: the cavitation and presotherapy, a winning combination. Two disciplines designed to help you achieve your sports goals that we at Sizen put to the test to tell you what each one consists of and what their main differences are. Let's start!


Cavitation and pressotherapy: which is better?

If you have heard of both techniques, it is very possible that you are wondering which is the difference between cavitation and pressotherapy and which one is better. However, this means starting from an erroneous approach, since these are not two antagonistic treatments but rather complementary ones that, used together, will be able to provide you with excellent results in sports practice. Let's see why.


What is cavitation and what is it for?

Coveted for its aesthetic benefits and highly sought after by those who wanted to eliminate cellulite, cavitation broadened its horizons and began to be applied in the sports field as well, with extraordinary results.

It is a treatment based on the emission of ultrasounds that, in contact with the subdermal tissues, create micro bubbles of steam capable of breaking the structures of the localized adipose cells and transforming them into liquid. So if you're wondering what is cavitation for, we tell you in a few words: to liquefy localized fat and make it pass to the lymphatic channels.

Once assimilated by the lymphatic system, fat tends to be eliminated through natural channels, such as urine. But beware, only in part. And this is where the lymphatic drainage that activates pressotherapy comes in, a fundamental complementary technique to eradicate toxins from the body and obtain short-term results. So, cavitation and presotherapy, together, make up the perfect tandem for athletes. Let's continue to investigate the reason.


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What is pressotherapy?

Can you imagine being able to enjoy an active recovery technique after your training, which works for you and contributes to the drainage of the organism to leave you perfect before the next session?

This is pressotherapy, the best kept secret of high-level athletes with which you can achieve excellent results. It doesn't matter if you dedicate yourself to sport professionally or as an amateur, the truth is that in order to achieve your goals you need perfect muscle recovery: pressotherapy takes care of it before and after training.

  • Before your training. This machine reactivates the lymphatic circulation, which contributes to the elimination of toxins in the body. Get purify it and increase your energy and well-being. When applied before an intense exercise session, pressotherapy prepares the muscles and joints, helping them to have optimal lymphatic and venous circulation, thus preventing the appearance of dreaded injuries. Pressotherapy also increases your sports performance, because, as you can imagine, muscles that receive adequate amounts of blood and oxygen are also muscles in the best conditions to reach the highest level.
  • after your training. But the advantages of pressotherapy go even further and are especially interesting in the field of sports recovery, a fundamental part of training. The positive and intermittent pressure that the presotherapy boots exercised on the legs, with a controlled massage of different intensity and strength, achieves incredible results in the restoration and stimulation of tendons, joints and muscles.

In conclusion, the use of a top-level pressotherapy equipment, such as Sizen's, with its air pressure technique, manages to oxygenate tissues, eliminate metabolic waste, accelerate muscle recovery, improve blood circulation, enhance sports performance or speed up the healing of soreness and injuries, among other advantages.


What is the difference between cavitation and presotherapy?

As you have seen, we are dealing with two highly effective, painless and minimally invasive techniques: the cavitation and presotherapy, which differ, however, in their work methodology and objectives.

Cavitation seeks to break localized fat cells and for this it uses ultrasound, which breaks the adipocyte membranes and liquefies the fat, which passes into the lymphatic system. This is where pressotherapy works as a perfect complement to cavitation. This technique uses a pneumatic suit, very comfortable for the user, which incorporates chambers designed to distribute its advanced air pressure system. Pressotherapy thus manages to stimulate the lymphatic system in different treatment areas, helping to eliminate toxins from the body (and fat liquefied by cavitation, if used in combination with it) with immediate results, something that cavitation could not achieve when applied. In solitary.


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Benefits of combining cavitation and presotherapy

At this point, we can already imagine why cavitation and presotherapy They are the perfect combination in sports treatments: they enhance each other and achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

The cavitation will be in charge of breaking the fat cells that the stimulation of the lymphatic system, by means of pressotherapy, will be able to expel from the organism in record time and very effectively.

Now you know the secret of elite athletes: a perfect fusion of techniques with which to take your training to the next level. Ready to try it? Contact Sizen to find out more: our team of experts in sports pressure therapy will be happy to advise you as you need.

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