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What material does a physiotherapy consultation need?

¿Qué material necesita una consulta de fisioterapia?

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic alternative which has as its main purpose relieve pain in patients, as well as mitigate the effects of chronic ailments that they may have developed, either by chance or for genetic reasons.

Create one physiotherapy's clinic from scratch is not an easy task, first of all a huge initial investment in physiotherapy supplies and equipment, it is also important to invest in materials for a consultation beyond technical aspects (adequate facilities, stretchers, furniture, etc.).

Material you will need to start a consultation

The initial investment when setting up a physiotherapy's clinic is very high, once you have made this disbursement, the rest of the expenses are based on maintaining the necessary material.

The essential equipment What any physiotherapy consultation must have is the following: at least one stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor, a reflex hammer, rolls of paper for stretchers and disinfectant gels. To this you will have to add the fact that condition the query with the basic furniture.

Medical equipment

In a physiotherapy appointment some are used medical instruments basic:

  • Stethoscope: medical tool that allows auscultation of patients to detect heart and lung problems, etc.
  • Tensiometer: medical tool that allows to know the blood pressure by measuring the force of the blood flow.
  • Reflex hammer: medical tool that measures the reflexes on the muscles and nerves, allows to know their reaction to a small blow.


A physiotherapy's clinic must be provided with aid and hygiene material, the following elements should not be missing: bandage, hygiene gel, paper rolls for stretchers, gloves Y antiseptic soap.

massage oils

To these items you must add those that will be used during the physiotherapy sessions and that they are not purely medical instruments, it is the case of the massage oils. These oils are used torelieve or eliminate muscle pain through its application with a massage.

  • Massage gels: they are applied by massage and have anti-inflammatory and healing properties that reduce or eliminate pain, most have a hot or cold effect.
  • Massage oils: our oil has a stimulating property that with its application offers a calming sensation, many of them include aroma, although it is advisable to use a neutral oil.
  • Massage creams: these creams help to carry out prolonged massages, good massage creams are not greasy and allow the skin to be hydrated while soothing it.


The clinic equipment It is essential, to guarantee a good service you will have to have the following clinical furniture:

  • Physiotherapy beds: it is essential that the stretcher you choose is firm and does not deform over time, you can choose a fixed stretcher or an electric one. If you make consultations at home, the folding stretcher will be perfect to handle.
  • Massage cushion: the cushion allows the patient to be in the perfect position throughout the session, it is essential to ensure that the spine is in a relaxed position.
  • Infrared and recognition lamp: lighting is essential in a physiotherapy clinic, the light has to be comfortable for the patient and allows the physiotherapist to make good diagnoses. The infrared lamp allows to relieve the pain of rheumatism and muscular stiffness.
  • Stool: It is the most basic furniture for any physiotherapist, it allows you to carry out sessions without having to bend down continuously and you can move comfortably around the room.

Material for sports physiotherapy

The physiotherapy It is also linked to the world of sports, it is known as sports physiotherapy. This technique is geared toward injury prevention and recoveryas well as carrying out muscle recovery treatments.

pressotherapy machine

The pressotherapy machine It is one of the most common techniques muscle recovery, is mainly used to stimulate muscles after intense physical training, helps fight fatigue and prepares them for a new day of sports. This machine is an active muscle recovery technique, that is, the athlete actively tries to recover after the exercise and prepares for a new session.

Among the benefits of pressotherapy machine It stands out for the reduction in the risk of injuries due to fatigue, the greater performance of the muscles and even its greater flexibility. All this causes sports performance to be greater.


This technique is widely used in physiotherapy within the field of sport, it is based on causing muscle contraction through a series of very low power electrical stimuli. This makes it possible to stimulate a contraction in the muscles in a similar way to sports training.


The ultrasound machine is used in physiotherapy to treat muscle, joint or tendon injuries, it is applied continuously for 6-10 minutes. Ultrasounds release localized heat in the affected area, which improves blood flow.

Pathologies that are treated in sports physiotherapy

The sports physiotherapy It is a very important branch within this medical technique, it allows to detect or prevent sports injuries and promotes the creation of physiotherapeutic treatments for recovery. We can distinguish the following types of injuries that sports physiotherapy treats:

  • Joint injuries: sprains of different types and severity, patellar chondropathy, capsulitis or bursitis, among other ailments.
  • Bone injuries: we find all kinds of injuries that cause damage to a bone, from a sprain or dislocation to fractures or tears of different severity.
  • Muscle injuries: muscle contractures, overloads from continuous sports or lifting too much weight, fibrillar tears, tendinitis, painful shoulder, plantar fasciitis or epicondylitis, among other ailments.
  • Ligament injuries: ligament injuries are similar to joint injuries, although, as the name suggests, these injuries occur in the ligaments (they hold the bones together, allowing them not to move and the joints to move freely).
  • Tendon injuries: tendon injuries are very similar to muscle injuries, although in this case tendonitis (inflammation or irritation of a tendon at its junction between the muscle and bone, causing pain throughout the joint) is especially prevalent.
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