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How to speed up muscle recovery

Cómo acelerar la recuperación muscular

In the world of sports there is a term known as "muscle recovery" that is not always carried out, this is known as a recovery phase in which the body is able to restart the performance level of his muscles. This muscle recovery fights against body tiredness after having done intense sports or a training session.

Recuperación deportiva y muscular con presoterapia Sizen

follow a muscle recovery method in your professional training (It can also be done with notable benefits in lower level training) it will help you reduce the likelihood of injury. Keep reading if you want to know the best tips to recover muscles after training.

Types of muscle recovery

There are two types of muscle recovery: passive recovery and active recovery. In the passive recovery the muscular time regenerates on its own after doing a sport, while in the passive recovery positively influences to improve the performance level of the muscles and combat the famous muscle fatigue.

passive recovery

There passive muscle recovery Let the muscle mass regenerate little by little with a very simple method: limit movements. Passive regeneration plays with the training load trying to compensate the exercises to restore the desired physical capacities, that is, let the body recover autonomously.

The passive muscle recovery method It is recommended when there is an injury or discomfort.

active recovery

There active recovery takes care of stimulate the body during the rest phase, in it the athlete tries to positively influence muscle regeneration. This type of recovery is the most appropriate when no pain or injury since speeds up muscle recovery and allows you to maintain optimal performance.

Those who question how to recover from overtraining they are going to have to do a deep exercise to apply active recovery methods.


Pressotherapy: muscle recovery technique

Presotherapy is one of them physiotherapy treatment techniques newest in the field of sports recovery, this technique consists of apply localized pressure in the muscles for so improve lymphatic drainage.

This muscle recovery technique promotes oxygenation of tissues, eventually improves its elasticity helping to maintain optimal performance. Pressotherapy helps to eliminate blood lactate more quickly, is recommended for reduce muscle fatigue Thanks to its ability to accelerate muscle recovery, it also helps to eliminate toxic substances and reduce fat.

Tips for fast muscle recovery

There is no universal method that works for all athletes when it comes to muscle recovery after a workout, you should try several and choose which one is the most suitable for your type of exercise, so you can improve performance and fitness. These are some of the most effective methods of muscle recovery:

Stretching after exercise

It is the most popular type of muscle recovery, partly because of its effectiveness and its ease of carrying out, you just have to perform short easy stretches for improve muscle regeneration.

Among the benefits of doing these post workout stretching highlights the one of reduce tightness and muscle tension, which in the long run is perfect for avoid injury, in the short term has a relaxing effect that restores muscle health after intense physical exercise.

It is very important that these stretches are gentle so as not to overload the muscles further.

KNEIPP method (Hot and cold water baths)

The KNEIPP method or the technique of hot and cold water baths is widely used, especially by elite athletes, it consists of taking baths in cold water and then in hot water. after training. The technique is simple alternate hot and cold water in the post training; cold water helps reduce muscle pain and el hot water promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

You should start with cold water to relax your muscles after an intense sport and finish with hot water. You can go from cold to hot water as many times as you consider necessary.


Nutrition is the key to maintaining optimal sports performance, a good diet will help fill the reserves of the body, which will be prepared for a new intense physical exercise. A good post-workout diet should combine complex carbohydrates and protein, proteins will be the key to the muscle regeneration, as well as to promote muscle toning.

Taking care of the diet does not have such notable effects on muscle relaxation as hot and cold water baths or stretching, but it provides the body with energy to recover after exercise.


Rest is a perfect way to activate muscle regeneration after doing intense physical sports, the body needs to rest after training or physical exercise and this is a passive way of doing it that couldn't be easier.

Rest is not only recommended for repair muscle tissue, overloaded after a day of intense exercise, also helps to repair mind and body and prepare them for a new day of training. Following a good rest routine is essential to obtain the best performance in the sport you practice, it increases the physical capacity of the body, reflexes and the ability to concentrate.

It can be said that rest is the most effective method for muscle recovery and the one that entails the least effort for the athlete. Sports performance will be much lower if good rest habits are not followed.

Once you know the most effective muscle recovery methods, you just have to try those that best suit your needs and the type of sport you do. You can combine several of these methods without ever neglecting food and rest to promote muscle regeneration and ensure your health, not only physical but also mental.

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