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How to remove fat from the hips?

¿Cómo quitar la grasa de las caderas?

The accumulation of fat is one of the main challenges when it comes to losing weight, one of the most common types of localized fat is located on the hips. The reasons why a accumulation of fat in the abdomen and the hips can be by sedentary lifestyle, the most common, although also by bad nutritional habits The sudden changes in routine.

The hip fat it can be removed relatively easily by following good eating habits, drinking the right amount of water and adopting an exercise routine according to the results that are expected to be obtained.

Tips to eliminate fat

Fat on the hips is totally common, in fact, it's one of the most common places on the body to store fat. Sometimes this tendency to accumulation of fat In the hips it can be hereditary, in others it can be due to changes in eating habits or in daily routines, becoming more sedentary. In all cases, the accumulation of fat on the hips can be reversed, although it will always be easier in those cases in which it is not hereditary.

Most of the advice that can be given imply a total change in the routine and eating habits to get rid of that unwanted fat. Each type of fat is eliminated in a different way, in this case the fat on the hips is burned by doing cardiovascular exercise and adopting good eating habits, as well as taking special care of body hydration.

Once you have decided to eliminate fat from the hips, you must take into account that all the effects of the good habits mentioned above will take time to be noticeable, at least you will have to wait between 3 and 4 weeks. The effects are not going to be noticed sooner the more you exercise, on the contrary, you run the risk of suffering a rebound effect when you don't do cardiovascular exercise in a certain period of time.

Cardiovascular exercise

First of all, do not forget that exercise is simply a complement to a good diet, it is totally useless to do high doses of cardiovascular exercise if you do not follow good nutritional habits. Cardiovascular exercise is perfect for spending energy and allows you to burn calories in an easier way.

Some examples of cardiovascular exercise to burn fat on the hips can be go up and down stairs, do squats Y ABS, you can combine these three exercises in different series or focus on the one you like best. It is recommended that the series be shorter at the beginning and that you increase the number of them as the days progress.

Other exercises that you can take into account are jump rope or do bicycle, these exercises involve a waste of energy mayor than the previous ones, although their effects are somewhat more general, they can be very useful if you not only want to lose fat on the hips.

Drink a lot of water

Water consumption influences the body detoxification and helps improve your performance when doing sports, poor hydration favors a better physical and mental performance, it also slows down the body's pace to expend energy.

It is advisable to drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, which may include juices, smoothies or broths. Drinking water before meals can generate a greater feeling of satiety, thus reducing the tendency to snack between meals.

Controlling water consumption is totally useless if you do not have good eating habits, it is essential avoid eating unhealthy food as processed, high in fat or very rich in sugars.

Reduce sugary drinks

And high blood sugar level it's related to metabolic disturbances They have a clear tendency towards accumulating more fat than the body needs. A diet very rich in sugars will make it difficult to lose weight, the human body needs that amount of sugar and tends to store it, that excess sugar ends up turning into fat, which can accumulate in any part of the body, in this case in the hips.

Sugar is present in practically any food, but there are some that you should especially control due to their high content and low nutritional value, this is the case with most drinks.

Lower your sodium intake

The high sodium intake It is related to high blood pressure and fluid retention above normal, in the long run these fluids can accumulate as fat and can present an obstacle when it comes to losing weight. Sodium is also the cause of cellulitis, a skin condition which is especially common on the hips.

The foods rich in sodium are cheese, meat and canned fish, olives, chard, spinach, pickles, celery, water and carbonated drinks, cabbage and smoked products. Many of these foods are part of the most basic daily nutrition, to reduce sodium consumption you will have to control the frequency with which you consume these products.

eat more protein

This may clash with the previous point, but the truth is that proteins are a perfect complement to sports activity, protein provides energy to the body. Proteins help build muscle mass. You should keep in mind that they have to be relatively low-fat proteins.

eat antioxidants

The antioxidant-rich foods, together with a correct consumption of water, help to detoxify waste from the body, any food rich in vitamin A, B, C, E, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, fiber, potassium and magnesium can be perfect. The foods richest in antioxidants are banana (potassium and natural sugars), the spinach (protein, fiber and minerals), citrus (vitamins C, E and potassium), broccoli (vitamin A, C, fiber and folic acid), spinach(proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals) and apple (vitamins, minerals and fiber).

Treatments to lose fat in the hip

If cardiovascular exercise and good lifestyle habits are not effective, there are a number of Treatments that help eliminate localized fat on the hips, also known as cartridges. Among these treatments, the most notable for its effectiveness is presotherapy.

Treatment with Pressotherapy

Presotherapy is a method that works at the time of reduce fat located, promotes lymphatic drainage and in most cases succeeds reduce swelling Y reduce fluid retention.

Thanks to scheduled pressotherapy sessions, you will be able to reduce that fat concentrated in the hip and abdominal area more quickly as long as you follow the advice that we have previously discussed.

Treatment with Electromagnetic Waves

High frequency electromagnetic waves is a treatment that helps to reduce and eliminate localized fat on the hips as it favors the lymphatic drainage, the collagen production and also allows to combat flaccidity and eliminate wrinkles.

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