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How many aesthetic pressotherapy sessions can be done per week? Is it good to use pressotherapy daily?

¿Cuántas sesiones de presoterapia estética se pueden hacer a la semana? ¿Es bueno usar la presoterapia a diario?


You are thinking of including this treatment in your personal care habits, but you don't know how many aesthetic pressotherapy sessions can be done per week or if it is good to use pressotherapy daily without posing a health problem. Or if pressotherapy gives results and in how many sessions. And it is logical that you expect benefits and results from pressotherapy, and it has them and gives them but... everything has its little trick, so keep reading. You are in the appropriate blog, where you are going to learn everything about pressotherapy, a treatment as revolutionary as it is popular.

First of all, the frequency of use is important, since it determines the success of pressotherapy before and after using it. Only after a certain time of use, you will appreciate visible and palpable differences in the volume of legs, arms, hips or abdomen. However, regarding how many pressotherapy sessions are recommended, the truth is that nothing is set in stone. The frequency depends on your needs. Of course, there are 3 key factors that undoubtedly influence:

  • Your general health condition.
  • The degree of the problem that you are going to treat.
  • The power of the pressotherapy machine you use.


So the first thing is to consult a doctor, since evaluating your health is no less important than being clear about your objectives. Although this is an external and non-invasive massage, you should not underestimate its possible contraindications. You should also know that it is not the same to define a specific area of ​​the body than the entire figure. If your problem is less localized, logically you will have to be more consistent with the treatment and use more clothing apart from the pressotherapy boots.

In this way you will obtain a more comprehensive treatment and results. And the type of machine you use is also key. Having all this clear, you will now be able to determine how many sessions are best for you and how to organize your schedule. On the other hand, regarding pressure therapy before or after playing sports, in case you are thinking about this treatment for sports recovery purposes, the ideal is to use it one or two hours after training or competition.


Equipo de Presoterapia Sizen 6+


Can all pressotherapy machines be used with the same frequency?

Absolutely NO. The recommended pressotherapy sessions depend on the type of machine you use. A pressotherapy machine to use at home is not the same as that of a beauty center. But if what you want is to use pressotherapy at home and you have doubts about the results, don't worry because both options are equally effective. And it is that in pressotherapy, benefits and results depend mainly on the quality of the machine in addition to the frequency of use. Of course, there is a difference between professional pressotherapy and home pressotherapy: in a center, the pressure force is more powerful than that of portable pressotherapy. That is why the frequency in a center must be evaluated by a professional, who will advise you to do two or a maximum of three weekly sessions.

Does home presotherapy give good results?

It does, but you will need more sessions and continuity to achieve the same results as professional pressure therapy. By applying less powerful pressure, you will have to use pressotherapy as many times a week as you need depending on your problem. Day yes, day no maybe? Each body is a world. And if you wonder if the presotherapy for cellulite, in the number of sessions you also have the answer. Sporadically you will not achieve a great change, but more continuous use will reduce the unsightly appearance of "orange peel". Above all, do not neglect your diet or get carried away by a sedentary lifestyle. You should see pressotherapy as a complement to your other healthy habits.

Knowing that the main difference between the two pressotherapy machines lies above all in the pressure, you can now get an idea of ​​how many pressotherapy sessions you need per week. In short: less frequency and more space in a center, and pressure therapy every day (or not, as you wish or need) if you do the treatment on your own and at home. And again, if you are an athlete and use a domestic machine, you can use pressotherapy with complete peace of mind after each training session or competition, and benefit from its purifying and relaxing effects.


Clara Camacho Presoterapia deportiva Sizen


How many pressotherapy sessions do I need to notice results?

Yes, we know that you are wondering about the real results of pressotherapy. Patience. Rome was not built in two days. For pressotherapy to give results, it requires time and perseverance. If you go to a center, you will notice an effect after the first week, especially since your legs will feel lighter. Something is changing under the skin and after 4-5 sessions, your figure is already redefined. But understand that it is also something gradual. Deciding on a center when you want to try is a good idea. Two or three sessions of 30-45 minutes per week will be enough, yes, going for at least three months. Later, once you verify the effectiveness of pressotherapy, you will surely want to apply it at home. After all, it is the most cost-effective option. If you investigate a little on the net, you will find many opinions about pressure therapy at home. The truth is that when the equipment is good and the treatment is carried out correctly, pressotherapy reviews are usually very positive.

How long does the effect of pressotherapy last?

Pressotherapy is mainly a maintenance method that helps to maintain the line and good lymphatic health.. If your lymphatic system is healthy, problems such as fluid retention, "orange peel" or varicose veins can be prevented or kept at bay. But never compare pressotherapy with liposuction because they are totally different treatments. Of course, the effects of liposuction are nothing if you do not take care of yourself after the intervention, and with the taken the same thing happens. That is why we insist on the continuity of the sessions. Nor can we say with mathematical accuracy how long your figure will be maintained after, for example, three months of intensive pressotherapy sessions. Each metabolism is different and weight is also something that fluctuates and depends to a large extent on the habits you have. Perhaps a month for whatever, you move less, eat more than necessary or too much than you should, or drink less than necessary, and suddenly unpleasant surprises occur in your body. Let's also differentiate aesthetic from therapeutic purposes. If you use pressotherapy for tired legs or to reduce edema, the effects are noticeable in the short term. If pressotherapy does something well, it is to redirect stagnant fluid. But be careful because if your problem is chronic, after a sudden stop, the problem will return.

The advantages of Pressotherapy SIZEN

If you have tried pressotherapy, you already know that it works. But if you still do not have your own pressotherapy equipment at home, and you have lymphatic circulation problems, the time has come to consider purchasing one. And there is no more competent and popular pressotherapy machine in Spain than the SIZEN 6+. You can use it as many times a week as you want, at maximum power and extending your sessions up to 90 minutes.

why choose SIZEN?

Purchase one presotherapy equipment for home It is a smart decision that your health will appreciate. But if you do not want to make a mistake in your choice, the best thing to do is to choose Pressotherapy SIZEN. These are its main super advantages:

  • Light and compact, it is easily transportable. Use it at home, in the office, your vacation spot... SIZEN with you wherever you want!
  • SIZEN offers financing facilities so that you do not have to deprive yourself of the benefits of lymphatic massage at home, so... what are you waiting for? You Pre-therapy SIZEN wait for you!

You can use the equipment daily without problem for your health. The pressure It is moderate and adjustable (max. 240 mmHG, a force of pressure that few portable machines offer, because SIZEN gives results comparable to professionals)

“The presotherapy team SIZEN It mainly offers 3 great advantages: you can use it comfortably at home or elsewhere, it is the most cost-effective option, and you can use it daily without harming your health.” SIZEN


Sizen 8 PRO


Real opinions, negative and above all, positive!

If you browse the Internet a little bit, you will read many opinions on pressotherapy that can guide you when purchasing your own equipment. Aesthetic, health or biomedical forums, as well as reviews in countless online stores, can help you. But be careful: it is the real opinions on pressotherapy that should serve as a guide. Why do we say this? Because as with other products, a lot of smoke is also sold, and unfortunately, neither the network of networks, nor the reviews on pressotherapy, are exempt from deceptive and even fraudulent behavior. Yes, this is something that happens and that not even the largest and most popular marketplaces get rid of. The best advice we can give you when buying pressotherapy is to contact the supplier beforehand to resolve any questions you may have. And if you can see and touch the product in person, all the better. In SIZEN We have also resolved this point, facilitating the possibility of testing our equipment for 15 days. Because for us, the sale is 100% satisfactory only when you are convinced that you have bought what you really wanted and needed.

Pressotherapy: positive opinions

The positive opinions about pressotherapy depend on the time of use. The truth is that from the first session and especially when using the pressotherapy boots, you notice a greater lightness in the legs. Tired legs? Pressotherapy will relax them, reducing any discomfort caused by fluid retention or muscle fatigue. But if you want to obtain aesthetic results or reduce certain circulatory problems, you will need to use your pressotherapy device for a longer time. In any case, use it for at least 3 months and several times a week so that you too can say “my experience with pressotherapy is that it has worked wonderfully for me”.


Sizen 6+ nueva versión 2022

Pressotherapy: negative opinions

The truth is that if pressotherapy has negative opinions, it is usually for few and very differentiated reasons. Let's see each of them and the possible solution:

  • Occasional or infrequent treatment, for which there have been no perceptible effects of pressotherapy. SOLUTION: It is obvious that using pressotherapy once or several times but in a very spaced way in time, the effects will not be more than those of a relaxing massage. And it is also true that each problem needs more or less application time. The effects of pressotherapy are directly proportional to the needs of each problem. Attenuating cellulite, recovering your muscles after a hard workout or treating edema are very different cases that require a different number of sessions.
  • The domestic equipment used is not efficientIt has little pressure force, few massage options and generally offers low-quality features. SOLUTION: Use a quality equipment, with sufficient pressure and adaptable to various applications. A professional team is efficient, but…
  • Go exclusively to a center, supposes a considerable and prohibitive economic expense for most of the budgets. SOLUTION: The problem of recurring spending ends when you purchase a domestic pressotherapy unit. You pay once, the expense is quickly amortized and you have a homogeneous lymphatic massage with professional results always at home and for a lifetime.
  • You have a very busy schedule. Having to go to a center frequently means adapting to your calendar/schedule. An unforeseen event arises and you interrupt your treatment. If it happens often, it can be demotivating. SOLUTION: With pressotherapy at home that does not happen. You use it when and how much you want.
  • Oversized expectations and as a consequence, abandonment of the therapy due to lack of enthusiasm and even boredom when carrying out the treatment. SOLUTION: Patience and constancy. All treatment requires both to a greater or lesser extent. Pressotherapy is not the genius of the lamp, but with a little will and understanding that this treatment requires time, the results end up being remarkable and the negative opinions about pressotherapy are rather few.

Contraindications of Pressotherapy:

Although it is a type of massage of moderate intensity and strength, pressotherapy is not indicated in certain cases. Does pressotherapy have drawbacks? We highlight the physical conditions that do not tolerate this type of treatment:

  • Heart problems
  • Cancer or when undergoing cancer treatment
  • Thrombosis or other serious circulatory problems such as hypotension/hypertension
  • Infections and wounds both internally and externally
  • Severe infections caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi
  • Skin infections and inflammations
  • Kidney disease or any other severe disease


 When in doubt, consulting your GP never hurts.

In short, the aesthetic pressotherapy sessions that can be done per week are several and even consecutive as long as we are talking about a home pressotherapy treatment, that is, with domestic equipment, designed for frequent use without side effects. Anyway, let's not kid ourselves. Given the novelty, you will use the prisoner more frequently during the first month, also with the expectation of achieving great results in a short period of time, but let's not fool ourselves: doing so will not achieve greater success with pressotherapy.

Our best advice is to take this with a certain philosophy. With patience and perseverance, everything comes. Do a minimum of 4 weekly sessions during the first 3 months and as your condition improves, you can lower the level to 2-.3 sessions per week as a maintenance method. It is difficult to determine exactly how many sessions of aesthetic pressotherapy are necessary per week, because that depends on the problem you have. Yes we can affirm that you can do as many as you want because ruling out contraindications, you will never harm your health.

Also remember that the results of pressotherapy will be satisfactory if you are constant and combine the treatment with a good balanced diet that is free of toxins for your body, and some exercise. No need to grind daily; a couple of weekly hours of intensive physical activity is already noticeable. The crucial thing is the willpower that you bring. And about how many pressotherapy sessions for remarkable results, the answer is also up to you. Now that you know that you can use pressotherapy at home daily without harming your health, it is about working on a weekly table where you integrate diet, exercise and pressotherapy sessions as best suits you. The great advantage of domestic pressotherapy is that no one will impose a date or time on you. Schedule your sessions according to your needs and the time you have.

The machine works by itself so that you can enjoy your well-deserved moment of relaxation. Read, listen to music, watch one of your favorite movies or series, mend socks... you can do many things during your session. Anything goes from the comfort and privacy that only your home can offer you. We have called this ritual with your body and mind, YOUR TIME SIZEN. And above all, do not forget that aesthetic pressotherapy helps above all as a maintenance method. Your body, like the biological machine that it is, also needs its own, and from time to time, a good tune-up is not bad either. What aesthetic pressotherapy machine suits you? The SIZEN 6+ is the presotherapy machine that will bring you all the benefits and results of pressotherapy without leaving home. What more could you want?!

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