What is the best pressotherapy machine for home?

¿Cuál es la mejor máquina de presoterapia para casa?
You are thinking of buying a pressotherapy device to take care of yourself. But, What is the best pressotherapy machine for home? Does any domestic pressotherapy machine work the same? You do not want to make a mistake in your choice because although there are many advantages that a domestic pressotherapy equipment offers, buying according to which one can also be a mistake.
So whatever the use you give it, you have to know what you buy.

Whether it is for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes or because you want to use it as a sports recovery method, You need a quality Pressotherapy that lives up to your expectations.

And it is that neither your health nor your physical appearance deserve less. And obviously, you want something that guarantees the quality and performance of a professional pressotherapy machine but that you always have at hand and at home. Finally, what it is about is choosing a lymphatic drainage machine for sale on the market that allows you to achieve your aesthetic, sports or therapeutic goals.

And of course, that you can buy a pressotherapy with professional results without it stinging your pocket too much. Is there something like this on the market? Read on, you're in luck! Let's remember what pressotherapy is and its main applications before explaining what factors you should take into account before buying domestic pressotherapy equipment.

“Whether it is for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes or because you want to use it as a sports recovery method, you need quality Pressotherapy equipment that meets your expectations. And it is that neither your health nor your physical appearance deserve less.”

The Presotherapy and its applications

Pressotherapy is a massage method that mainly stimulates the lymphatic system. It is also a good alternative to treat certain aesthetic and circulatory problems in a non-invasive way, since its application is completely external, pressure therapy for legs being very popular due to its incredible benefits in these extremities. By using a machine connected to tubes that are in turn connected to one or more padded garments, a moderate massage is exerted on the different areas of the body that you want to treat. This is produced by controlled pressure and decompression, sequentially and alternately. The pressure as well as the duration of the session can be regulated with various programs designed for aesthetic, therapeutic or sports purposes. Mainly, we can say that Pressotherapy has three uses or applications:


  • Aesthetic pressotherapy
  • Therapeutic pressotherapy
  • Sports Pre-therapy

For a pressotherapy device for home to be effective, you must be consistent with the sessions. This is a support treatment, complementary to a healthy diet and a certain physical exercise routine. You will have to do sessions frequently to obtain the same results as with pressotherapy from a center, but knowing how and when to use it, you will see that pressotherapy works. Let's also remember the main benefits of good lymphatic health.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage with Presotherapy:

Thanks to a soft but at the same time intense and constant massage, pressotherapy manages to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Its goal is to move body fluids to remove waste substances. For this reason, pressotherapy is indicated to treat fluid retention and many other problems related to both the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Take note of all the benefits your body gets from lymphatic drainage:

  • The organism better reabsorbs and processes stagnant fluids intercellularly (between cells)
  • The pain is generally reduced. It also helps speed up postoperative regeneration. Ideally indicated after liposuction.
  • It is especially indicated to combat heavy leg syndrome. They are highly recommended presotherapy boots, which relieve throbbing pain and inflammation in overworked legs.
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling caused by fluid retention.
  • Redirects fluid retention, improving edema and lymphedema.
  • It also has a purifying effect, by redirecting stagnant toxins.
  • Enhances blood circulation, benefiting all tissues, including skin. Greater oxygenation improves the appearance of the skin, giving it more smoothness and elasticity.
  • Prevents and improves different types of varicose veins.
  • Facilitates and reactivates a slow and deficient venous return.
  • Smoothes the appearance of "orange peel" caused by cellulite. Thanks to this effect, it is also possible to maintain a more defined contour.
  • Strengthens the immune system, by keeping the ducts more purified.
  • Relieves stress due to the relaxing effects of the massage itself. Some people use pressotherapy for a while before going to sleep, as a sleep-inducing therapy. It's not a sleeping pill, but it helps.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery after sports, resulting in an ideal tool between training sessions or after competing.

Why buy a domestic Pressotherapy equipment. What advantages does it offer?

We detail below the reasons why pressotherapy for home use already has the absolute approval of the general public.

  • No dates or times. Use your home pressotherapy equipment whenever you want and for as long as you need. Going to a center is being subject to its calendar.
  • Where you want. you can use your home presotherapy or transport the equipment anywhere. Take it on vacation, to the office or the gym.
  • For the entire family. Share your equipment with other members of your family. It is a true luxury that everyone at home – except the children – can enjoy the benefits of lymphatic drainage. Another aspect that makes a domestic pressotherapy equipment highly profitable.
  • to your roll. You can do whatever you want while your pressotherapy session lasts. Listening to music, reading or watching your favorite series are some very opportune ideas to enjoy the treatment more. The kind of privacy and freedom that only your home can give you.
  • More profitable, impossible. Already in the short term, the savings are enormous. You pay once and you always have the best pressotherapy treatment with you. In a center, you must have a very high purchasing power to afford frequent sessions for months or throughout the year. Remember that pressotherapy is a type of massage that requires some perseverance. It works well as maintenance and as the word itself indicates, that implies a reasonable frequency.

Today, we tend to look for almost everything on the Internet, so it is easy to compare prices and assess the opinions of other customers about home pressotherapy. That is a good way to start. And when you are visiting different online stores, you should pay close attention to the price of the different domestic pressotherapy devices that you find on the market, evaluating whether it reasonably corresponds to what is described in each ad. The textual descriptions but also the images or videos that make up the advertisement of a product are important. That's why on the website SIZEN we have included a video section where you have several user manuals, and where we also explain how each program works. In addition, you can also watch an unboxing video in which you can see in detail what you will receive at home.

You will also see that buying professional pressotherapy can be expensive if you opt for machines specifically designed for clinics or beauty centers, but if you look closely, you will see that you have machines for home pressotherapy that offer the same features as those professional machines.

They are somewhat less powerful but equally effective in all their functions. But as we have already suggested before, do not be fooled by something too cheap. It would be a shame if, for the little you paid, your equipment ended up being just another piece of junk in the closet. And it is that wasting money is never profitable. Do you know the saying "cheap is expensive"? Well that. There are enough and very good alternatives on the market, so do not rush when it comes to your money and what's more, about your health. A cheap machine cannot apply a good massage and what it is about is that you get a lymphatic treatment that really benefits your body.

There is a lot of sensational advertising: The best machine for fluid retention! The machine with which you will lose weight! Get a body 10 with this home pressotherapy equipment! Surely you have read something like that, right? Well, not everything is white and not everything is black, and of course, no really professional pressotherapy brand uses this type of marketing. So be careful and don't get caught in a poke. Ultimately, quality, even in how a brand is presented, is what speaks for itself.

“Don't get carried away by the lowest prices. It is very likely that with many of these remarkably cheap pressotherapy equipment you will not get the benefits of professional pressotherapy machines, much less. And in the end, what was sold as a bargain, turns out to be a fiasco.”

What are the best pressotherapy equipment

In short, the best-selling pressotherapy devices for home use are those that have the best technical characteristics at an affordable and reasonable price. You have many options on the market, for all tastes, of all colors and more or less complete. But we insist: do not get carried away by the lowest prices. It is very likely that with many of these remarkably cheap pressotherapy equipment you will not get the benefits of professional pressotherapy machines.

And in the end, what was sold as a bargain, turns out to be a fiasco. As we have already explained in other articles, although a pressotherapy device for home has less pressure than the one used in a beauty center, it is no less effective. The benefits are the same even if you need a little more perseverance and more frequency in the sessions. So how to choose pressotherapy machine? What does a pressotherapy equipment for home have to be like? The answer to these questions lies in the confirmation of several points to take into account before starting to buy:

QUALITY MATERIALS. Cheap is expensive in the end. The equipment may be light, but that does not mean that it must be made of bad, easily breakable materials. A pressotherapy machine that looks like a toy is surely not a good choice. And surely you do not imagine the best professional pressotherapy machine like this, do you?

WARRANTY. Essential because it indicates professionalism and reliability on the part of the seller. In the event of a technical problem within the warranty period, the brand will respond accordingly.

ADAPTABILITY. You should look at the machine but also at the garments that complement it. That the brand has several sizes is crucial for the equipment to adapt well to your anatomy.

NUMBER OF AIR CHAMBERS. At least 6 is the acceptable number for a complete and effective treatment. Don't be fooled by telling you that home pressotherapy machines are simpler than professional ones and that's why they have fewer cameras. No, this does not have to be so. If, for example, some pressure therapy boots have less than six chambers, don't waste your time and even less your money.

SEVERAL PROGRAMS. The versatility of the treatment is important, so that you can obtain all the benefits of aesthetic, therapeutic or sports pressotherapy. Also note that there are several options for pressure, duration of the session and sequential combinations. A single option is useful and your needs will change because your body does too, especially with age. You need a machine for fluid retention, the same as for tired legs, varicose veins or muscle exhaustion. If pressotherapy works, it will depend mainly on this point and also on the pressure options.

FORCE OF PRESSURE. This point is very important. The massage, although soft, should be noticed. The fact that a very deep massage is not necessary to stimulate the lymphatic system does not mean that you hardly notice its effects. We recommend you read What pressure is recommended to do Pressotherapy? so that no one misleads you on this aspect.

COMPATIBILITY WITH VARIOUS GARMENTS. Surely you start with the most common basic: pressotherapy boots. But not only your legs need care. If you can also extend the treatment with shorts for the buttocks and hips, a girdle for the abdomen and a sleeve for the arms, you already have a great pressotherapy team at home.

USER FRIENDLY. What we know as user-friendly. It is essential that the equipment include a complete user manual, well explained and easy to understand. And of course, that everything in the equipment is manageable, easy to maintain and transport.

EFFICIENT BATTERY. May your pressotherapy machine have a good efficient battery. That it recharges quickly and that it has life for several hours.

ADJUSTABLE POWER. That the massage is noticeable and that you can vary the pressure exerted. A good pressotherapy device for home is an intelligently programmed device, capable of offering you various power options. You will not always need the same treatment.

TRANSPORTABILITY. This is an interesting and highly valuable aspect, because once you see the benefits of pressotherapy, you will want to take it with you everywhere!

REASONABLE PRICE. Most of us are looking for something that is neither too cheap nor too expensive. A range between 400 and 1000 euros is reliable. If one machine costs more than another, it's probably worth it. Good pressotherapy brands offer financing facilities with very affordable terms. This allows you to make an expense that results in a good investment in health and well-being for your whole life. So remember: the best professional pressotherapy machine will never be the cheapest. But for a reasonable price, you can have something at home that doesn't envy anything in a center.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. A good pressotherapy brand will always offer you the possibility of consulting with an expert salesperson, who not only sells but also answers all your questions before deciding to buy.

In short, this is everything that the best professional pressotherapy machine would offer and what a home pressotherapy machine that is up to the task can also offer you. By meeting all these requirements, buying domestic pressotherapy should not only be easy but also affordable. I am sure that you too can afford to purchase a pressure therapy to use at home with the quality and results of professional pressure therapy.

“Thanks to our team of experts in pressotherapy, you will receive personalized attention that few brands offer. Because your desires and needs are the reason why we improve day by day in our specialty: lymphatic drainage as the basis for comprehensive health.” Sizen.

Pressotherapy for home, which machine to buy? ohSIZEN 6+!

Having clear everything that good pressotherapy equipment should offer, if you still doubt about which machine to buy, it is because you still do not know the SIZEN 6+, the lymphatic massage machine for sale that meets the best conditions. But if you have reached this blog, you are very close to verifying the quality of what is already the leading brand in the Spanish market, which offers you the best pressotherapy for legs that you can buy. And the reason is clear: Since its inception, in SIZEN It has been made clear that the general public had to be reached with a competent team compared to other good brands, but managing to reach many more people.

How has it been possible that Presotherapy SIZEN has become so popular? Undoubtedly, one of the keys has been to offer pressotherapy equipment at a reasonable price without giving up anything that any quality equipment offers and responding effectively to any need. Whether you want to keep cellulite at bay, get rid of fluid retention, treat circulatory problems, relieve tired legs syndrome or even use it as a muscle recovery tool after sports activity, SIZEN is your best option.

So with the list of points that we have given you in mind, you can now confirm them all because SIZEN It guarantees all that and much more. Thanks to our team of experts in pressotherapy, you will receive personalized attention that few brands offer. Because your desires and needs are the reason why we improve day by day in our specialty: lymphatic drainage as the basis for comprehensive health.

Join the thousands of people who already enjoy the best domestic pressotherapy in Spain in their homes. And if you are an athlete, be it professionally or amateur, go ahead and include the intelligent recovery system of SIZEN in your sports routine. Now you know how and where to buy an excellent pressotherapy machine that works and that will be the best health investment of your life.

What machine to buy to do pressotherapy at home? It's clear. The SIZEN 6+ has everything you are looking for.

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