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Pressotherapy at home: What professional machine to buy?

Presoterapia en casa: ¿Qué máquina profesional comprar?

Are you thinking of buying a presotherapy apparatus to take care of you But, What is the best pressotherapy machine for home? Does any domestic pressotherapy machine work the same? You do not want to make a mistake in your choice because although there are many advantages that a domestic pressotherapy equipment offers, buying according to which one can also be a mistake. So whatever the use you give it, you have to know what you buy. Whether it is for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes or because you want to use it as a method of sports recovery, you need quality pressotherapy that meets your expectations.

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And it is that neither your health nor your physical appearance deserve less. And obviously, you want something that guarantees the quality and performance of a professional pressotherapy machine but that you always have at hand and at home. Finally, what it is about is choosing a lymphatic drainage machine for sale on the market that allows you to achieve your aesthetic, sports or therapeutic goals.

And of course, that you can buy a pressotherapy with professional results without it stinging your pocket too much. Is there something like this on the market? Read on, you're in luck! Let's remember what pressotherapy is and its main applications before explaining what factors you should take into account before buying domestic pressotherapy equipment.

“Whether it is for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes or because you want to use it as a sports recovery method, you need quality Pressotherapy equipment that meets your expectations. And it is that neither your health nor your physical appearance deserve less.”

Chica haciendo presoterapia en casa

Presotherapy for home: what is it and how does it work?

Pressure therapy at home is a treatment technique that has gained popularity in recent years. It consists of the application of controlled pressure in different parts of the body through the use of specific devices. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of how it works, the different types of pressotherapy that can be done at home, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

Operation of pressotherapy at home

There pressotherapy at home is based on the principle of controlled pressure to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. He uses specialized equipment consisting of inflatable boots, sleeves, or girdles connected to a machine. These devices apply sequential pressure to different areas of the body, from the feet to the waist or arms, depending on the area to be treated.

The operation of pressotherapy at home focuses on the application of pressure and decompression alternately. The inflatable chambers fill with air, which puts pressure on the tissues. They are then released to allow decompression and facilitate venous and lymphatic return. This process is repeated sequentially, following an ascending pattern from the extremities towards the heart.

Different types of pressotherapy that can be done at home 

There are several types of pressotherapy that can be performed at home, each with specific characteristics and particular benefits. Next, we will describe some of them:
  1. leg pressotherapy: This type of pressotherapy focuses on the lower extremities, especially the legs and feet. It is ideal for relieving the feeling of tired legs, reducing fluid retention and improving circulation in this area.
  2. Presotherapy of arms: It is used to treat circulation problems in the arms and hands. It is especially beneficial for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or perform activities that require repetitive movements of the upper extremities.
  3. Abdominal pre-therapy: This type of pressotherapy focuses on the abdominal area and is useful for improving digestion, reducing bloating, and toning the abdominal muscles.
  4. Facial pre-therapy: Used to stimulate circulation in the face and improve the appearance of the skin. Helps reduce fluid retention, reduce swelling and smooth expression lines.

It is important to note that each type of pressotherapy has its specific indications and it is recommended to consult a health professional before beginning any treatment at home.

Advantages of pressotherapy at home

Pressotherapy at home has several advantages, but it is also important to consider its possible limitations. Next, we will mention some of the positive points:

  1. Need for supervision and professional advice: Although pressotherapy at home can be convenient, it is important to note that its correct application requires professional knowledge and supervision. Each person has specific needs and conditions, so it is essential to have the guidance of a health specialist before starting any treatment at home.
  2. Limitations in cases of certain medical conditions: Although pressure therapy at home can be beneficial for many people, there are some medical conditions in which its use may be contraindicated or require additional precautions. For example, people with congestive heart failure, deep vein thrombosis, or severe circulation problems should avoid pressotherapy without proper medical evaluation and recommendation.
  3. Cost and availability of the right equipment: Another consideration to take into account is the cost and availability of the appropriate equipment to perform pressotherapy at home. Although there are commercial devices on the market, it is essential to research and select those that meet quality and safety standards, which may imply an additional financial investment.

Why choose professional in-home presotherapy?

One of the main reasons to choose professional pressotherapy at home is the comfort it provides. By receiving treatment in the comfort of your home, you avoid unnecessary trips to a beauty center, which saves time and effort. You don't have to worry about scheduling appointments or sticking to set times, as you are in full control of when and how you perform your treatment. This allows you to adapt it to your personal routine and enjoy pressure therapy more conveniently.

Autonomy is another fundamental aspect when choosing to use a home pressotherapy equipment. By having your own pressotherapy machine, you have the freedom to carry out the treatment according to your needs and preferences. You can adjust the intensity and duration of the pressure according to your comfort and specific goals. In addition, since you are the one administering the treatment, you can adapt it at your own pace and carry out the sessions at the time of day that best suits you. This gives you greater control over your well-being and allows you to personalize your pressotherapy experience.

In addition to comfort and autonomy, professional pressotherapy at home can be a cheaper option in the long term. Although the initial investment in a pressotherapy machine may be higher, once you have it, you avoid the recurring costs associated with sessions in an aesthetic center. This represents significant savings over time and allows you to enjoy the benefits of treatment without worrying about additional expenses.

Benefits of home presotherapy

Pressotherapy is a non-invasive treatment which uses the application of controlled pressure on different parts of the body to improve blood circulation, reduce fluid retention and relieve muscle fatigue. By opting for professional pressotherapy at home, you can enjoy a series of benefits, among which are:

  1. comfort and convenience: The possibility of receiving the pressotherapy treatment in the comfort of your home allows you to save time and effort by avoiding trips to an aesthetic center.
  2. economic savings: In the long term, investing in a pressotherapy machine for home can be cheaper than undergoing regular sessions at a beauty center.
  3. Flexible schedule: By having your own pressotherapy machine, you can adapt the treatment schedules according to your convenience and availability.
  4. Shared use: Pressotherapy at home can be used by several members of the family, which makes it an investment for the well-being of all.
  5. Greater privacy: By performing the treatment at home, you can enjoy the privacy and intimacy that is sometimes difficult to achieve in an aesthetic center.

Comparison between professional pressotherapy at home and that carried out in an aesthetic center

Although pressotherapy can be performed both at home and in an aesthetic center, there are some differences to take into account. Here's a comparison so you can make an informed decision:

  • Cost: In an aesthetic center, each pressotherapy session can have a considerable cost, while acquiring a pressotherapy machine at home can be cheaper in the long term.
  • Personalization: At home, you can adjust the intensity and duration of pressotherapy according to your individual needs. In an aesthetic center, the treatments are usually standard and cannot always be adapted to your preferences.
  • Availability: Pressotherapy at home gives you the freedom to enjoy the treatment at any time, without time restrictions. In an aesthetic center, you may have to schedule your sessions and adjust to their availability.

Why buy a domestic pressotherapy equipment: the advantages

We detail below the reasons why pressotherapy for home use already has the absolute approval of the general public:

  • No dates or times. Use your home pressotherapy equipment whenever you want and for as long as you need. Going to a center is being subject to its calendar.
  • Where you want. You can use your Sizen pressotherapy at home or transport the equipment anywhere. Take it on vacation, to the office or the gym.
  • For the entire family. Share your equipment with other members of your family. It is a true luxury that everyone at home – except the children – can enjoy the benefits of lymphatic drainage. Another aspect that makes a domestic pressotherapy equipment highly profitable.
  • To your roll. You can do whatever you want while your pressotherapy session lasts. Listening to music, reading or watching your favorite series are some very opportune ideas to enjoy the treatment more. The kind of privacy and freedom that only your home can give you. More profitable, impossible. Already in the short term, the savings are enormous. You pay once and you always have the best pressotherapy treatment with you. In a center, you must have a very high purchasing power to afford frequent sessions for months or throughout the year.

Remember that pressotherapy is a type of massage that requires some perseverance. It works well as maintenance and as the word itself indicates, that implies a reasonable frequency.

What machine to buy to do pressotherapy at home? It's clear. The SIZEN 6+ has everything you are looking for.

Equipo de presoterapia Sizen 6+

What are the best pressotherapy machines?

Firstly, there are a series of essential technical conditions that every home Pressotherapy machine must meet to be useful to you:

  • Progressive massage through several air chambers.
  • Timer function to vary the duration of treatments.
  • Gradual pressure, to regulate the intensity of the massage.
  • Various programs.
  • Possibility of adding complementary and combinable garments (legs-arms-abdomen – extensions for any of them)
  • Ergonomics of both the machine and its accessories.
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