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Which presotherapy boots to choose?

¿Qué botas de presoterapia elegir?

We have already explained in other articles about the many great advantages offered by the Pre-therapy at home. If you haven't bought a piece of equipment yet, it may be because you're still wondering what Presotherapy boots choose when there are in fact so many options on the market. It's not as easy as it seems, right? There is so much variety and different brands that it is a bit difficult to discern which Pressotherapy boots will give the best results. But don't stress! We understand your doubts and that is why we are going to help you a little to choose the best Pressotherapy boots for you. But.. Which presotherapy boots to choose?

All the facilities that good pressotherapy boots should offer

Basically, there are three requirements that Pressotherapy boots that are sold as good, must meet: ADAPTABILITY, EFFECTIVENESS and GOOD PRICE.

Adaptability is very important. If when you put on your boots, they do not fit your anatomy well, this is already a NO. You must feel comfortable inside the covers and that is why it is crucial that the Pressotherapy boots you choose are available in various sizes. Because all anatomies are different. Good Pressotherapy boots should also include some readjustment system. That is to say, that in addition to zippers, they have velcro straps that allow them to better hold the boots.

“Good pressotherapy boots must offer a high level of performance, have a variety of programs and different levels of pressure intensity.”


Of course, in addition to comfort and ease of use, good pressotherapy boots must offer a series of facilities: high level of performance, variety of programs and different levels of pressure intensity. Consider how long the battery lasts, how long it takes to recharge, and how long each treatment can last. Also look at the variety of programs; obviously this is determined by the machine the boots are compatible with. The greater the number of programs, the more specific treatments you can perform: Lymphatic drainage, sports recovery and relaxation are the basics. It can also be nice to be able to combine them.

What are the pressure therapy boots that offer the best results?

And no less important: the boots of Pre-therapy they are a more comfortable form of massage, but you should notice how they work. We have already explained that the Presotherapy machines of the Aesthetic centers or clinics are much stronger, but some good home Presotherapy boots they must apply pressure in order for the treatment to work. Few air chambers and little force in the inflation/deflation sequence and the boots will end up forgotten in a corner of the closet.

You don't want to waste money foolishly, or take any disappointment.

If even the professionals of Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine are recommending the Pre-therapy it's for something You only need information and good advice and in SIZEN We are experts advising on well-being. Now you know Which presotherapy boots to choose?

“There are boots for less than 100 euros and others that triple that price. The key is to buy the benefits of one and the other and see which Pressotherapy boots have a reasonable price.”


Finally, it is also important to look at the price. The purchase of Pressotherapy boots is as serious as buying a refrigerator or a washing machine. We are talking about an appliance that you are going to use frequently and from which you want to get the most out of it. After all, we are not talking about any toy or whim, but about a Pressotherapy garment that must be capable of delivering the results it promises.

Logically, we are giving you clues so that you pay attention to every detail of your advertising. Always flee from exaggerated sensationalism and consult as much as possible about the quality of the boots that you have put on your favorites list. Surely, you will buy your Pressotherapy boots via the Internet, right? Well, precisely for this reason, you must make sure about each and every one of the details.

Misha Sekulova Presoterapia deportiva Sizen

The reliability of a brand like Sizen

Check the reliability of the seller, their experience with the product, if they offer you customer service, if there is a possibility to try the boots before buying them, if you can return them if you are not satisfied with your purchase, if there are reviews -real- both on their website and on other online platforms... There are boots for less than 100 euros and others that triple that price. The key is to buy the benefits of one and the other well and see which Pressotherapy boots have a reasonable price.

Surely, neither the cheapest offer everything nor the most expensive are the only ones that work well. Finally, you decide how much to spend but boots for a price that is neither very cheap nor very expensive, will surely meet your needs. that's why in SIZEN We've thought through all of this. To offer one of the best and most complete options on the market for portable and domestic Pressotherapy at a competitive, affordable price that reasonably corresponds and adjusts to its characteristics..

Your purchase should be a safe and happy experience. As happy as the moment in which you have several sessions and what you contemplate in the mirror returns the shine to your eyes and the smile to your lips. 

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