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How to make and use pressotherapy at home

Cómo hacer y usar presoterapia en casa

You recently purchased a brand new set of presoterapia Sizen. You already have the machine, the boots and maybe even some other massage garment, but perhaps you are missing something no less important. We are talking about a little organization for make the most of and enjoy your pressotherapy equipment. Basically, there are a series of aspects that you must take into account to make the home presotherapy, an even more beneficial and pleasant experience. And it is that whether you use it for aesthetic, therapeutic or sports purposes, what we tell you in this article will help you turn that little corner at home into the best presotherapy center you could choose.

Yes, because at home like nowhere else, and because you have at your fingertips everything you need to make your treatment something even more special. And you will see that great luxuries are not needed to achieve it. Just as we decorate our intimate life as a couple, our social gatherings, our vacations and in general any activity outside of the work routine, the time you dedicate to your well-being can be as rich and varied as you propose it to be.

“The Pressotherapy session at home can be one more way to connect with you. Like Yoga, meditation or any other relaxation method, it requires the right environment and conditions to be fully beneficial, beyond the pneumatic capabilities of the machine.”

First, you must see your pressotherapy machine as something more than what it seems in its box or its bag: One more appliance. Yes, it is an object with an integrated system capable of providing a massage as good as any physiotherapist would give you, but it is up to you to make the most of the potential of each treatment.


Connect with you and your body with presotherapy

And it is that doing pressotherapy at home can be one more way to connect with you, with your body and its needs. Like Yoga, meditation or any other relaxation method, it requires an environment and appropriate conditions to be fully beneficial, beyond the pneumatic capabilities of the machine. Some people may see Pressotherapy as something routine that can get boring.

They soon tire of their equipment and there it remains, abandoned in the back of a closet. And why does this happen? Generally, the happy time is usually the key factor – or rather, the lack of it – for this to happen. This or false expectations of the type "in a month and giving it a go, you're going to have a cover figure." No, there are no miracles here. But the reality is that if you have already bought a machine and some beautiful pressotherapy boots, it is assumed that you did it with you in mind, right? Well, don't give up. When you don't dedicate even the slightest time to yourself, you are taking away importance and neglecting your self-esteem and therefore, you abandon any activity related to your well-being.

Pre-therapy, your personal care

And that, in addition to being unhealthy, is unfair. No matter how little time you have, you should allocate some time to your personal care. Anywhere from a minimum of one 30-45 minute session a week to three or four if you can afford it will be plenty of time for the treatment to take effect. And of course, our body, like any system, both natural and artificial, requires more or less constant maintenance. That being said, let's briefly list the keys that will make your home Pressotherapy sessions not only more beneficial in terms of health, but also more entertaining and special:

  1. BEFORE STARTING: It is good that between one and three days before your session, you increase your water intake to hydrate well. In addition to that liter and a half or two liters that you should already be drinking regularly, add 8 more glasses, one of those big ones that you use when you are very thirsty. Your body will be better prepared to process the fluids that the lymphatic drainage will remove through the massage.
  2. WHAT TO WEAR: Some light clothing, such as a bathing suit or a thin lycra jumpsuit or stocking-type fabric to feel good under the Pressotherapy garments is ideal. The feeling should be like not wearing anything underneath. Do not use any type of cream or lotion. Your skin should be clean and dry.
  3. COMFORT: Have your pressotherapy equipment at hand and accessible, close to where you place yourself to do your session. If you have a stretcher, great. If not, the sofa, bed or a lounger can serve you.
  4. BODY POSTURE: Both lying down completely and with the torso slightly inclined, pressotherapy can be carried out correctly. Of course, for greater effectiveness in lymphatic drainage and using the boots, it is advisable to have the feet and lower part of the legs in a slightly higher position. A couple of cushions will do.

Your moment of relaxation thanks to presotherapy

  1. RELAXATION: Connect with your inner self and disconnect from the daily routine and the madding crowd. Listen to music, perhaps wearing headphones for further introspection, or distract yourself with some interesting TV content. Or if you prefer silence, read something or close your eyes and enjoy a series. That moment can also be the ideal occasion to rest. A dimmer light, aromatic candles or burning some essential oil or incense can also be fantastic accessories with an added therapeutic function. It does not become a session spa, but almost.
  2. MUSIC: Whatever you like and relaxes you. Hear music Chill-Out can be a good idea. There are also real recorded sounds of Nature itself that can also be a good accompaniment.
  3. MAKE A CALENDAR: If you went to a beauty center, you would not miss your session because you would be paying for it. At home the cost is already more than amortized, but a weekly calendar or schedule can help you to be faithful to your treatment. You will have to see which days and time slots are more flexible for you. And when you make this agenda, you can even give a different touch to each session. For example: This month, Monday at 8:00 p.m., 30 min session. listening to your favorite Flamenco-Chill album, Thursday at the same time and with the same duration, starting that intriguing novel that you have on your nightstand already gathering too much dust...
  4. AFTER THE SESSION: Get some physical exercise. Go up and down the stairs or take a brisk walk, like when you're going to miss the bus and you don't want it to miss you. About 15 minutes are enough. In this way, you help to channel everything that the massage has moved. And if you are too lazy to leave the house or move from the site, you could dance to the sound of two or three of your favorite songs as if there were no tomorrow. Give it a shot that you can with this and more! And keep the bathroom close... The lymphatic drainage will make it easier for you to urinate a lot.

“Presotherapy at home allows you to give the treatment another, much more personalized dimension. At home you can not only choose the time and frequency of your sessions, but also turn them into a much more complete and enjoyable wellness experience.”

You see that by following these easy tips, Pressotherapy at home does not have to be boring. In fact, it allows you to give the treatment another, much more personalized dimension. At home you can not only choose the time and frequency of your sessions, but also turn them into a much more complete and enjoyable wellness experience.

So when scheduling your session at home, remember that the details are crucial when it comes to enriching and improving the experience. Some of them will optimize the massage with a direct action on your body and figure, and others will serve as enhancers of the relaxing effect that Pressotherapy also gives. So why don't you prepare your next session with great care and tell us how it went

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