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Pressotherapy boots: how to use them and their benefits

Botas de presoterapia: cómo usarlas y sus beneficios

Are you thinking of a treatment with presotherapy boots Sizen? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of pressotherapy for legs as millions of women and men Worldwide? And, would you like to do it without leaving home, with the quality and professional results offered in beauty centers? If you have answered yes to all these questions, we are not surprised, since pressotherapy is completely revolutionizing the international well-being market. Who goes wrong with a good recovery massage on their legs, right? By the popularity of boots for lymphatic drainage as they are also known, we are going to tell you how to use pressotherapy boots in the best possible way, getting the most out of treatment. By the end of this article, you will know as much about pressotherapy for legs as the best expert. So much so that you will be ready to fully enjoy pressure therapy at home. You are going to put on your boots…Literally!

“The leg compression massage is soft but firm, and in no case painful. The adjustable force of pressure is sufficient to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is found at a shallow depth under the dermis.”

What are pressotherapy boots?

Although they look very cumbersome, they are very easy to use. Once you settle into them, you just have to select a program on the machine and that's it. A good team usually offers several options: leg recovery massage - sports -, draining massage to prevent or combat fluid retention or other circulatory problems, aesthetic massage to prevent or treat cellulite or varicose veins, or simply relaxing massage. In short, we are talking about padded boots that are nothing more than covers for both legs, which cover from the tip of the foot to the upper part of the thigh.

These covers have several independent chambers and a series of connection points that connect rubber tubes to the machine or device, which sequentially pumps air. At a certain pace and with a regulated intensity, the chambers are filled with air. First one camera, then the other and so on. The compression and decompression is exerting a soft but firm massage on your legs. At a certain time and according to the selected program, all the chambers are filled and emptied simultaneously. This leg compression massage should never be painful.

The adjustable force of pressure is sufficient to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is found at a shallow depth under the dermis. This is what pressotherapy boots do; stimulate your lymphatic drainage that, either due to deficiency or obstruction, might not be working properly. That is why pressotherapy boots are also known as lymphatic drainage boots, since that is their main function or among athletes, as training boots. sports presotherapy for its use also as a muscle recovery tool.

What are prison boots for?

treatment with compression boots is also very effective for various problems, both lymphatic and circulatory, reduce the appearance of orange peel skin caused by the hateful cellulite or reduce the discomfort and cramps typical of tired legs. Or as a method of sports recovery, since there are many amateur and professional athletes who speak more than well of the effects of pressotherapy before or after playing sports.

so you can use lymphatic drainage boots with both aesthetic, therapeutic or sports benefits. A good choice, as you get all the benefits of lymphatic drainage with a non-invasive and painless method that is very healthy and relaxing. Also say that obviously, the boots by themselves do nothing.

That is to say, they are always the complement of a device or machine, whether they are used as a muscle recuperator or for other purposes. Let's continue to see what pressotherapy boots are for and do and why their use as a draining leg massage is so healthy.

"Athletes who want to speed up their muscle recovery, but also people who need to treat various circulatory problems, resort to lymphatic massage and especially pressotherapy boots, with very satisfactory results."


Presoterapia deportiva Sizen 6+


Main benefits of compression boots on the legs:

The benefits of pressure therapy in the legs have been more than scientifically proven. athletes who want speed up your muscle recovery, but also people who need to treat various circulatory problemsThey resort to lymphatic massage and especially pressotherapy boots, with very satisfactory results. And the best thing about this treatment is that it benefits the treated area both therapeutically and aesthetically:

  • Strengthens and reactivates lymphatic drainage
  • Prevents and treats spider veins and varicose veins
  • Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin (combat cellulite)
  • Redirects retained fluid, eliminating fluid and toxins
  • Attenuates the syndrome of tired or heavy legs (pressotherapy tired legs)
  • Provides greater oxygenation to both internal and skin tissues
  • Accelerates muscle recovery after sport
  • It also works as a muscle relaxant.

Knowing what a treatment with pressotherapy boots consists of and what benefits it provides, let's see how to use the boots at home in the most correct way, with some tips that will help you optimize your sessions, enjoying that time and achieving the best results from the treatment. pressotherapy.

PREPARE YOUR LEGS: The leg compression massage has three functions: drains, relaxes and detoxifies. For this process to flow, drink a good amount of water the day before the treatment to irrigate the entire lymphatic system well. Drinking something before the treatment will not go bad either. It is possible that after the session you have quite the urge to pee, something totally normal.

SPACE: Assign yourself a comfortable and quiet corner for your home pressotherapy treatment. If you have a stretcher, perfect, and if not, a bed, a lounger or a sofa will also be ideal.

BODY POSTURE: With the body fully stretched or sitting/or with the legs straight. If you can tilt your feet and calves a little, the better. The lymphatic drainage route goes from the feet to the hip.

WHAT TO WEAR UNDER THE BOOTS: Do not use creams or oils. Your skin must be clean and dry. There are washable and reusable body stockings on the market -such as a jumpsuit- and also covers or disposable leg warmers. They usually use this type of accessory in beauty or physiotherapy centers, also because several people use the same equipment. It is always a good option to prevent boots from directly touching the skin and keep them clean for longer.

ALL ADJUSTED AND IN ITS PLACE: Make sure that you have chosen the correct size and that the pressotherapy boots fit your legs perfectly. We remind you that a good brand usually offers boot extenders in case you need them. So be careful, because not all equipment on the market has extenders. yes in SIZEN because we have thought of everything! Close velcros and zippers well and make sure that the connectors for the tubes are well attached to them. If once the covers are adjusted you can put a couple of fingers under them without difficulty, everything is correct. If you notice discomfort in any area when the machine is already running and applying compression, you may need to loosen the sleeves a bit or lower the intensity of pressure on the device. The sensation should always be pleasant and never annoying or painful.

SELECT THE PROGRAM: According to the treatment you need, select program on the machine. You can choose a lymphatic drainage, aesthetic or sports recovery massage or combine several options for a more complete treatment. In the equipment manual you should have all the options explained.

AFTER THE TREATMENT: Move your legs! Walk for about 20 minutes at a brisk pace, as if you missed the bus, give yourself a good dance or go down and up the stairs. Pressotherapy will have removed everything that is under the skin, between the interstitial tissues. It is good that the circulation remains active for a long time. Oh, and you probably feel like going to pee. Everything normal and a sign that the drainage is flowing as it should.

FREQUENCY OF USE: There is no rule that you must follow to the letter. An initial treatment could be 8-10 days, carrying out sessions 2-3 times a week or even every day. Pressotherapy at home is less intense than that of an aesthetic center, so there is no problem. A session can last between 30-45 minutes, but if you extend it longer there is no problem. The frequency of use also depends on the needs and objectives of each person. You should also know that pressotherapy is a treatment that does not go well with being in a hurry. It is a fabulous tool to maintain both the figure and good lymphatic and circulatory health, but you must be constant and patient, especially if you are just starting out. Depending on your physical condition, you will obtain visible and palpable results from pressotherapy in more or less time.

PRESOTHERAPY AND SPORTS: Regarding the use of pressotherapy before or after playing sports, you can always use it, but the most indicated and most frequent among athletes is to use it one or two hours after training or at the end of a tough competition. Machine massage as a recovery system muscular helps your legs to be always ready for a new challenge!

BONUS TIP: Make your pressotherapy session an even more pleasant and entertaining experience, listening to music, watching a series, reading a book... AT YOUR TIME SIZEN We suggest some ideas. And if you want to take the massage to another sensory dimension, create your own little spa corner, burning some incense or some essential oil. Pressotherapy and Aromatherapy together? Oh yeah.

Botas Presoterapia deportiva Sizen 6+


Does pressotherapy for legs have contraindications?

Domestic pressotherapy is not as intense as that of an aesthetic center or clinic. Still, it may be contraindicated in certain cases. Don't be fooled by the softness of his massage or the apparent superficiality of the treatment. It is applied externally, but its effects are deeper than what it seems or perceives at first glance. Although the pressure is applied to the skin, do not underestimate its effects on the lymphatic ducts or the circulatory system. What contraindications do pressotherapy boots have? From the outset there are a number of cases in which you should completely rule out this treatment:

  • If you suffer from thrombophlebitis or DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
  • If you use a pacemaker or have any type of heart disease
  • If you suffer from any type of cancer or are undergoing cancer treatment
  • Do you have an open wound both internally and externally
  • You are suffering from any type of infection in your body
  • And you have the rule at the time of session
  • During pregnancy, not before the fourth month of gestation

So far everything you need to know about how to use pressotherapy for legs. It does not contain great science, so you only have to follow our recommendations for the treatment to work. It is also good to read the user manual that accompanies the equipment and if you have any technical questions or regarding the treatment, consult the distributor brand.

To learn more, you can visit our article that talks about the contraindications of pressotherapy.

What is better, pressotherapy or manual massage?

Before modern equipment was available, hands were used, with which, of course, you can also stimulate your lymphatic system, both in the legs and in the rest of the body. Now, if you wonder what is better, pressotherapy or manual massage, the truth is that although everything is pressotherapy - in both cases pressure is applied - the effects of manual lymphatic drainage are never as pronounced as when using a machine. And it is that what a good domestic pressotherapy equipment offers today cannot be offered by any masseur, no matter how good it is. Although manual lymphatic massage is also very healthy if done correctly, few if any people would be patient enough to apply this type of massage as often as required. On the other hand, often putting yourself in the hands of a masseur is a significant expense that is difficult for most to face. So take note of the super advantages for which pressotherapy is better than manual massage:

  • You have pressotherapy at all times, without dates or times.
  • The machine does all the work and you control the time and desired pressure.
  • You pay once and you can make the expense profitable right away.
  • You can share the equipment with more members of your family.
  • You can transport the pressotherapy to your office, vacation spot, sports club...
  • In the privacy of your home, you can enjoy your prisoner session however you want.

How to choose recovery boots?

There are so many options on the market that it can be dizzying to decide at first, but everything is clearer when you know how to choose the pressotherapy boots that best fit not only your legs but all your needs and of course your budget. . We have already spoken on other occasions in this blog about the importance of looking at the price before choosing a pressotherapy equipment. And when buying pressotherapy boots, you have to pay close attention to the machine that accompanies them, since normally, as we have explained previously, the entire pack is sold: machine and boots. Also look at the variety of programs offered by the machine: muscle recovery, aesthetic treatment, sports recovery... A good team will allow you to select several different programs or combine them. And of course, the pressure Exercising the massage is also crucial. Do not forget that a leg compression massage can only be called as such if the pressure is noticeable. So be careful when choosing because although any machine is sold as a leg massage machine, this is sometimes little more than an advertising claim.

How much do pressotherapy boots cost?

There are very cheap equipment, which cost just over 100 euros, and others that cost several thousand euros. Of course, between these two options, there are also those that cost 200 or 300 euros, but... What price would be really reasonable for compression boots? The logical answer for anyone with a modest income, we could say that it is something neither so expensive nor so cheap. After all, you don't need the kind of equipment that is used in a center, but you also do not need a trinket that ends up in a corner of a storage room. Is there any good quality and totally affordable option without going to the cheapest? Absolutely yes and you can afford it too.

Where to buy professional pressotherapy boots?

If you are still not clear where to buy leg compression boots, do not worry because it is easy and in fact you do not have to go around too many times. Where to buy a good pressotherapy equipment to use at home that is good, beautiful and cheap but of high quality? In the store of SIZEN, where you have the pressotherapy boots and the machine SIZEN 6+ in various packs with the most competitive quality-price ratio on the market. And it is that SIZEN It is the favorite domestic pressotherapy brand in Spain, with all the guarantees, financing facilities and pressotherapy boots that are super-sellers for a reason. Why are they so popular? Well, because they are beautiful, modern, light, comfortable, made of high-quality materials, easy to put on and take off, because you can transport them in a super cool bag and because we are talking about pressotherapy for home but with complete functionality, performance and results. professionals. And because this treatment with pressotherapy boots is a real gift for your legs. What less are you going to give to those who always take you everywhere, right? In addition, they are versatile because you can use them for an aesthetic or therapeutic treatment but also as sports pressotherapy boots. And this is thanks to the SIZEN 6+ It is a pressotherapy machine that offers you one of the most complete and efficient leg recovery massages on the market.

What are you waiting for to start enjoying all the advantages and benefits of treatment with pressotherapy boots in your own home? Use the machine as a muscle recuperator, to get rid of heavy legs, reduce cellulite and edema, or simply to give your legs the well-deserved rest after a hard day. How to use pressotherapy boots? Now you know. As easy as sewing and singing. 

Do not miss the video section on our website, where you can see how each garment works SIZEN including pressotherapy boots and where we also explain how to use your pressotherapy equipment, application time for each massage modality and much more.

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