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How many pressotherapy sessions are necessary to see results?

¿Cuántas sesiones de presoterapia son necesarias para ver resultados?

As we have mentioned in other articles, pressotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that works by applying pressure to stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles.


This technique is used to treat a variety of ailments, from muscle and joint problems to skin disorders. Therefore, many people wonder how many pressotherapy sessions are necessary to see results.

We are going to see a small guide to help better understand how many pressotherapy sessions are necessary to see results:

  • 1. It depends on the problem: The number of sessions needed to see results depends on the problem being treated. For example, if you are treating a muscle injury, more sessions will be needed than if you are treating a skin condition.
  • 2. It depends on the user: Furthermore, the number of sessions needed also depends on the users. For example, some people may see results after just one session, while others may need more to get the same results.
  • 3. Average number: On average, we recommend between six and eight sessions to achieve results visible. This generally applies to aesthetic treatments such as cellulite reduction, localized fat reduction and circulation improvement.
  • 4. Frequency: In addition, the frequency is also important. It is recommended that sessions be done at least once a week for best results. This is because the effects of pressotherapy are not immediate, but develop gradually over time.
  • 5. Duration: In general, a pressotherapy session lasts between 20 and 40 minutes. This depends on the problem being treated and the size of the affected area.
  • 6. Number of subsequent sessions: Once the initial sessions have been completed, maintenance sessions are recommended every two months to maintain results. This is especially true for aesthetic treatments.

summarizing, the number of pressotherapy sessions that are needed to see results depends on the problem to be treated, the patient and the frequency of the sessions. On average, between six and eight sessions are recommended to achieve visible results, with a maintenance session every so often to maintain the results.

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