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Is presotherapy effective for treating Lymphedema and Lipedema?

¿Es eficaz la presoterapia para tratar el Linfedema y el Lipedema?

If you are affected by lymphedema or lipedema we can affirm that the correct use of pressotherapy can help to improve your situation a lot. It is especially effective in the first phase accompanied by containment garments, exercise and intensive skin care.

The use of pressotherapy stimulates the circulatory system and generates a lymphatic drainage that contributes to the elimination of liquids, toxins and fats that cause lymphedema. In the same way, it also helps to dissolve fat deposits that cause Lipedema.

Why do lymphedema and lipedema occur?

The lymphedema and lipedema These are two common conditions that women tend to suffer to a greater extent (although we can also find cases in the male gender who are less genetically predisposed).

Both problems are differentiated and do not have the same origin, although in some cases they may appear together.

So let's analyze both concepts separately:

Origin and definition of lymphedema

Lymphedema is a lymphatic system dysfunction. The lymphatic system is linked to the immune and circulatory systems and is made up of a complex network of nodes that are in charge of filtering and purifying the toxins, fats and fluids found between the tissues. Its goal is to keep the body clean and free of toxins.

Lymph circulates through the lymphatic ducts, the fluid that transports all those remains of fat and toxins that are found between the tissues and that is later filtered in the nodes and returned to the bloodstream.

In cases in which lymphedema is suffered, the tissues are flooded and cause swelling and pain, with accumulation in the arms and legs being more common.

In most cases the origin of lymphedema is hereditary (commonly known as lymphedema primary) and manifests itself from birth either by having fewer lymph nodes than usual or by having larger diameter lymphatic vessels.

The secondary lymphedema It occurs when the application of different treatments removes the lymph nodes or dissects the lymphatic vessels. It happens in some therapies against cancer, serious infections, obesity or chronic venous insufficiency.

Origin and definition of lipedema

The case of lipedema is different since it is not related to the lymphatic system but rather It is produced by the creation of localized fat deposits in the legs or arms that cause dystrophy. In addition, these fat deposits are usually painful to the touch and over time they become embedded in the tissues and harden, which in the long run can cause bone problems.

As in the case of primary lymphedema, it is hereditary and women and girls usually suffer from it, and although it is not always linked to obesity, it is true that it worsens it.

What are the benefits of presotherapy for lymphedema and lipedema?

Pressotherapy can be used as a treatment for both lymphedema and lipedema, helping to reduce your symptoms significantly and with proven results.

In addition to helping lymphatic drainage and the dissolution of accumulations of fat, the use of pressotherapy reports other complementary benefits that will improve the quality of life of the patient, such as the reduction of muscular tension and stress, the relief of pain in muscles and joints, the relief of tired legs and the reduction of swelling and circumference centimeters.

On the other hand it has internal benefits which, in the long run, also improve the symptoms of both problems such as stimulation of the immune system, activation of circulation, improvement of blood exchange and toxin drainage, oxygenation of muscle tissues

Effects of presotherapy on the lymphatic system

The pressure and decompression waves of pressotherapy stimulate both the circulatory and lymphatic systems, helping the latter to drain, contributing to the elimination of fats, toxins and liquids that are deposited between tissues.

This makes pressotherapy recommended in the treatment of cellulite, edema, lymphodema, varicose veins or lipedema.

When is pressotherapy used in lymphedema and/or lipedema?

It is especially effective in the first phase accompanied by containment garments, exercise and intensive skin care. In any case, the use of pressotherapy is not advised at any time when treating the problem.

In the case of using a domestic pressotherapy equipment you will have to make sure you choose a team that provides all the guarantees that continuous treatment requires like lymphedema. In principle, in these cases the application of moderate pressure for half an hour daily does not cause any harm to health.

In fact, suffering from lymphedema or lipedema the constancy in the treatment will make the effects more noticeable although depending on the symptoms, it is likely that 3 or 4 sessions per week will be enough for you to notice relief from the symptoms.

In any case, we should always start with less pressure and gradually increase it, taking into account that it should always convey a pleasant and non-painful sensation, and after consulting a doctor to help us set the frequency and intensity that should be applied in each case. .

Ruling out serious pathologies Sizen pressotherapy can be a great ally in the treatment of lymphedema and lipedema, seeking to reduce the contour of the affected areas, improve the feeling of tired legs and, ultimately, improve the quality of life.

both the machine Size 6+ like the presotherapy boots They are indicated for the treatment of both ailments. The fact of suffering from a chronic ailment makes it a luxury to be able to count on a guaranteed and quality treatment without leaving home.

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