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Presotherapy truths and lies

Verdades y mentiras de la presoterapia

The first thing that we must address in this article is what does pressotherapy consist of? We are talking about an aesthetic medical treatment based on the application of pressure in certain body areas that allows the elimination of liquids and toxins. 

For this it is used a pneumatic suit that performs compression and decompression massages exerted by air jets of variable intensity on the tissues to be treated. This suit uses air chambers to apply pressure and can be used over the entire body or focused on specific areas. Depending on fluid retention, the most effective areas are usually the abdomen and legs, but only because they are areas where fat tends to accumulate more easily, hence the results are more striking than when we apply pressotherapy on the back or arms. . 

These treatments are carried out in specialized centers and with supervision, especially at the beginning of the treatment, to control what are the needs, times and types of pressure that are needed and about 10 sessions are usually necessary to begin to notice the results.

In the same way they can also be continued at home by means of pants and presotherapy boots, shorts O abdominal girdles specialized.

Is home presotherapy effective?

There are many people who in recent years have included pressotherapy devices in their homes, adapting them to their lives as an element of well-being. Is a pressotherapy treatment at home effective? The answer is yes, but we must specify a lot about the way and the machines to use to carry out a successful treatment

Today we make many digital purchases and we must inform ourselves well before acquiring a machine that gives us guarantees and is consistent with the treatment that we must carry out. 

To do this when purchasing a pressotherapy machine at home We must pay attention to several points:

  • Guarantee of professional results, discarding those that do not have a certificate that has passed the corresponding quality criteria.
  • An ergonomic design adapted to the size of the user, guaranteeing that there are no folds and that you can exert uniform pressure
  • Timer and programs to choose between sequential or continuous massage
  • Battery that guarantees power to carry out sessions of between 30 and 45 minutes

At Sizen we have a wide range of pressotherapy machines at home that will adapt perfectly to your needs with all the guarantees and specifications you need.

What contraindications does pressotherapy have?

Presotherapy is, in general, a beneficial and non-invasive aesthetic medical treatment, but we must not forget the medical conditions of the person who starts this treatment.

Pressotherapy is not indicated in patients with circulatory problems such as deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, arteriosclerosis or tension problems. In the same way, it is not recommended in patients who suffer from liver or kidney failure or if they suffer from specific skin problems in the area to be treated.

In any case contraindications for the use of pressotherapy are usually very specific and associated with certain clinical pictures, if you have doubts about whether it is an appropriate treatment for you, you can consult it in our Guide to contraindications of pressotherapy, where we make a detailed analysis of any possible restriction in the application of the treatment. 

Can pregnant pressotherapy be done?

There is no fixed answer to this question, as in so many others, each particular case must be analyzed. 

Due to fluid retention they suffer pregnant women is a very beneficial treatment for the legs, since the muscles relax and circulation is reactivated

On the other hand, and although it may seem obvious, it is not advisable to treat the abdomen. Here you can know much more about the pressotherapy during pregnancy.


Why does pressotherapy really work?

We can define pressotherapy as a triple treatment: therapeutic, sports and aesthetic. 

A therapeutic level pressotherapy is a method of alternating pressure that stimulates the lymphatic system and thereby improves the vascular system.

Specifically, its results are demonstrated in the treatment of edema, venous insufficiency, tired legs, fat accumulation, spider veins, varicose veins, inflammation, fluid retention or muscle recovery (post-operative, bruising or immobilization) through the use of presotherapy boots.

In the case of the use of the presotherapy for sports purposes It is suitable for relieving the feeling of stiffness by helping to eliminate lactic acid, oxygenate tissues or alleviate muscle damage. In this case, the pressotherapy machines can vary depending on the area of ​​the body to be treated, from full pants of presotherapy a presotherapy sleeves O abdominal girdles.

But probably the application that has increased the use of the pressotherapy for aesthetic purposes in users who seek to reduce cellulite, reduce volume in certain areas, tone muscles or improve postpartum recovery.

Does pressotherapy lose weight?

As we have already commented in other publications, this is a question that we often come across and the answer is that pressotherapy, by itself, does not lose weight. Although it is a denial applicable to almost any method that is used to lose weight, which by itself will not be enough. We already know that it is useless to go on a strict diet if we do not exercise or otherwise. 

Pressotherapy reduces volume and redefines contours and musculature. It is very useful, but if the accumulation of fat is widespread throughout the body and no treatment is performed to help eliminate it, pressotherapy alone will not be able to eliminate such an amount of adipose tissue. 

But does it help to lose weight? Here, without a doubt, the answer is yes. Pressotherapy facilitates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Thanks to this, we help channel and eliminate fat more organically and quickly as long as it is accompanied by exercise and a balanced diet in which we guarantee good hydration.

As a conclusion, we can say that it is true that pressotherapy can help improve slimming processes, improve circulation, strengthen the muscles or eliminate liquids among many other benefits.

Thanks to presotherapy SIZEN and to the adaptation of habits, diets and training you will be able to improve your physical form and improve your health and your performance.

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