Presotherapy at home

Presoterapia en casa

Have a team of Pre-therapy At home, it is today an affordable and very convenient luxury. Our hectic pace, tight schedule with little time to disconnect, makes this type of physical treatment the most appropriate. The presotherapy that works it is professional presotherapy.
Today's people need new technology to adapt to their lives and fortunately, more and more people can enjoy and benefit from its health applications and advanced features.

Surely you know someone who already has a set of these at home, or perhaps you have heard about it or seen something on the Internet. Perhaps you have already wondered if it is worth having your own team of pressotherapy at home.

Home presotherapy The solution!

The answer should be clear: Whether you suffer from any of the medical-aesthetic problems that can be treated with this system or if you want to prevent their appearance, thanks to the benefits of Pressotherapy at home, this will be a great investment in your health and physical well-being. But it's not easy to decide on a team, right? Searching the Internet for pressotherapy equipment, a multitude of them appear and with different designs, although what stands out the most is usually the great difference in price between them.

We are going to help you understand with this article, what you should never overlook when purchasing Pressotherapy equipment and why it is important that you also take its price into account. It is crucial to know what are the essential technical characteristics that your equipment must have to meet your expectations.

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Some criteria when buying a machine presotherapy (targeted to your needs) it will save you the frustration and regret that arises when you realize that what you have bought does not help you at all. Nobody wants to waste their money, right? There is no money more wasted than that which has gone on something that ends up being left in the depths of a closet.

In fact, acquiring a Pressotherapy equipment that disappoints already with the first sessions, leads many people to a wrong conclusion. It is easy to end up believing that all the teams are going to be equally disappointing and that having a team does little or nothing to help. pressotherapy machine at home (It may even have contraindications). Nothing could be further from the truth!

What are the best pressotherapy machines?

Firstly, there are a series of essential technical conditions that every home Pressotherapy machine must meet to be useful to you:

  • Progressive massage through several air chambers.
  • Timer function to vary the duration of treatments.
  • Gradual pressure, to regulate the intensity of the massage.
  • Various programs.
  • Possibility of adding complementary and combinable garments (legs-arms-abdomen – extensions for any of them)
  • Ergonomics of both the machine and its accessories.

A home pressotherapy machine should always offer professional results

In addition to all this, you must pay close attention to the professionalism of the product, from its presentation to its quality. a machine Pre-therapy good homemade, it is no less professional than those commonly used in aesthetic medicine centers.

It directly discards those that have a too poor and insufficient technical description and that do not even include a detailed instruction manual. And the most important: make sure that the machine is certified. We are talking about a medical-aesthetic treatment and your health comes first.

Marta manga de presoterapia Sizen

The certificate also confirms that it has gone through the quality controls that ensure the effectiveness of its function. Remember that a home Pressotherapy machine must always offer professional results. And beware, that it has warranty in case of experiencing any breakdown or technical defect is another basic factor. After all, it's pretty obvious that a product that doesn't offer any of this is bound to leave a lot to be desired.

Eye with the presotherapy boots

Also note, and especially, that the boots - some machines include them by default as an integral part of the equipment and in other cases you can buy the machine and add garments and accessories separately - have several sizes and can be adjusted well, from the foot to thigh.

And Ergonomic design It is therefore a fundamental aspect. Regarding the pads that make up the garments, it is important that they fill well, so that there are no gaps between them that do not guarantee uniform pressure.

that you can adjust the pressure of the massage is basic. Each area requires its particular treatment. Receiving a sequential or more continuous massage according to your needs is something that a good pressotherapy machine should be able to offer you.

Ventajas presoterapia Sizen

Of course, being able to vary the time by means of a timer it is also very important. A treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes, but many poor machines offer treatments that last only 15-20 minutes. This is probably because neither the machine nor the battery have a higher capacity. That's it, let's not forget the battery. That it downloads after a while and lasts less than a breath, is not what you are looking for.

Non-applied presotherapy

You will also surely like that your machine is not so bulky that it is difficult to transport it or place it anywhere. Although you will probably use it mostly in your own home, it is always nice to be able to take it with you on vacation or to your office. In this case, your portability do you mind.

Today, when we often buy remotely and via the Internet, we must be guided by what each seller offers in their virtual shop window. Take into account the type of information that each one offers and how careful is its presentation. The more you can read and see about the product, the more it will help you make your decision to buy a pressotherapy machine at home.

If testimonials and ratings by other users appear on any of the platforms where the machine is available, it will also help. But beware; check that these product reviews are verified and are not just another “dumb hoax”. This is a very competitive market and badly, it is not free from a certain quackery.

If the seller offers, in addition to email and telephone, a more direct contact route such as a chat window on their website, from which an expert in the product will attend you, that is always a detail to take into account. And if a commercial home visit is offered, with the possibility of testing your machine before deciding, then all the better.

Presotherapy Sizen, the presotherapy at a reasonable price

Finally, and no less important, is the economic issue. We insist: cheap in these cases is expensive. Nobody wants to waste their money foolishly. A good machine should be reasonably priced. Don't get caught in a poke. You will connect a very cheap machine and it will work, of course, but that it vibrates and emits little lights is not a guarantee for a good treatment.

I sure don't. So the fact that some brands are more expensive but offer financing facilities is something that suggests that you are going to spend your money on something worthwhile and 100% reliable, that will last you many years and that your body will benefit. Finally it is about the serious and convinced purchase of an item that should satisfy you and never disappoint you. A money that in the medium term will have been the best investment of your life: That designed exclusively to keep you fit and in optimal physical condition.

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