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Aesthetic pressotherapy at home vs Beauty center

Presoterapia estética en casa vs Centro de estética

When it comes to taking care of yourself and having the best and most varied wellness options, you want to opt for the greatest benefits while sacrificing the least amount of time possible. The pace of life today and the absorbing of our work routine or other obligations, so demand. Pressotherapy is no exception; Rather the complete opposite. Fortunately, technology has advanced a lot, offering you the luxury of being able to have a treatment of Aesthetic Presotherapy in your own home vs beauty center.

Faja sizen tratamiento estética en casa vs centro estética


undergo a treatment Pre-therapy Aesthetics at home, it has never been easier and more comfortable. It is no longer necessary to travel anywhere, with the stress of a tight schedule and full of issues to attend to. Now, thanks to the advanced mobile and transportable Pressotherapy equipment, you decide when, where and what specific treatments to apply. The advantages are many and highly valued by people today, people like you. Let's compare Aesthetic Pressotherapy at home vs. Pressotherapy in an aesthetic center:

  • Time is money, really! You don't have much time and often adjust your schedule on the go. It's good to establish schedules and routines, but sometimes a little more flexibility doesn't hurt. With an Aesthetic Pressotherapy machine at hand and in your home, it will surely be easier for you to spend some time on your aesthetic treatment (lymphatic drainage). How about when you get home after your workday? Or in your office, during that time slot that you have to rest a little?


  • Having to go to a beauty center, you must adapt to their business hours. They don't always fit well into your own schedule.
  • You don't have to think about commuting. Any treatment at your fingertips in your own home.


  • You don't always have the beauty center just around the corner.

But go regularly to a beauty center...

  • …It assumes that you have to pay for each session. And it may be that your monthly budget varies depending on other needs and you do not always have money for your treatment.
  • Having a team of your property, you have treatments with indefinite frequency and time.

And depending on the beauty center...

  • …It means that you can afford, financially speaking, a much more limited number of monthly sessions.
  • Programs and accessories according to your needs: With the variety of Pressotherapy programs and garments, such as boots, wad of bills The presotherapy sleeves for arms, you can decide what to use every day or combine several treatments in a single session without any added cost because you have each supplement and specific treatment completely free.

Very different when...

  • …In the aesthetic center, they normally charge you for each treatment. You do not pay the same for the treatment of a localized area as for a complete treatment. Each extra or extension of time increases the price of the service.
  • The possibility of transporting your Pressotherapy equipment means being able to use it during your business trips or vacations, without any circumstance interrupting your treatment or having to allocate money to other expenses that are not derived from your trip or stay anywhere.

But if you don't have a team...

  • …You will not always find a beauty center anywhere, or maybe it is very far from your location, or there could be one near or in your hotel, although too expensive…
  • Having your Pressotherapy equipment always within reach, it is difficult for you to fail with the commitment you have with your own aesthetic care and well-being.

But when you can't go to a beauty center...

  • …Possibly you fail more than once to comply with your personal care schedule. Few people follow an agenda without last-minute changes. This may mean that at a given moment, you put your well-being aside due to lack of time or financial resources.

As you can see, the differences between an Aesthetic Pressotherapy treatment at home and in a center are notable. It is not surprising that so many people are deciding to purchase a device considering that they will be able to use it as often as desired anywhere, adapting it to their aesthetic and therapeutic needs, without ties or limitations and with profitability that is no longer a dream but a reality. reality also at your fingertips. Because you deserve this and more. We have summarized the advantages of aesthetic pressotherapy at home vs. beauty center. And what do you think?

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