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Presotherapy Sizen Shorts for glutes and hip

Presoterapia para glúteos y cadera con los Shorts de Sizen

Yes, another new and revolutionary Pressotherapy garment is now available on our website: The shorts that fit your buttocks and hips so that you look divine. This area of the body is usually one of the most resistant to volume loss caused by both fat and fluid accumulation. But don't give up; the shorts de Presoterapia Sizen they can be of great help. The best thing about this garment is that in addition to covering the hips and buttocks, it also acts on a large part of the thighs.

Sizen Shorts de Glúteo y cadera
Sizen Buttocks and Hip Shorts

"Presotherapy shorts are an excellent sports recovery complement but also the ideal allies when it comes to keeping your figure in optimal condition."

We are talking about an area of the body that when it comes to getting in shape, can be a nightmare. It is not easy to work on this area of your figure and at Sizen we know it well. Both men and women often complain about how much it costs to reduce volume in the hips, buttocks and buttocks. And many times, more than fat, this problem can also be due to an unwanted accumulation of fluids. The great advantage of the new Sizen garment is that the Pressotherapy shorts are not only an excellent sports recovery complement, but also the ideal allies when it comes to keeping your figure in optimal condition.

The advanced technology that this garment incorporates allows its 6 air chambers to apply a deep and intense massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage. That is, it helps to redirect and eliminate accumulated fluids while favoring your immune system. As with the rest of the Sizen Pressotherapy equipment, the shorts for the hips, buttocks and thighs have a sports application aimed at physical recovery, but also aesthetics. Because while your health benefits from therapeutic massage, you are also reshaping your contour. Let's say that Pressotherapy (pressotherapy has many benefits) renews you inside and out. Something ideal especially in summer, when you want to show off dude, although also during the rest of the year.

"Combining the shorts with the pressotherapy girdle and boots, you will obtain the complete, homogeneous and perfect treatment."

Regarding the treatment possibilities offered by Pressotherapy shorts, we highlight its 6 independent air chambers. As with the rest of the Sizen brand garments, you decide how to schedule your sessions. If you already have the sizen 6+ machine, the presotherapy sash or the Presotherapy boots, these shorts are going to be the icing on the cake. Just what you need for a complete, homogeneous and perfect treatment. Because you don't want any part of your body to be left unattended. It is logical that after wearing the boots, the girdle or the arm sleeves, you complete your treatment with this essential garment for a more extensive treatment.

Advantages and characteristics of Sizen pressotherapy shorts

  • You can combine them with the Sizen Pressotherapy girdle. The perfect duo!
  • Minimum maintenance and quick and easy cleaning.
  • It is compatible with the Sizen 6+ machine
  • One size adjustable with velcro.
  • Includes hoses and a transport bag.
  • It acts on 6 areas: Quadriceps, glutes, obliques, hamstrings, hips and lower back.

"Presotherapy helps you show off legs and buttocks without complexes."

Sizen presoterapia deportiva

With the summer, lighter and more daring garments are the ones that usually fill our closet. But these garments look much better when there are well-shaped legs and buttocks under them. Liquid retention, fat nodules, generalized swelling, varicose veins, edema, cellulite... all this can ruin your walk by the sea. And that is not what you deserve, quite the opposite. You deserve some Sizen Pressotherapy Shorts for buttocks and hips!

Sizen gives you self-confidence

You want to feel confident and comfortable when you're wearing those cute shorts, that daring mini skirt, or that skinny, second-skin dress. Because you have taken so much care in choosing your outfits, Pressotherapy (pressotherapy aimed at aesthetic purposes) it will not disappoint you but will help you show off legs and buttocks without complexes. Nothing better than well-toned legs, buttocks and hips that also combine perfectly with your beach tan. So take note of these tips for scandalous buttocks and legs this summer and the rest of the year too:

  • Get some exercise daily. Going up and down stairs is a good initiation to trail running, walking briskly, running, cycling, skating, dancing, swimming... Between 45 minutes and 1 hour is ideal.
  • Strengthen the area of the buttocks, legs and hips with specific exercises such as squats. One of the most practiced fitness exercises!
  • Use a horsehair mitt to exfoliate your legs during the shower.
  • Apply some moisturizing milk after the shower; it will be especially good in summer if you have taken a good sunbath.
  • Hydrate all right. Drink between 1.5 / 2 liters of water a day and replace sugary and carbonated drinks with natural fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.
  • Avoid tight leggings or socks.
  • Of course, use Sizen Pressotherapy shorts at least once a week, although the ideal, depending on your needs, could be every other day.

"For visible and tangible results, it is important to combine Pressotherapy with physical exercise and a light and balanced diet."

Having a little will and being disciplined with your routine, you will see how little by little the mirror returns the best image of you. Remember that yes, that for visible and tangible results, it is important to combine the Pressotherapy treatment with some physical exercise and a light but balanced diet. Miracles do not exist and any elite athlete knows that. But neither do you have to be part of the Sports Olympus to enjoy a healthy life, be fit and feel attractive. Sizen works for and for you. Relax and feel how the Presotherapy shorts shape your figure. Be constant and never stop loving yourself. Enjoy your Sizen Pressotherapy Shorts for buttocks and hips.

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