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What is the basic equipment for trail running in summer?

¿Cuál es el equipo básico para hacer trail en verano?

Summer has arrived, vacations for many and the desire to go out into the mountains increases even more if possible: p
We must remember that unfortunately we have spent a long time in confinement and although we must not let our guard down, we must follow some basic rules of protection. Having said that... All those who practice or want to start in the Trail world should wear basic equipment for the practice of this sport. What is the basic equipment for trail running in summer? Go for it!

Virginia pérez mesonero, equipamiento trail para el verano.

Basic pack to do Trail

For the summer season we are going to need:

  • Breathable or technical clothing: if it is important all year round, in summer we will need it even more because the sweating will be even greater. We are going to need the sportswear we are wearing to dry quickly. A pants, a mesh or a skirt as more comfortable @ go. Short-sleeved or tank tops of your choice. I usually wear short sleeves to avoid sun exposure. In addition, it must be remembered that light or white colors reflect sunlight, so it is cooler clothing than dark colors. But fashion is fashion. TRUE?
  • Socks: equally easy to dry, thin and comfortable; everything to avoid chafing, blisters... Above all, blisters can bother us and leave a couple of days in the dry dock.
  • Cap or visor: The sun in summer can cause us sunstroke and it can be serious, in order to prevent it from hitting our face and head excessively. A cap or visor can save our lives in quotes.
  • Sunglasses: Just as important as it is to protect your head is to protect your eyes from solar radiation. At this time it is very strong and even more so the higher we go up. The radiation at 2000 masl is 1.5 times higher than at sea level to give us an idea. We may have an eye injury.
  • Comfortable slippers: Here the tastes, brands and pockets for the shoes come in. But remember that in the end it is what we are going to run with in the mountains and it could be said that the most important part of the kit. Since the cushioning of our weight will fall on the shoes.
  • Drink and food: Hydration is very important, even more so in summer, since due to the heat and high temperatures we sweat more. Always carry the flasks charged and check that there are water refill points on the route that we are going to do.
  • Sales: As important or more than hydration since sweating not only loses water but also mineral salts. Carrying mineral salts can prevent us from heat stroke.
  • Oilskin: It seems crazy but if we go up to a high mountain it will be more windy and cold. In addition, storms are common and you have to be careful.
  • Canes: will help us in our route, especially if we are not used to the mountains.

Mobile always with 100% battery

As always, it is important to carry your mobile phone with a 100% charged battery and notify a family member or friend of the route to be taken. Also check the weather forecast since in high mountains it changes quickly and we can have problems.

The route we do must be according to our level, safety is always very important. Much more in the mountains.

Let's enjoy these field days always with caution and when we get home…let's recover with Sizen for example. 😉

Virginia Perez she is a trail runner and ambassador Sizen.

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