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Essential equipment for MTB

Material imprescindible para MTB

When we go out on a bicycle and especially when we are going to do a long or short route, we have to take with us a series of basic elements that can never be missing, I would say that they are essential. We have to be self-sufficient on our outings and avoid possible scares that could leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Whether it's Mountain Bike, road, Gravel or any other discipline. Let's go for it... and discover the essential material for MTB!

spare camera

The king of breakdowns are punctures. How many times have we gone out and played a DJ and didn't have a spare tube and had to ask someone or call to be picked up? It has happened to me many times! With the current Tubeless systems, the risk of "getting stuck" is greatly reduced, but even so, it can still happen that the liquid does not seal the hole and we have to resort to a camera. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL, at least to take a spare tube with us and very important that this tube is compatible with our wheels; valve size and type. The camera would be the top 1 in the essential material for MTB. Do not forget!


There are many on the market, but I recommend one that is compact, light and of good quality. Some are integrated into the bike. It is important that you incorporate a chain tool (or take it separately), to fix the chain in case of breakage. I have resorted to it on many occasions, for example, to press the gearbox in the middle of a route.


Very important to be able to remove and put the tire, after the puncture. They are small plastics (usually three, but with two you get by). Many people already accustomed to changing wheels do not use it, but just in case I always carry them with me since they do not occupy or weigh anything.

bomb or bomb

If we puncture and put a tube, we have to inflate, for this we can resort to small compressed air bottles (they are very practical because they do not take up much, but you have to be careful when using them) or the typical hand pump. We have to take into account that the pump or the adapter of the CO2 pump is compatible with the type of valve of our wheels (Presta or Schrader).


From time to time, normally it happens more on Mountain Bike, I have made a big crack in the tire that cannot seal the fluid and therefore the tire has to be repaired. There are many kits on the market, personally I use some wicks that are hidden in the handlebars, to save space. They are sticky threads that are used to fill or cover the cut and, when mixed with the anti-puncture liquid, seal the tire.

Manual or quick release link

If we break the chain, with a quick release link and the chain tool (mentioned above), we can fix it in an instant. Very important that this quick release link is compatible with your chain; 9, 10, 11 or 12 speed.

Food and hydration on the bike

A very important topic, which many people do not pay enough attention to. The type and amount of food and drink we have to choose varies a lot, it all depends on the intensity and duration of the route. It is a very personal issue and although there are general parameters for everyone, not everyone feels the same way about what everyone takes. I personally have a strategy prepared to test trial and error, but also supported by experts. I recommend iso or hypotonic drinks, and the intake of about 30 grams of carbohydrates per hour, when our physical activity is going to last more than two hours and/or it is hot.


Finally, I would add that you always carry a mobile phone, documentation and money. I always say the route that I am going to do and how long it will last approximately to avoid possible scares.

Natalia Fischer is a Professional MountainBiker and ambassador of Sizen

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