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How to use the roller in the physical preparation of cyclists?

¿Cómo usar el rodillo en la preparación física de ciclistas?

As we already know, we have the green light to do outdoor sports individually. In my case I can do what I love the most, cycling.
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Natalia Fischer and I am a high-level athlete (DAN) and I am lucky to be able to go out to train without a time slot and within my province (for now). Surely the question arises: How to use the roller in the physical preparation of cyclists?

natalia fischer embajadora Sizen

Roll yes or yes

This quarantine has been hard on everyone in many ways. What really makes me fall in love with cycling is the feeling of freedom that it offers you, of being able to go anywhere, crossing roads, trails, rivers, mud... and we agreed a lot on this, but during the quarantine there was no other option, it was time to do roller and strength sessions at home, yes or yes. But... How to use the roller in the physical preparation of cyclists? Now you will know the answer.

But if you want to know the truth, the roller is not the worst thing I have worn during the quarantine, why? Summarizing in a few words, I love to crush myself on the bike. I am a very methodical, perfectionist and obsessive person (or so some say). I am fed by the hunger to improve and surpass myself.
Climb step after step. I love to feel that feeling of a job well done and the roller is one of the tools that helps me feel what makes me so anxious and the roller is a very useful tool to do a well planned job.

How to regain physical shape after confinement? Planning!

Much more precise work can be done with the roller. Make much more specific series, since the intensity can be controlled much better, which is more subject to the terrain or other circumstances outside. You can do quality training in a short time, "you get strong quickly", the result of many factors such as lack of inertia. Each pedaling depends on the effort that we apply without breaks.

Natalia fischer entrenando en rodillo

Another thing I like about the roller is the mental strength that you can achieve. I like it a lot because the time comes when you want to quit and continuing makes you stronger mentally. That feeling happens to me a lot in competition, that when I am suffering a lot, I have that mental “plus” that I have trained on the roller.

But keep in mind that it is a double-edged sword, it makes you strong, yes... but it also "burns" you faster. They are shorter, harder sessions, which are concentrated in a short time and added to the lack of ventilation and the fact that the biomechanics of pedaling are somewhat different, we can earn an injury or overtraining.

Take the leap in your preparation

That is why the importance of a well-planned and controlled training by a professional and a good recovery (especially water), but with control, I think the roller is highly recommended to give a quality leap in your physical shape.

During the confinement it was impossible to go to any physiotherapy center to receive a massage, relax the muscles, etc., so recovery at home was essential. In addition to stretching or mobility exercises, I have used my SIZEN 6+, mainly the "pulse" program 3, to promote my recovery, which by pressing the muscles, not only relaxes it "mechanically", it also promotes blood circulation and with that the elimination of metabolites and the uptake of nutrients.

Courage and I hope that soon we will all be practicing outdoor sports without restrictions!

Natalia Fischer is a high performance cyclist and sizen ambassador.

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