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Presotherapy for the abdomen

Presoterapia para el abdomen: qué hace y para qué sirve

As you should know, every day there are more athletes both amateurs As professionals, who use pressotherapy as an ideal complement to their recovery and maintenance routines, they use pressotherapy for a strong and worked abdomen. But not only they are enjoying the benefits of Presotherapy; many people in general are adopting Pressotherapy as another essential appliance in the home.

Because getting in shape, losing weight and having a flatter stomach is a desire that is linked throughout our lives with the idea of feeling good, liking ourselves and being liked, and of course, in addition to having a good external physical appearance, also The inner physical state is paramount. Remember that Pressotherapy is applied from the outside, but it affects you from the inside and you will see these effects externally, in firmer and more toned skin and muscles. How we see ourselves on the outside is also a reflection of our state of health.

Remember that Pressotherapy is a medical-aesthetic treatment that facilitates the lymphatic drainage in various areas of the body through a rhythmic sequence of pressure, alternating pressure and decompression. As we have been explaining in other articles, pressure waves help to drain unwanted toxins, fats and fluids that accumulate in our tissues, causing not only physical but also visual discomfort.

Who wants to look puffy and have to resort to baggy clothes just to hide the love handles, right? Applied in the abdomen, Pressotherapy is beneficial in many aspects. But let's be clear, and let's not kid ourselves: Although it is a great ally, Pressotherapy by itself will not eliminate your belly, let alone in four sessions. Since SIZEN, we want to help you achieve your goals, but always from a realistic and responsible point of view.

The perfect triad: Presotherapy + sport + diet

Does it work then? Pre-therapy in the stomach? Yes, but in a balanced equation in which physical exercise and diet also go hand in hand. That is, Pressotherapy alone will not eliminate your entire belly. Let's talk clearly and with an easy-to-understand example: If you do sports but at the end of training you swell up with sweets and fats, you won't even come close to envisioning a better physical shape.

And if you have a very balanced diet, vegetarian or even 100% vegetable, but your life is sedentary and you don't exercise your body at all, you won't improve your figure either. Even in this case, you will accumulate minimal fat in your abdomen. In addition, there are also hormonal factors that affect its extent. We will talk about it in our blog soon. Therefore, the combination of a diet that is as light as possible -without giving up all the nutrients you need on a daily basis-, the regular practice of some sport or physical exercise and the maintenance that Pressotherapy offers you, will be the perfect solution to maintain the belly fat at bay.

Of course, staying in shape and having a healthy tummy both inside and out also require consistency. Pressotherapy should be a treatment that is part of your vital routine. That's why the time you dedicate to your treatment is as important to your body as any other practice related to wellness.

Take this time with the same dedication and affection that you give to that time with your friends, or to your favorite hobby, to your intimate moments with your partner. Life is about trying to maintain a certain balance, because that and nothing else is the key to well-being and happiness.

How pressotherapy works in the abdomen

Pressotherapy in the abdomen helps above all to drain the accumulation of toxins, fat and unwanted fluids. A cocktail that accumulates for your misfortune among the tissues and that Pressotherapy can help redirect so that it is more easily expelled by the body. Pressotherapy in the abdomen is also good for stimulating the intestinal tract.

Marta manga de presoterapia Sizen

When it is deficient, it can cause much of the swelling and we must not confuse fat with swelling or accumulated fluids, although it is often a mixture of all of these that ends up manifesting externally. It also helps fight varicose veins that can also appear in the abdomen. Greater elasticity, tissue oxygenation and muscle firmness are also effects that Pressotherapy can enhance in your abdomen.

Beach operation in progress: 3, 2, 1... Pre-therapy!

That time of the year is approaching when we reveal more skin, covering ourselves with little clothing and clothes that require a good physical condition to look as they deserve. The time has come to work harder in the gym, go for a run and sweat the hell out and be a little more restrained with your diet.

Be careful, the ice creams are very good but it is not convenient to abuse… surely you have already made room in your freezer for a good load, right? Do not be sad; Let's see how you can get a much more toned abdomen thanks to Pressotherapy. thanks to the girdle -or abdominal corset- and a little perseverance, you will achieve good results.

Abdominal fat can be not only unattractive to the eye, but also a symptom of health problems such as high blood pressure or high bad cholesterol. You should not underestimate it and the sooner you do something to reduce it, the better. In the medium term, with a little patience, being constant - remind yourself how much you love yourself - you will improve a lot.

And you know, when you get home from a relaxing day at the beach, take a refreshing shower, do your Pressotherapy session while enjoying some music or your favorite series or program and a good refreshing but light snack. Do not miss our next articles, with recommendations oriented towards diet and exercise, to help you burn fat and that tummy does not prevent you from looking like a mermaid / or on the seashore!

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