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When NOT to use pressotherapy? Contraindications of the prisoner

¿Cuándo NO usar la presoterapia? Contraindicaciones de la preso

That this massage method, thanks to the use of professional presotherapy equipment, is non-invasive and painless can lead one to think that it does not have contraindications. But be careful, because this is not the case. It is true that we are talking about a generally very safe therapy, but let us not forget that pressotherapy is not harmless depending on the case. And we should not underestimate the effect that this totally external massage has under our skin.

In a gentle but firm and constant way, the pressure exerted on the areas to be treated influences the tissues and ducts of our lymphatic and circulatory systems. So never think that because it is a soft massage, its effects are only superficial. But before getting fully into pressotherapy and its contraindications, let's remember what is, how does it work and what it consists of to understand how it acts in our body.

What is it and how acupressure works

Technically it is something very simple to understand: a machine or device emits a series of bursts of air, which pass through tubes connected to padded garments with several differentiated chambers. These garments are usually made so that their use is comfortable and pleasant to the touch. As we select a specific program, these air chambers fill and empty alternately.

The rate of pressure and decompression, as well as the number of chambers that remain full for a certain time to also empty simultaneously, depends on the type of program selected. Generally, it works like this with any equipment, whether it is for professional use such as the one in beauty or physiotherapy centers, or for home use, which is in fact the most popular today. Basically, pressotherapy applies a controlled and adjustable pressure on the body.

And this is how all pressotherapy equipment works, from the most expensive to the cheapest. They may differ in their quality or in the strength of pressure, but the operation of the machine and the garments is essentially the same, although it is also true that not all teams have the same number of programs or cameras in their garments. However, and as we have already recommended in other articles, we can say of a lymphatic massage that it is pressotherapy when the equipment meets minimum quality standards in all respects, including pressure intensity. There are very cheap pressotherapy devices, yes, but it is more than likely that they will be of little use to you.

Run away from "toys" and opt for a team at the height of your expectations. Pressotherapy boots are especially popular, since they are capable of treating multiple circulatory problems, fluid retention, heavy legs, etc. Other very useful garments, especially in the aesthetic field, are the girdle, the arm sleeve and the pressotherapy shorts or pants.

And what is presotherapy in purely physical terms? We can say that it is a massage that uses pressure and decompression to stimulate the circulation of the lymph, essential fluid of the lymphatic system whose depurative function, in addition to transporting protein substances, is closely linked to both the circulatory and immune systems. If you do not suffer from any contraindication that prevents its application, what pressotherapy does in your body is not only very healthy but also highly recommended, even by many doctors. And it is that generally, lymphatic massage is not only safe but also very favorable for your body, both as a preventive measure or treatment of problems that you are already suffering from. And the intensity is just right for the lymphatic system to be stimulated, helping the lymph to flow better but without causing any pain or discomfort.

Knowing what pressotherapy consists of, let's continue revealing the indications and contraindications of this lymphatic draining massage.

And now we go there with the next question about pressotherapy, what it is for and in which cases it is highly recommended to use it, as long as you use quality equipment.

Indications of Presotherapy

Let's see what are the indications for pressotherapy and how you too could take advantage of the many benefits of lymphatic drainage once you have ruled out any contraindications. Pressotherapy is indicated for:

  • Relieve restless legs syndrome (heavy legs)
  • Reduce edema – retained fluid – in the legs or other areas
  • Reduce the appearance of orange peel skin caused by cellulite
  • Keep inches at bay for a more defined contour
  • Reactivate lymphatic drainage when it is obstructed or deficient
  • Help enhance venous return when it is not working properly
  • Accelerate muscle recovery after sports activity
  • Facilitate postoperative recovery of the body after liposuction
  • Prevent and attenuate spider veins and varicose veins
  • Achieve better muscle tone and more elastic skin (by irrigating more oxygen) 

How about? Now that you know what draining pressotherapy is for, surely you are thinking that it could help you both maintain good health and a good appearance, right? Well of course yes! You see that there are many good effects of pressotherapy that you can take advantage of as long as your health can tolerate this treatment. Let us now see in which cases we can talk about contraindications and dangers of pressotherapy.


Contraindications of Pressotherapy: in which cases not to use it

Presoterapia Sizen


Although it is usually very safe and is even recommended by many medical professionals, you must take certain precautions with pressotherapy when there are certain physical conditions that might not receive this type of treatment as well. Let's see the main cases in which we can run serious dangers with pressotherapy:

  • If you have Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • If there is any external infection in the area to be treated
  • If there is an internal infection in the organism, of whatever type
  • If there is an open wound, both internal and external, in the area to be treated
  • If you suffer from any type of pain or body numbness
  • If you suffer from heart disease or use a pacemaker
  • If you are an oncology patient (suffering from any cancer or under its treatment.

If you are pregnant (presotherapy could only be used at certain times of pregnancy, and after consulting a doctor beforehand. 

Contraindications of Pressotherapy with menstruation:

There are certain contraindications of pressotherapy with menstruation that you must take into account. Yes, it is possible to use it to treat edema or inflammation among other discomforts typical of premenstrual syndrome, but it is not advisable to do pressotherapy when you have your period; that is, when the bleeding is already taking place.

These are a priori the main contraindications that you will see listed on most websites or articles dedicated to pressotherapy. We also invite you to discover more visiting our blog.

Although we document all our articles very well, you will see that always, absolutely always, we recommend that in the slightest doubt about any aspect related to your health, you first resort to a medical consultation. If your doctor or doctor confirms that your general state of health is good, then yes, there will be no dangers with pressotherapy so do not fear and get the most out of it. Both in the short and medium term and later in your life, you will verify that pressotherapy can also be applied with excellent results to treat problems related to ailments typical of certain ages. Tired legs? Varicose veins? Edema, lymphedema or lipedema? All this and more can be treated with this revolutionary method, greatly improving the quality of life of those who suffer from these problems.

Pressotherapy: advantages and disadvantages

There is a lot of talk about pressotherapy and its advantages, but...does pressotherapy have disadvantages? The answer is that it depends on whether we are talking about pressotherapy in a center or at home. Without discrediting the professional pressotherapy offered in aesthetic or physiotherapy centers, we must say that although the treatment is effective, there is a fairly obvious disadvantage: it is expensive to go to the center with the regularity that this type of treatment requires so that you really work. And it is that both in its aesthetic and therapeutic use, you must do pressure therapy frequently for it to really work. Going to a center to do pressotherapy every day or at least several times a month is almost unfeasible for most budgets.

Both cosmetically and when treating certain chronic conditions, pressotherapy helps keep many problems at bay, but how to achieve this when it is not normally possible to spend so much money on a continuous basis? In the medium term, even with bonuses or special offers, allocating a fixed budget each month is not always feasible, right? Precisely for this reason, one fine day someone had the brilliant idea of ​​bringing pressure therapy to homes, with the same effects and results of professional pressure therapy. And this is how today pressotherapy devices are one more appliance, so good for health that everyone wants to have one.

So the solution is to have your own pressotherapy at home, transforming any corner of your home into your own health, beauty and wellness center. Without fixed schedules, without limitations and being able to enjoy all the applications of pressotherapy for a price that a few years ago was unimaginable. So about pressotherapy and its advantages and disadvantages, what we can say very loudly is that of the first, all of them and of the second, not one. Unless it overwhelms you that everyone at home starts demanding their turn to use it.

Advantages of Domestic Pressotherapy:

  • No set hours, as long as you want
  • You use the program you want or combine several
  • Schedule the time of each session at your convenience
  • You use the equipment in the corner that is most comfortable for you
  • You can do other things during the session (read, listen to music…)
  • You can comfortably transport your equipment wherever you want or need it
  • The pressure is the right one for a presotherapy without side effects
  • You can do pressotherapy every day without harm to your health
  • You pay once and in the short term it is already amortized and always by your side
  • Other family members can use it; Everyone at home wins!

SIZEN pressotherapy: health, aesthetics and well-being without leaving home

Imagine enjoying all the benefits of pressotherapy without depending on any agenda other than yours. Transform any corner of your home into your own wellness oasis. Burn some incense or essential oils, put on some music or watch your favorite series while you let the SIZEN 6+ do all the work. Oh yeah. The truth is, those moments of self-care are priceless. Don't you deserve it? That is what SIZEN Pressotherapy offers you: health, aesthetics and well-being without leaving home. A great luxury to have your own masseur in the privacy of your home, or why not, also in your office, in your vacation spot or even in the gym.

Wherever you want or need it. Best of all, we are talking about a lymphatic drainage machine designed to have all the positive effects on your body without any harm, no matter how much you use it. Do pressotherapy every day? Yes you can. Because the negative effects of pressotherapy when we talk about domestic equipment are zero. The intensity of the pressure and decompression has been calculated so that it is completely safe and does not have any side effects. Normally, you will not use it that often, but it is good that you know that you can use it as much as you want because it will never cause any health problems, quite the opposite. The better and more pampered your lymphatic system is, the better it will feel both inside and out. In addition, you can regulate the intensity of your SIZEN 6+ as you wish. In any case, and if you have already ruled out any contraindication, there are no dangers with homemade pressotherapy!

Now that you know a little better presotherapy, what it is and its benefits, perhaps the time has come to include it in your lifestyle and that you too can tell us first-hand how you are doing. What we can tell you to finish is that if pressotherapy at home has such positive opinions, it is because compression massage works and gives excellent results on an aesthetic, therapeutic or sports level. And the best thing is that the effects of pressotherapy at home are always good and more than profitable. What are you waiting for? Enter now in the store of SIZEN, the leading Pressotherapy brand in Spain, and choose your ideal pack.

And if you have any questions, remember that we are here to help you make the best decision, guiding you in your purchase so that you receive the best option at home. Your satisfaction is above all else, our reason for being, the greatest motivation for our brand and what truly defines SIZEN.

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