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The myths about pressotherapy: what you need to know

Los mitos sobre la presoterapia: lo que necesitas saber

The pressotherapy, surrounded by myths and misunderstandings, is often misinterpreted in terms of its true benefits and limitations. It's common to find contradictory information that can lead to incorrect expectations about what this treatment can offer.

Today, we focus on clarifying these myths, offering a clear and fact-based view so you better understand how pressotherapy could fit into your wellness and beauty routine.

Myths about pressotherapy

Below, we break down the most common myths, providing a clear and accurate perspective for those interested in exploring how pressotherapy can truly benefit them:

Pressotherapy is only for losing weight

Many believe that pressotherapy is a magic solution for weight loss. However, the reality is a bit different. Although this technique can help improve circulation and promote the elimination of toxins and retained fluids, it does not burn fat by itself. What it can do is complement your exercise routine and healthy eating, enhancing visible results in terms of cellulite reduction and body sculpting.

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Pressotherapy is uncomfortable and painful

Some people avoid pressotherapy for fear that the treatment will be painful or uncomfortable. The truth is that most users describe the experience as relaxing. Imagine the treatment as a compression massage that adjusts to your comfort level. If you ever feel too much pressure, you can always ask the therapist to adjust the machine to a more comfortable level for you.

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Pressotherapy is not for the young

This myth could not be further from the truth. Regardless of your age, pressotherapy can offer you benefits. From athletes looking for faster muscle recovery to young people with circulation issues or cellulite, this technique offers advantages for a wide range of users. It is not just a tool for those seeking anti-aging solutions.

Not everyone can do pressotherapy

Although pressotherapy is safe for many, there are certain health conditions that may make it inadvisable. People with serious circulation problems, active skin infections, or heart diseases should consult with a doctor before considering this treatment. Safety should always be your priority.

Pressotherapy has no scientific benefits

Contrary to what some may think, there are studies that support the benefits of pressotherapy, especially regarding improving circulation and reducing fluid retention and cellulite. Although it is not a miracle cure, its use as a complement to other healthy practices can be very beneficial.

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Pressotherapy is a powerful tool for improving your well-being and appearance, as long as it is used correctly and with realistic expectations. Clearing up these myths not only helps us better understand what pressotherapy can and cannot do for us but also brings us one step closer to leveraging its true benefits. As with any treatment, the key lies in information and choosing what is best for your body and health.

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