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Music for presotherapy, a leisure experience like no other.

Música para presoterapia, una experiencia de ocio sin igual.

Music for pressotherapy? Nothing better than listening to some good music while you let SIZEN I give you that well-deserved massage. Your session then becomes something comparable to being in glory. Close your eyes and focus on the mix of sensations, letting the pressure waves pamper your body while the sound waves massage your eardrums. let yourself be carried away the "Presomusicaltherapy". You will be looking forward to your next Momento size.

There are several music platforms on the Internet and almost all of them have the option of free registration, so it is very easy to access endless good music of all genres. The truth is that music has never been democratized as much as it is today.

Which streaming music platform to choose?

So let's get to the point with some recommendations. Use the platform you prefer, although we mainly recommend the two most popular: Spotify Y SoundCloud, where you will find so much musical content that you would not finish listening to it in seven lifetimes. And finding any album or chart is very easy. Just type in any title or the name of the artist or band to find anything.

This time, we recommend five of the great POP albums of the 80s that you will find on any of the two platforms, they are music for pressotherapy. The '80s were incredibly prolific musically and culturally. Also, the string MTV He conquered our homes through television and great legends were forged that still captivate us today with his artistic and musical legacy. Let's cut to the chase with some of the all-time favourites:

international music

If you like POP MUSIC in general:

1. Bath the MICHAEL JACKSON (1987) One of the best albums of the eternal “King of Pop”. You may also consider listening Thriller (1982), the best-selling album in the entire history of music.

2. Private Dancer by TINA TURNER (1984) A mix of Pop/Rock/R&B and one of the best records of the Lady of Rock, also known as "the legs of Rock". Wonderful woman and artist!

3. True Blue de MADONNA (1986) The Queen of Pop cannot be missing from this list. This album is one of the greatest achievements in her career. Includes many of his great songs.

4. Faith by GEORGE MICHAEL (1987) A delight for your ears. George really seduces you with his voice and way of singing.

5. Please (1986), Actually (1987) o Introspective (1988) de PET SHOP BOYS. Impossible to recommend a single album. This British duet is something from another world. They filled the decade with thumping rhythms and choruses that continue to resonate in popular memory.

National Music

Or maybe you prefer a bit of Spanish Pop:

1. MECANO Sunday Rest. Without a doubt, the most successful band in the entire history of Spanish Pop. With this album they touched the sky with massive tours and provided a soundtrack to the lives of many with an admirable creativity when composing both their music and their lyrics. Listening to MECANO is listening to life.

2. Black Label (1983) or Histeria (1989) by TINO CASAL. The Emperor of Spanish Pop. Tino was a musical wonder, gifted and a poet ahead of his time, influenced by the Techno sound of the time and the New Romantic Movement. He fully deserves to continue spreading his work.

3. Shake Before Use (1988) by MEN G. If you fancy something light and fun, you'll like this album by one of the most rogue Spanish bands of all time.

4. The Law of the Desert / The Law of the Sea of RADIO FUTURA (1984) A great album by one of the most adored bands of the Movida Madrileña, an essential artistic current to understand the musical history of our country.

5. Greatest Hits/Natural Selection of ALLEGEDLY IMPLICATED (2003) A compilation full of great songs, wonderful lyrics and the enveloping voice of the unforgettable Sole Giménez. You will love the eclectic of his music: Jazz, Blues, Funk, Electronic, Folk...

If you liked this first list of music for pressotherapy, leave us a comment, share with your friends and come back soon to our blog because we will continue with more interesting recommendations. In a future article, we will let ourselves be carried away by the best of POP ROCK.

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