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How to prepare for a 10km race

Como preparar una carrera de 10km

You've been thinking about a challenge for a few days: How to prepare for a 10km race? At that moment in the life of a "runner" in which you already need to set yourself new challenges. It is no longer worth just going for a run two or three times a week with no other pretense than doing a little sport.
You start to think about going one step further... and that's when you consider signing up for a 10km race, be very careful... because once you try it, you can't stop anymore... get hooked... 😉

Don’t stop!

Before trying to face the challenge of doing your first 10km with a number, you would have to "fulfill" some basic premises so that this first experience is a success, you end up happy and want more.
Among them, is that you are already able to run 5 km in a row, that would be the first, since without that base you will hardly be able to finish a 10 km test, availability to be able to train between 3 and 5 days a week, depending on the objective, and the third, you win, you really want to enjoy your first 10km.

At this point, the ideal would be to have the help of a coach who will plan our preparation. It should be between two and three months, with varied work, smooth filming, series, strength sessions and what the coach considers based on our state of form and objective set, which is none other than: prepare for a 10km race.

In case of not being able to count on the help of a personal trainer, we can always look for a generic training plan that exists on the internet, but always keeping in mind that it will not be personalized for us.

Tips for the day of the debut in 10km

The day of the test nothing is released…. All of us that we wear, socks, sneakers, pants, t-shirt... we have had to have tried everything before the day of the test, you would not be the first or first that new sneakers, or new socks lead to disaster our first experience with a bib.

Breakfast… As in the previous advice, on the day of the test you cannot innovate in the kitchen and have something for breakfast that you have not previously tried. You have to be sure that your body tolerates and works well for you, you will have had time in the previous months to do all the necessary tests in this regard.
Breakfast must be taken at least two hours before the test, so that when we arrive at the time of departure, our stomach is empty.

The cena the day before... Just like breakfast, tests, the previous months, dinner has to give you the assurance that it feels good to you, you won't have heavy digestion, etc... ideally, although it will depend on each case, but once dinner for athletes based on carbohydrates with protein, it usually gives good results 😉

The previous week... to prepare for a 10km race

The work is already done, it's time to rest the body and pamper it more than ever, take care of the feeding, although this point should be a basic premise in our preparation.
Try to rest as much as possible and if you have the Size 6+ It would be a good complement to help the legs to arrive more rested both on the day of the test, and during all the preparation to be on the starting line.

And finally… ENJOY!!! The most difficult to fulfill, there are always the nerves of the debutant. Think that those nerves will never go away, one day it will be for your debut, another for trying to find an ambitious brand, etc.
Get used to them 😉 they will give you a plus when it comes to running, yes, always under control and that they don't play a trick on us. If you follow these tips, you will be able to easily overcome the challenge of preparing for a 10km race.

Juan Pedro Mora popular runner and Sizen ambassador

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