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Oriented pressotherapy for the elderly? Yes, of course!

¿Presoterapia orientada para la tercera edad? ¡Sí, por supuesto!

The presotherapy (the benefits of presotherapy) Oriented for the elderly, it provides great health benefits. It helps us combat very common problems, such as poor blood circulation or poor lymphatic drainage.
And these problems can occur at different ages and for various reasons. But not only young people or people of a certain age can take advantage of these benefits. If you are already in the Third Age, that is, that you are 65 or over, do not throw in the towel thinking that you cannot improve your general state of health.

Let alone let your age condition you when it comes to taking care of yourself and feeling good, both outside and inside. Accompanied by a good balance diet and that adjusts to the needs of your body, and with a minimum of physical exercise daily, whatever just walking and some sports physiotherapy. A Pressotherapy session can be like that icing on the cake that rounds off your day and helps you even rest better in the evening.


Let's see what are those vascular ailments that we can fight and improve to a large extent thanks to the pressotherapy in addition to aesthetic purposes:

  • Insufficient blood circulation/venous return.
  • Tired legs and swelling/tingling in ankles, feet and legs.
  • Spider veins and varicose veins.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Slower elimination of toxins.
  • Cellulite and flaccidity (difficulties of the lymphatic system to drain)
  • Intestinal transit problems.

Normally, everything on that list is the direct cause of poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage that is not flowing properly. And both problems are usually parallel. An alteration both in the venous return and in the lymphatic drainage, cause that unbearable sensation of heavy legs, painful punctures and swelling. All are symptoms that worsen as the day progresses and are more intense at night.

Presotherapy oriented for the elderly

On hot days, the problem can get worse, as greater vasodilation occurs, allowing all the fluid that is poorly processed by the veins to spread to the tissues.
And that's when we notice that our legs weigh a ton and we can barely climb a ladder. By resting with their legs up or on cooler days, people with tired legs often experience some temporary relief.

Especially in the legs, which support our weight throughout the day, a correct venous return is essential. The blood that is pumped through the veins must reach the liver and kidneys smoothly and correctly, where it will be purged of toxins, and then oxygenated in the lungs.
On the other hand, the Lymphatic System must also conduct liquids to the upper veins, but if this system is "stuck" or undergoes some type of alteration, then the annoying accumulation of liquid occurs.
As a matter of sex, older women tend to suffer more than men their age, this type of ailments. However, a good part of the male population also suffers from varicose veins and tired legs after 60.


A frequent use of presotherapy, can bring many benefits to our health, no matter how old we are, although especially during the Third Age:

  • We will achieve greater and better oxygenation of our skin.
  • We will feel our extremities and especially our legs, more relaxed.
  • We will see a reduction in cellulite / orange peel.
  • It will improve our blood circulation, also reducing varicose veins.
  • We will reduce flaccidity by toning our muscles more.
  • Our Lymphatic System will more easily eliminate toxins in the blood.
  • It will lower our blood pressure and we will notice an improvement in the Immune System.
  • Applied in the abdominal area, the Pre-therapy improves intestinal transit by helping to redirect gases.


Firstly, to say that Pressotherapy is a method of vascular massage that people of almost all ages are using - with the exception of children except in some very particular cases - all over the world.
And it's never too late to pamper yourself, right? Actually, when we get older, it is when we most deserve that extra care that keeps us in good shape and charged with good vibrations.
After a lifetime of hard work, we deserve this and more. And who feels bad after a good massage that is therapeutic as well as relaxing? And it is very simple and fast to get used to a Pressotherapy garment.

It is enough to insert the legs into the boots, the arms into their sleeves or sleeves or adjust the corset to the abdominal area. Select the desired program on the device and let this technological marvel do its work.
So do not be intimidated by the modernity of these devices, because they have also been thought and designed for YOU, who deserve as much or more than anyone else, to take care of yourself and feel good. It is always a good time to use pressure therapy for the elderly!

Logically and as we always recommend, it is good to consult with the doctor or doctor, to confirm that your general state of health is suitable for the use of Pressotherapy. If it is acceptable, there should be no problem, but there are also some contraindications that we must rule out before purchasing Pressotherapy equipment.
Normally, at older ages, training sessions are recommended. Pre-therapy longer but also less intense, which does not reduce effectiveness. In SIZEN we also have expert advisors that you can ask directly, either by asking your questions through online chat, or by sending us an email. Finally, we recommend to know the operation of pressotherapy

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