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Sports nutrition and the 3 legs of success

Nutrición deportiva y las 3 patas del éxito

One more day see you with a new POST, today I am going to reveal sports nutrition and the 3 legs of success. Today I come to talk to you about the importance of sports nutrition. Nutrition has always been a very important source to be able to perform well in my day to day both in training and in competitions.
We have to keep in mind that proper nutrition in any area of life is very important, whether you are an elite athlete or an office worker, work at home or study. I currently practice the triathlon and I have realized how important it is to eat this correct diet, we are not only talking about eating a healthy and balanced diet but also what is external to it, that is, pre and post training.

I used to be able to ride my bike on 3-hour routes and not eat anything because my body didn't ask me to, I thought that to eat you had to be hungry and that's how it happened, and then you don't perform the same because the body starts to get tired and pull the reserves you have. When I realized this, I began to listen more to my body and the sensations.

The importance of eating 5 times a day

  • Breakfast with coffee, some toast with some protein.
  • Midmorning some corn pancakes or a piece of fruit.
  • For eat I try to have carbohydrates and proteins like a plate of pasta and grilled chicken.
  • In the snack, and just before training I try to eat some nuts or a bar and bring a drink with salts to training, an isotonic so that the body hydrates itself. The hydration part is essential for the body.
  • Finally the cena it is something softer like a salad and an omelette, since I usually finish training very late and if we stuff ourselves with food. Attention! it is very likely that we have a heavy sleep and do not rest as we should.

It is necessary to combine certain basic foods that provide the corresponding calories and energy to develop a high sports performance. Among these essential products are the fruits and vegetables, although we cannot forget the protein provided by certain meat and fish for any athlete. When making a varied menu, without a doubt the Mediterranean diet It is one of the most complete and it is advisable to choose foods that contain the most suitable nutrients and properties so that the body remains active at all times.

The successes are based on 3 legs: Training, Food and recovery.

And along with this aspect of healthy eating, of course, when I finish training, especially those hard workouts, apart from recovering with food, I also use the pressotherapy machine SIZEN.
In the end, sports successes are based on 3 legs: Training, nutrition and recovery.

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