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Dinner for athletes What do we eat today?

Cena para deportistas: qué cenar hoy

The day is ending, the lights are falling, people are filing home. You come home after having spent the whole day at work or studying and in the best of cases training.
You take a good shower and… buff, how hungry!!!

Play one of the parts that I like the most: Let's have dinner!!! But... what do I do? I open the fridge, I consider different options and start to hit the kitchen hard.
Eating well is very important, and even more so in athletes, since a good diet is key to obtaining satisfactory results. We are all clear about it, but there are many myths to banish on the subject of meals. Today we are going to focus on dinners!

The necessary nutrients for a good recovery and to be ready for the next session would be the following:

Carbohydrates: They are our source of energy. Once digested, they reach the blood as glucose molecules that become available to the body. Those that are not used are stored in the liver and muscle in the form of glycogen. Those that no longer fit will accumulate as triglycerides.

Glycogen, the athlete's gasoline

During exercise, the body consumes this glycogen, so it is important for athletes to consume this type of nutrient on a daily basis. It's sportsman's gasoline!
They can be deleted if that day has rested since we will not have spent those reserves.

Proteins: They are necessary for the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass. They help repair tissues that have been damaged by physical exercise, speed up the recovery process, are involved in hormonal action, etc.
Protein requirements in athletes are somewhat higher than in the sedentary population, so it is important to adjust the amounts needed based on physical activity.

Fats: They are necessary to optimize sports performance and recovery (although they have a very bad reputation). It is very important to take a quality source. The greatest exponent would be extra virgin olive oil!
Fats should be consumed since we fall into the error of not eating them, we would have a deficit of fatty acids that are essential for the proper functioning of the body, as well as a reduction in inflammation derived from exercise, an improvement in blood circulation and proper hormonal function. Some good sources of fatty acids would be: avocado, nuts, olives, extra virgin olive oil, seeds...

Vitamins and minerals: It is very important to provide a large amount of greens and vegetables. With this we will be able to keep infections and viruses away since they reinforce the immune system, they also allow the vital functions of the human body to be carried out. In addition, these vegetables and vegetables will be the ones that provide us with these vitamins and minerals.

And let's not forget to drink water. So important and necessary to be hydrated and that all the functions of the organism can be carried out. Proper hydration whether or not you do sports is essential!

And finally we put together all the ingredients and… delicious!

There are plenty of dinner ideas for athletes.

I love making myself a salad for dinner with a thousand things, whether it's hot or cold; escarole, lettuce, lamb's lettuce, carrot, rocket, tomato, cucumber, beetroot (great for its powerful antioxidant effect), quinoa and tofu, for example... A salad can be a good starter at a dinner for athletes!

A pumpkin puree is also divine, which is also in season now, with tempeh and a bit of rice… to die for!!! In addition, when we consume products of the time we will always save money. Which is not bad either! What do you think of this other dinner option for athletes?

These are just a few ideas, but there are thousands and thousands of options, thousands of ways to cook, of recipes, so choose the ones you like best.
Innovate and don't make routine meals... enjoy them!!!

And best of all, finish dinner, sit on the sofa with a delicious warm infusion and enjoy my moment. SIZEN. It is the moment in which I am recovering my body and mind. Nothing better than sitting down to enjoy a good book, a series or some music.

What more could you want?

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