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Today we are going to talk about fluid retention... We are mostly composed of water, with no more and no less than up to 60% of it in our body, distributed mainly inside our cells (2/3) and outside them (1/3). We cannot do without this miraculous element, and just as it is recommended to drink a sufficient amount daily to stay hydrated, by ingesting it, we also avoid the forced accumulation of fluids as a result of not giving our body all the water it requires for its proper functioning.

The fluid retention It is an inflammatory disorder that can evolve into more serious cases of dropsy, when fluids accumulate between the tissues and are not evacuated properly. This can harm your renal and cardiovascular systems and your joints.
If you notice your extremities swollen, a feeling of heaviness or tingling, you are probably retaining fluids. For all this, we must pay attention to the symptoms in our body and as soon as we detect swelling in our extremities, remedy it without letting the problem get worse.

It could be due to hormonal changes, a high salt intake or a overweight considerable. A life that is too sedentary, working many hours a day sitting in an office, for example, will surely lead us to accumulate fluids, so the sooner we detect the problem, the sooner we can get down to work and solve it.


Shakes are an indispensable part of any athlete's diet. There are commercial formulas presented as water-soluble powder, which are sold in specialized stores or in the gyms themselves, but in this article we give prominence to 100% natural shakes.
Loa you can prepare at home, being only you, who decides what to take, how much and when. Shakes not only hydrate but, due to their composition, are excellent diuretic and detox enhancers.

Drinking them frequently will help you evacuate liquids more quickly, keeping your tissues nourished and elastic. So keep in mind that in addition to drinking several glasses of water a day, you can also get a good amount of water by eating certain foods or taking it in a good shake.


The possibilities when it comes to preparing your own anti-fluid retention shakes are practically endless. So many are the possible combinations, that you could submit to a regimen made up strictly of shakes for a month, and your body would not miss any nutritious.

Of course, it is good to first be well informed about the nutrients that each fruit or vegetable contains, and to prepare a dietary plan that covers all our needs without a vitamin or mineral deficit. Today we have it easy thanks to the Internet. In the network of networks you can find out about the composition of any food or discover surprising recipes, in a clickLike magic, right?

batidos tu momento sizen

shakes your sizen moment

In any case, and if you are thinking of a diet based only on shakes and you prefer to make sure that it contains everything your body needs, you can consult your family doctor or a nutritionist. You could combine in the same day, a fruit smoothie and a green one, based on vegetables in vegetables.

Or be less of a purist and dare to mix fruits with vegetables. Logically, the availability, especially of certain fruits, depends on the seasonality, that is, if we are going to find them in the market or we will have to wait for their harvest. But there are certainly plenty of options throughout the year, in the fruit and vegetable section of any store or supermarket.


Dare with a tropical smoothie of pineapple, watermelon and papaya, all of them fruits with a high diuretic power due to their high water content, and if you prefer the fruits of the garden, the cucumber, celery and tomato is also a diuretic, a great detox. Tomato and cucumber provide large amounts of minerals such as zinc, magnesium or potassium. Or you can combine cucumber with pineapple and give your renal system a real kick.

Another mixture with an intense flavor and highly recommended to combat and reduce fluid retention is the pineapple and melon smoothie with a touch of honey, which is capable of accelerating your metabolism and also detoxifies your body. Or mix melon with pineapple and guava to help you eliminate fat. Pineapple, strawberries, green tea, and flax seeds also work well.

Melon and apple also combine wonderfully, and if you add kiwi and a tablespoon of chia seeds, you will notice a quick improvement in your fluid retention. And a very simple but equally effective smoothie is the one with cucumber and parsley, or the one with pineapple and grapefruit. As you can see, pineapple and cucumber are frequently used in the smoothie recipe and it is because they have a very high water content.


Take a walk through the fruit and vegetable section as soon as possible and let yourself be invaded by its smells and colors. Imagine delicious, nutritious and hydrating shakes while you feel each piece with your hand.

You have before you a real treasure of the earth. And it may be advisable that before buying, you work on a weekly or monthly calendar, combining different shakes in one day so as not to fall into monotony. There is enough variety so that your palate will not get bored! And you can have at least one smoothie for breakfast or lunch, and another as a snack.

Or why not have a green smoothie at night. Do you remember the saying “Eat like a king in the morning, like a prince in the afternoon and like a pauper at night.”?
Although it is correct to reduce food intake before going to sleep, a good green smoothie is not only light, but you will notice the effects in your body immediately, when you go to the bathroom in the morning.
Of course, remember not to add sugar to these shakes. That would be counterproductive. Get used to the natural and genuine flavor of each food as Mother Nature provides it to you.

In addition to taking diuretic shakes regularly, we recommend that you reduce as much sodium – salt – in your usual diet as possible, as well as alcohol and animal fats in general, and do some physical exercise. A sensible and intelligent combination of all these factors is what produces truly visible results in your body.

Also, if you complement all these shakes with the use of presotherapy (how presotherapy currently works) Sizen, you can say goodbye to your fluid retention and that problem that worries you so much. In addition, from the first session you can enjoy the benefits of the pressotherapy treatments (pressotherapy aimed at improving health).

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