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Meet joselito wing of FC Barcelona!

¡Conoce a joselito ala del FC Barcelona!

José Fernández aka Joselito wing of the FC Barcelona in 2011 to play for Barça B under the orders of Andreu Plaza. Before, he had been a member of teams like the San Fernando and also in Benicarló. His unstoppable progression advised a loan to Ribera Navarra so that the player could finish training with quality minutes in the LNFS. After three seasons, Joselito returned to Barça in 2016, consolidated as one of the best players in the league.

joselito ala del FC Barcelona y embajador Sizen

Joselito wing of FC Barcelona, is a luxury player, very technical and with arrival.

Now enjoy this ping pong quiz that we have made to our ambassador Joselito wing of FC Barcelona in the LNFS, without a doubt one of the best wings in the entire league and in Europe, with a magical left, one of those that are not easily found . Quality, imagination and dribbling. It is a luxury player, very technical and with arrival. He is unstoppable one on one and is also a great assistant.

What did you want to be when you were little?
As a child I have always wanted to be related to sport and especially soccer and over the years I have been lucky enough to be able to make my job my passion.

What was your favorite subject in school?
Well, as a good athlete, the subject that I have liked the most and that has always been the best for me has always been physical education. It was without a doubt my favourite. 😉

Since what age are you professional?
Well, at the age of 18 I left my hometown: Cadiz to go to Benicarlo to play for Benicarlo FS as a professional and in the first division. Quite a challenge for me!

You have to be very prepared on a physical level to perform at 200%

How many hours do you spend training per day?
Well, every morning from Monday to Friday, two hours with the team and every afternoon between 1:00 and 1:30 in the gym and on Saturdays, games. The season is long and you have to be very physically prepared to perform at 200%.

Do you follow any kind of special diet?
Well, I have a personalized diet, where I eat a lot of protein and vegetables above all. Feeding, training and recovery after training They are the three legs of the success of an athlete.

joselito ala del FC Barcelona y embajador Sizen

How do you recover after a training session or a game?
Well, I always do the same, I usually do a lot of cryotherapy work with ice, work with recovery and massage physios and of course using pressotherapy with my Size 6+.

What whim did you give yourself with your first pay as a professional?
Well, I don't have any luxury or anything, I don't remember having indulged in any whim, I've always been a very normal person with my feet on the ground.

joselito ala del FC Barcelona y embajador Sizen

Was signing for Barcelona a dream come true?
Well, like all professionals, you always dream of being in the best team in the world and of course it was a dream for me when we got in touch and I was able to sign for FC Barcelona.

Nutrition, training and recovery are the three legs of an athlete's success.

What recommendation would you give to someone who wants to improve their sports performance?
Well, put yourself in the hands of professionals and improve your diet, training, also improve your rest, and above all the because pressotherapy is also aimed at athletes (for example pressotherapy), understanding the operation of pressotherapy. As I mentioned before, these are the keys to success and sports improvement. Progressing on these points, improvement always comes.

Any trick that never or almost never fails you in a game?
Well, I'm very manic, before games, but I use it to concentrate on the game. There is no trick that is not work and more work.

joselito ala del FC Barcelona y embajador Sizen

The team that resists you the most in the league?
well the Palma FS, whenever we face them it costs us a lot, but all the teams cost. The level of the LNFS is very high and every game you have to give your best to win the match.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Well, in my land in Cádiz, it is where I have all the family and a large part of my friends and they are sorely missed.

Joselito FC Barcelona wing and Sizen ambassador to the LNFS

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