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There is life after ELITE!

¡Hay vida después de la ÉLITE!

High level or high performance athletes often live in a bubble in which your day to day is based exclusively on sport. You wake up, you have breakfast, you train, you take your food adapted to training, rest, train again, have dinner and recover. At least that has been my day to day for more than 12 years competing at the highest level.

People ask me: did you like it? Was it worth it? Wasn't it too hard or self-sacrificing?... Of course yes, it has been one of the hardest stages of my life, but also one of the most beautiful, the stage that has made me grow, learn, become who I am right now... and It has made me win many medals that I could not have achieved otherwise.

Suddenly you start to have life!

But suddenly that day comes, a day that had crossed your mind but was still not real, the day you decide to leave the elite aside and continue studying, start having days. Suddenly you start to have life! The time comes when you can go to the movies, or someone makes a comment about TV, current affairs…. And you know what they're talking about! You are no longer a Martian living in her bubble.

The truth is that it becomes hard to start being a normal person, because before nobody had explained or taught you what life was like outside of elite sport. Sometimes and after so long having lived in that bubble that can sometimes be a bit artificial.

You should be more accompanied or receive advice at the end of your sporting life

It is a complicated transition, the passage from the elite to the "normal" life, I think that it should be more accompanied or without a doubt receive advice for elite athletes. The objective would be to prevent some athletes from becoming "broken toys", since it is sometimes difficult to find help or professional outlets that will make you continue as before.

Luckily, little by little and thanks to social networks and the brands and sponsors that support minority athletes. These brands mean that even if you are not still an elite athlete, they continue to support you for everything you have achieved and for everything you are doing to meet new goals and challenges.
And for that, I am infinitely grateful to SIZEN and all his team to accompany me on this adventure of being a triathlete and to make a good recovery available to me. In this way I can combine my day-to-day training and my studies.

This entry has been written by: Clara Camacho, Clara has been runner-up in the world in synchronized swimming and is currently a triathlete.

By if you didn't know how it works the presotherapy.

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