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Presotherapy and Physiotherapy, two worlds doomed to understand each other

Presoterapia y Fisioterapia, dos mundos condenados a entenderse

Today we are going to discover the keys to pressotherapy and physiotherapy in somewhat broad terms, since in future blog posts we will go through all its applications and how to improve our performance by applying these two techniques, which are doomed to be understood.

What is Physiotherapy?

When we talk about the physiotherapy, we are talking about the art and science that, through the set of methods, actions and techniques, through the manual and instrumental application of physical means, cure, recover and adapt people affected by somatic, psychosomatic and organic dysfunctions.
Physiotherapy also has a preventive nature and can be recommended for people who want to maintain an adequate level of health. Therefore, physiotherapy could be defined as the healing method through natural means (water, light, electricity), or mechanicssuch as massage or gymnastics.

What about Presotherapy?

The pressure technique air is a commonly used system both in the aesthetic field, sports as well as in care to help relieve swelling, muscle loads and improve lymphatic drainage. It is important know how presotherapy works.

The teams are usually composed of sports presotherapy boots (feet and legs), accessories for arms and sash (abdomen). Compression applies a massage to the targeted area.
Pressotherapy enhances body flow, all this is capable of activating the lymphatic drainage system. that helps to reduce weight, fluid retention, fat cells or the deposits of disposable substances by the body.

This drainage is done by applying air to the body, and to do so, the user must put on the necessary equipment in the area to be applied.

Of the thousand uses that can be given to the presotherapy, we are going to talk today about the application of this technique to sports recovery, in its physiotherapeutic aspect, which is the field in which I work, mostly, with soccer players and athletes, although the range is quite wide and also includes people who want to improve their legs, since they suffer from tired legs syndrome.

The basis of pressotherapy: Drainage!

In its health aspect, it is a good source of nutrient supply, since the increase in blood speed leads us to a massive supply of beneficial nutrients for our health, which in itself is a positive of our energy and nutritional intake.
Apart, this same lymphatic drainage with presotherapyBy itself, it provides us with a better sense of well-being, which is always positive for a good recovery, since this contribution of oxygen is always beneficial and will always help us to strengthen this and any treatment, giving more robustness and strength. to all the remaining contribution.

In addition, and no less important, it helps us to Eliminate substances such as those that cause cellulite that our body is not interested, much less in a recovery process, as it hinders and slows down this process.
Therefore, any method, such as this one, helps us to a better, faster, and above all, more effective rehabilitation of the treated area. In the end this reverts to better training or competition sessions.

In what is the most direct relationship between pressotherapy and sports physiotherapy, my personal experience in the time that I have been using it as a sports physiotherapy professional with elite athletes, is undoubtedly very positive.
When we are treating the aspects of eliminating pain and different sensations, the drainage helps us to improve the quality of the area, oxygenating the treated space and releasing it, and in the proper muscular aspect.

Pressotherapy offers us results at the moment

The work, both active that we do or can do (with physiotherapy), and passive, which is done by pressotherapy, reinforces us, gives us more capacity and resistance, in order to enhance and strengthen the treated area.

In summary, the lymphatic drainage of the area improves the quality of the treated area, but that is the beginning... because it also gives us more strength in the leg muscles, more resistance and more capacity to resist the subsequent effort... What can we ask for more?

In the mental and physical plane we see and above all, we notice that we improve, we realize that pressotherapy, in specific aspects and in general aspects in sports and aesthetic recovery. The treatment gives us great well-being, a substantial improvement in the pathology to be treated (recovery in most cases) and leaves us in an ideal state for the next session or for the next working day.

Obviously, pressotherapy is a technique that is perfectly applicable to non-athletes like athletes, being a treatment indicated for the whole family. Few contraindications... ALL benefits!

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