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PRESSOTHERAPY: Before or after training?

PRESOTERAPIA: ¿Antes o después del entrenamiento?

The benefits of presotherapy for the athlete they are undeniable. Every day there are more both professional and amateur athletes they have a team at home or have it in their training club.

Pressotherapy is a health and wellness trend on the rise and with no sign of becoming a passing fad. And we are talking about a therapy that works, useful and effective for the athlete.

If pressotherapy is not very familiar to you but you have considered implementing it in your sports routine, surely you want to know when it is most advisable, before or after your physical preparation. Keep reading because we briefly tell you everything you need to know before making pressotherapy your inseparable training partner.

Positive effects of sports presotherapy

  • Reactivation of the Lymphatic System
  • Enhancement of blood circulation
  • Channeling metabolic waste (lactic acid and other metabolites)
  • Oxygenation of the tissues and therefore faster healing of injuries and stiffness
  • Overall faster muscle recovery
  • Immune system strengthened by better lymph circulation
  • Relaxing massage with physiotherapeutic effects

Do I use pressotherapy before or after training?

The answer is that you can use it both before and after your workout, although its main sports function is recovery. Therefore, using it after training or a competition is the most logical. At that time is when your metabolism is in optimal conditions to receive the lymphatic massage that the machine does. Also remember that waiting between an hour and a half and two hours before using the pressotherapy equipment is advisable and usual.

Obviously, it is after hard training or a competition, when the body is tired and the muscles affected by the great physical effort. In that time, the body will also have returned to its normal state, feeling more relaxed and the calorie burning process having slowed down to a minimum. It is very common for you to continue sweating for a long time after you have finished your training session.

This happens because your metabolism is still activated at 100%. That is why many trainers recommend that you not eat anything until after at least an hour and a half. Of course, you should drink a good amount of water both before, during and after exercise.

How long should a pressotherapy session last?

Some people program the machine for a 30 minute long session but you can extend your session up to 40-45 minutes without any problem. Meanwhile, you can entertain yourself by reading a good book or enjoying a good TV series. It is easy. The machine does all the work and you just relax while your body recovers with the pleasant massage. Below we give you an example of what a training routine can be by implementing the sports recovery treatment.

Training routine and pressotherapy treatment

Normally, your sports routine including pressotherapy treatment could be this:

  • Drink at least a liter of water before training. You need it to hydrate, burn fat and reactivate your Lymphatic System.
  • Stretching and basic warm-up exercises
  • Training session (with the duration you deem necessary) Drink water moderately to rehydrate yourself.
  • Stretching after exercise to loosen up your muscles
  • 1:30 / 2 hrs of rest (drinking water to continue channeling the burned fats through the urine. The metabolism continues working even if you have stopped exercising. The water also continues channeling through your Lymphatic System)
  • Pressotherapy session between 30 and 45 minutes
  • Drink at least another pint of water to continue enhancing drainage
  • 15-20 minutes of movement after the pressotherapy session. It can be brisk walking, jogging, pedaling or dancing. Something aerobic that keeps your whole body moving. It doesn't have to be as intense an effort as training. A moderate intensity is enough to keep the Lymphatic System at full capacity.

Any contraindication to combining presotherapy and sport?

The same advice that we give to all people in general, we give to any athlete. If you think that at the moment of using the equipment any health condition could be an inconvenience, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Normally, if you do not have a serious illness such as cancer or heart disease, you should be able to use pressotherapy, in the same way that you can subject your body to a certain intensity workout. Many people with cancer practice sports during and after their cancer treatments, but Pressotherapy could interfere with the movement of cell tissues affected by the disease and therefore would not be advisable.

We understand that sport, even if it is of moderate intensity, can be practiced by people with certain diseases, but pressotherapy is not always indicated. Also, do not overlook open wounds or wounds in the healing process, whether they are internal or external.


Sports Presotherapy SIZEN and let nothing stop you!

The concept of Sports Pre-therapy SIZEN It has always been clear: Adapt as much as possible to the athlete's lifestyle to facilitate their physical recovery, whether it is at home, in the gym or on the training track.

Many athletes carry their own recovery equipment with them when they compete, and sports clubs are also purchasing recovery equipment. Pre-therapy to have them during competitions and training. It is already very common to see athletes of all levels especially using pressotherapy boots and showing satisfaction on social networks. That is why the machine and in fact any of the presotherapy garments they are easy to transport.

With a light weight, you can take your Pressotherapy equipment with you and use it anywhere. SIZEN facilitate your training routine in a pleasant and simple way. You just have to focus on your challenge and let sports pressure therapy help you reach your goal sooner! You already know: Sports pressotherapy SIZEN and let nothing stop you!

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