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Sports pressotherapy

Presoterapia deportiva

On sports pressotherapy there are many videos, information and blogs that talk about training and the most suitable equipment. The preparatory sessions are as important as the rest and recovery that the body needs to prepare for the next day of training.

All the teams, athletes, athletes, whatever the sport, are always looking for a way to get the most out of their physical qualities. Athletes train for many hours, go on diets and create new training routines. Even so, after a very intense work day, high-performance competition always ends up taking its toll on the muscles.

Presoterapia Deportiva

After working the muscles, the athlete must take time to rest and recover before returning to training, and this is where pressotherapy comes into play.

Sports pre-therapy Recovery for your muscles!

Presotherapy is a massage technique used by the Professional sportsmen and the amateurs. We put pressotherapy into practice when the body is subjected to intense sessions of physical work. By subjecting the muscles to large loads, it is necessary to start the recovery and thus be able to increase the work in the gym.

Benefits of the sports presotherapy method

The advantages of using pressotherapy are multiple, the fact that it improves the body's recovery time also helps to avoid overtraining and physical exhaustion. Pressotherapy is an easy-to-use tool that can also prevent injuries to athletes.

We are talking about professional machines like the SIZEN 6+ able to prevent sports injuries. By all this it is clearly understood that pressotherapy should be an essential machine in all gyms, sports rehabilitation centers.

How pressotherapy improves sports performance

The mechanism of the SIZEN 6+ is very simple, sports pressotherapy uses a 6-channel air compression engine to inflate a suit in the form of boots, sash (abdomen) and arms. This suit is divided by segments or independent air chambers that create the massage in the chosen area of ​​the body. Recovering the body from training practically immediately in this way we benefit from an anti-inflammatory effect.

Manu Guijarro Presoterapia deportiva Sizen

By promoting venous and lymphatic circulation through positive drainage, allowing to improve the elimination of toxic substances. The muscle will recover before the sports load and can be subjected to training again with less recovery time, so that the work sessions can be more continuous, affecting performance. In a few sessions you will notice the improvement.

In summary: you will reduce recovery times, you will eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system and you will improve venous circulation, you will enjoy a relaxation session, you will get a better rest and you will avoid injuries, few pieces of equipment can provide so many benefits to athletes in such a way simple as pressotherapy can do and they are also not excessively expensive so you can have your own machine and do pressotherapy without having to go to specific centers.

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