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Presotherapy and traverse skiing

Presoterapia y esquí de travesía

Cross-country skiing, also known as ski mountaineering, is a ski discipline that is practiced on mountain tracks and paths and that combines ski techniques with hiking and running. It is a type of skiing that is done on virgin snow, in which the skier must reach the destination through the natural unevenness of the mountain.

Cross-country skiing is practiced with skis, boots and special bindings, as well as poles and a backpack with the necessary equipment to tackle mountain terrain. The objective of this discipline is to move the skier from one starting point to another arrival point, in the shortest time possible, with the help of elements such as the fixers, the unevenness and the skier's technique.

Esquí de travesía y presoterapia Sizen

Healthy benefits of ski touring

It's a fun and rewarding form of exercise that offers many health benefits. On the one hand, improves cardiovascular endurance, since it increases the capacity of the muscles to take in oxygen, which improves the resistance. On the other hand, it helps improve flexibility and stability, as the muscles contract and relax when skiing. This improves muscle strength in the ankles, knees and hips, which reduces the risk of injury.

In addition to improving endurance and flexibility, ski touring has the added benefit of help improve motor coordination. This is because skiers need to adjust their technique based on the nature of the snow, terrain, weather, and slope. This requires a high level of coordination between the mind and the body.

Another of its advantages is inherent to sports in general: ski touring improves mental health. This is because it is a fun and rewarding form of exercise. Ski touring training is a great way to release stress and anxiety and allows you to connect with nature and enjoy the tranquility of being on the mountain.

Necessary training and equipment

To get the most out of the health benefits of ski touring, it's important to train properly. Skiers should start with a program of resistance, flexibility and coordination training to prepare the body for the physical and technical challenges of ski touring. In addition, once skiers are ready to practice it, they must make sure they rest adequately to allow the body to recover from the efforts made.

Sizen pressotherapy improves blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, increase flexibility and improve posture.

Esquí de travesía y presoterapia Sizen

Skiers should always wear the proper equipment for ski touring. This includes (of course) a pair of backcountry skis, boots, and bindings, as well as a ski jacket and pants, gloves, sunglasses, and a helmet. This will help skiers to enjoy ski touring safely and with maximum health benefits.


How does Sizen pressotherapy help you when practicing ski touring?

Sizen pressotherapy is a treatment that is helping many athletes a improve your performance and recovery. This technique uses pressure to offer users physical and sporting benefits. Ski touring athletes can greatly benefit from using pressotherapy as part of their training regimen to improve their performance.

Pressotherapy can offer ski touring athletes numerous physical and sporting benefits. Starting with the physical benefits, pressotherapy improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, increases flexibility, etc. 

These benefits are especially important for ski touring athletes, as muscle soreness and stiffness can be a common consequence of this high-impact sport.

When it comes to sports benefits, pressotherapy can help athletes increase endurance, improve coordination, reduce fatigue and increase performance. This can help athletes improve their performance on the slopes and also reduce recovery time between training sessions. training.

Below is a list of the numerous physical and sports benefits that pressotherapy can bring to ski touring athletes:

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Relieves muscle pain.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Improve posture.
  • Increases resistance.
  • Improve coordination.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Increase performance.
  • Reduces recovery time.

Pressotherapy is becoming increasingly popular among ski touring athletes and other high-impact sports. It is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment.

Sizen brand equipment is designed to meet the needs of all athletes, from beginners to professionals.

Where you can practice cross-country skiing in Spain

In Spain there are numerous areas where you can practice cross-country skiing. The Guadarrama Mountains, for example, is one of the best places to practice this discipline. Here you can find magnificent landscapes and a great amount of variety of terrain for practicing cross-country skiing.

Esquí de travesía y presoterapia Sizen

Another outstanding area to practice this sport is the Sierra de Gredos, where skiers can enjoy the snow in the middle of nature. This area is characterized by the beauty of its landscapes, which makes it very attractive for lovers of cross-country skiing.

The peaks of Europe They are also an ideal place to practice this discipline. Here skiers can enjoy the landscapes of the Cantabrian mountain range while moving down the mountain.

In the Pyrenees You can also practice this sport. This area offers a large amount of terrain for cross-country skiing, since it is a mountain with gentle slopes, which allow skiers to enjoy the snow safely.

Lastly, it should be highlighted Sierra Nevada, in Granada as one of the best places to practice cross-country skiing. This area is located in the province of Granada and has numerous mountain terrains, perfect for practicing this sport.

In short, cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and the mountains, and the presoterapia Sizen It is the ultimate tool to achieve your goals in the mountains.

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