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Is presotherapy indicated for everyone?

¿Está indicada la presoterapia para todos?

Many people mistakenly believe that the Pre-therapy It is something intended exclusively for elite athletes or both professional and amateur athletes. It is important understand the operation of pressotherapy. Pressotherapy is also for people of a certain social status, who use this therapy or many others, as a luxury of well-being. Years ago, when Pressotherapy was only available in clinics and aesthetic centers, it could be that many people were unaware of its existence or did not consider this type of care due to the high cost involved. To the question: Is pressotherapy indicated for everyone? What answer would we have? Let's see it!

Pressotherapy is ideal for your day to day

And although today, even the marketing of the Presotherapy (the benefits of presotherapy) is oriented directly to athletes like our Sizen ambassadorsThis does not mean that it is not suitable for everyone in general. Athletes include Pressotherapy as an essential complement in their training routines. muscle recovery (in your physiotherapy treatments). But not only they need a set-up and maintenance.

And this is something that SIZEN, we are very clear and we want to highlight especially in this article. Anyone -with the exception of those whose age, physical condition or state of health contraindicates its use- can benefit from this type of treatment. Each of us, in our respective trades or professions, find ourselves immersed in a hectic pace and hustle. You are not an athlete, but you face a daily marathon. You leave home very early in the morning and arrive in the middle of the afternoon or even at night, after a more than exhausting work day. Tiredness, tension, stress... All of this ends up taking its toll.

No excess is good: Tension and physical effort Vs Sedentary lifestyle

Each job requires a certain level of physical and intellectual effort. And whether you work moving your body a lot or spend a lot of time in the same posture or even in a chair in front of a screen, in any case, no excess is good (Excess pressotherapy has contraindications). Both intense and continuous effort and a forced sedentary lifestyle can lead to contractures, sprains, varicose veins, and fat nodules. Or put another way: Is pressotherapy indicated for everyone? A resounding Yes! We become perfect candidates for Pressotherapy.

Ventajas presoterapia Sizen
Advantages presotherapy Sizen

Let's think of people who work moving a lot all day and making a great effort, both skeletal and muscular, to carry out their task. Work restocking in a supermarket, delivering packages, in construction, painting or doing carpentry work, in cleaning tasks. Sooner rather than later, all these people will present clear symptoms of a muscles resentful of tension and physical effort.

On the other side, there are those people who work moving very little -which is no less tiring- or doing it in such a way that they repeat the same movements. Many hours sitting in front of a screen, doing administrative work, can undoubtedly be a very representative case of people who also need Pressotherapy.
Let's also imagine someone who spends endless hours behind the wheel, a taxi or a truck. Stretching your legs from time to time is the least your body will require of you. Frequently, this type of work causes circulatory problems, cellulite, swelling or pain in the legs, lower back and the rest of the back.

Let's not forget the aesthetic professionals either. A very clear example is that of the hairdresser.
They spend most of the day on their feet, they walk little in a limited space and both their legs and arms, by exercising them continuously and monotonously to wash, cut, dry and comb, need to be pampered. We give ourselves every day to work. Is pressotherapy indicated for everyone? Is it the best treatment? Of course!

In-home presotherapy is the reward you deserve

And frequent pressotherapy treatment, can be a practical and efficient solution. With the continued use of one of these smart devices, designed so that today, yes, we can all benefit our health, you will notice a great physical improvement.
The life system demands a great performance and you often give as much or more than what you can really demand from your body.

Tu momento sizen series Mesias
Your moment sizen series Messiah

You do your best but you are not a machine. What's more, even machines fail or stop working one day.
Your body, although very resistant, is also exhausted and needs your care. Pressotherapy at home is the reward you deserve and the least you can give your body for responding every day, every day, with the maximum of its capabilities. that that treatment of Pre-therapy be the trophy you award to your body when it has responded so competitively.

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