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The importance of stretching

La importancia de realizar estiramientos

If you are an elite or amateur athlete, you undoubtedly know the importance of stretching. They are an essential part of any sports routine. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of stretching and how this simple but effective exercise benefits our muscle health.

Sizen la importancia de realizar estiramientos

But let's not just think of athletes, soccer players or professional gymnasts. Although it is true that we take for granted that stretching is part of any sports discipline, either before or after each training session, this exercise should be considered in the daily life of any person.
Not a few are the physiotherapists using presotherapy who advise stretching regularly to maintain good muscle tone. Practicing stretches daily is something you can do in a few minutes and being constant, something that your body will appreciate all your life.

Why are good stretches advisable?

The stretching brings flexibility to your muscles. We cannot forget that our entire body works like an organic machinery with multiple interconnected “pieces”. And like all machinery, it needs maintenance. When we spend a long time without exercising our muscles, they become tense and shortened.

In the medium or long term, a body that is not minimally exercised ends up feeling bad, with stabbing pain in the legs, arms, back... And that is surely the call for help that your body is issuing. A sign that you need movement and you need it now. It may be that the simple fact of climbing a ladder or raising your arms to hang the clothes, will be an almost titanic effort.

And you don't have to be an old person to feel that way. In fact, there are people well into their old age who continue to show enviable vigor and flexibility. Generally, these people practice minimal exercise even at an advanced age. Many have been athletes all their lives. So it doesn't matter that you are young if you are not in shape. You will look and feel a little out of line with your age.

Sizen la importancia de realizar estiramientos

Let's not forget the punishment that many trades or professions entail for the muscles. Standing all day or sitting all day, moving little or not at all, ends up causing significant muscle damage.
Muscles subjected to such stress for an extended period of time will respond painfully to the challenge of physical activity that suddenly demands strength, flexibility and agility. We can easily suffer both muscle and joint injury. Some companies include a short break in their work routine for employees to do short stretches.

It is another small incentive very well received by the squad. Fun, healthy and very necessary to break even momentarily the work routine. Therefore, good stretching will help you maintain long, toned and flexible muscles. Like a gum. If you stop stretching it, it dries up and hardens, right? Serve as a metaphor for your muscles.

The importance of maintaining a stretching routine

Whether it's in the morning before going to work, mid-day, when you get home in the afternoon or even before going to bed, stretching is more than healthy. Keeping in mind that a few minutes are enough, calculate the time in your schedule to dedicate that minimum time to your body that it needs and it will thank you so much at the end of the day.

Sizen la importancia de realizar estiramientos

But don't obsess either. If one day you forget your stretching exercises or you were in such a hurry that you couldn't dedicate a minute to it, the world is not ending either. As long as you maintain a stretching routine 3-4 times a week, your body will thank you greatly. And a few minutes may be enough. Of course, do not forget any part of your body. Muscles are everywhere. The lower extremities, both lower and upper, are important, but so are the hip flexor muscles in your pelvis, your arms including your shoulders, your back, and your neck. If you do not suffer from any disease, you can search directly on Youtube for stretching videos.

This is one way to start the habit. But if you suffer from arthritis or Parkinson's, you should consult a doctor to advise you on what exercises you can do. May the remedy never be worse than the disease! It is also advisable that you get a good mat to place on the floor and make your exercise table more comfortable. Direct contact with the ground can also be very cold.

Stretching is simple... But it also has its trick.

Before stretching, you have to keep in mind that you are suddenly demanding a considerable level of effort from your muscles that could damage them in a second. When cold, the muscle fibers are not prepared for such a quick and sudden response. Many people may think that stretching is silly, but the truth is that it is an exercise that requires some preparation, a basic knowledge of how our body works, and correct execution.

A brisk walk for 5-10 minutes can be the ideal warm-up before doing your stretches. If you live in a house with a garden, terrace or patio, use that space to walk. If you don't have any of them because you live in an apartment in the middle of the city, go out and take a “walk around the block” near your building. Or maybe you are lucky enough to live next to a park, promenade or green area. After that walk, your muscles are ready to be stretched. Now stretch each muscle for about 30 seconds. If all goes well and is being performed correctly, you should feel tension but no pain. That is the key to the importance of stretching correctly.

Sizen la importancia de realizar estiramientos

Constancy: Crucial in muscle maintenance!

The advice is valid for any physical exercise (how to prepare for a half marathon) or sport. Consistency is crucial in muscle maintenance and the only way you will notice how your body responds positively.
With a little will, even people who suffer from muscle tension and constant contractures as a result of not having stretched in a long time, maybe even years, will feel better with the change.

It will take a few weeks or months to notice a clear increase in flexibility, but finally, our body always responds. And as with any exercise fitness, the effects are cumulative; that is to say, that every day you are improving more and more.
In the long term, even if you interrupt your routine, your body will be in shape and your muscles will be less susceptible to contractures, sprains and injuries in general. So you already know; Don't underestimate the importance of stretching.

In addition to stretching, you will always be able to perform a massage with our pressotherapy machine. Size 6+, undoubtedly the presotherapy with all its benefits It will also help you to leave yourself as new and ready for the next session of training (if you do sports pressotherapy well).

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