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Healthy eating during confinement

Alimentación sana durante el confinamiento

We all know that nutrition is one of the keys in terms of sports performance, without a good diet and without a sufficient supply of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, etc... Everything in the right measure.
Performance will be greatly compromised and no matter how much you train and train you will not improve, if we do not give the body a "quality fuel", we cannot demand much of it. We are going to discover the keys to a healthy diet during the lockdown.


But also in terms of health, and more so in these days of confinement, where we surely have to take more precautions to try not to get sick, it is now when you have to watch your diet the most. You have to give the body what is necessary to be with the defenses in style and try to maintain an optimal state of health.

Due to this confinement, our level of activity has surely dropped. Although we can perform many and varied exercises at homeSurely our total activity for the day is less.

Importance of healthy eating during confinement

There are several factors to take into account. It is basically a matter of addition and subtraction. If we spend, say, 2,000 calories a day being confined at home and we eat 2,500... and so on one day after another, well, it's clear, right?
Let's put weight, this rule is valid for this strange time we are in and for the rest of the year of course.
So if we want to maintain more or less weight, it will be necessary, and as a first step, to control caloric intake by reducing the amounts of foods. It is about applying a healthy diet during confinement.

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It is not about going hungry, you can eat more times than usual, but always controlling quantities to try to match that daily caloric expenditure.

But it's not just a matter of counting calories, but of the quality of those calories, that is, let's eat better, truly nutritious foods. Let's try to avoid empty foods with any kind of nutritional contribution, they do not benefit you at all.
A contribution of saturated fats to our body is never beneficial, but now less than ever. It is about avoiding as much as possible, fried foods, saturated fats, pastries, etc…

Keep exercising!

When having less activity, we can always change the approximate percentages of carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. You have to try to increase the percentage of proteins at the expense of carbohydrates.

To avoid not increasing the percentage of fat in our body, we can reduce the amounts of carbohydrates compared to what we usually eat.
We can maintain or increase (it will depend on the amount that you usually contribute in your "diet") the amount of vegetables or legumes and we can increase protein intake to maintain muscle mass. This is one of the most important keys to healthy eating during confinement.

Control the pecking!

Another aspect to control is "snacking", being at home for more hours than we are used to does not mean that we have to visit the fridge every half hour. Before I commented that you have to eat more times a day to avoid going hungry.
But that doesn't mean making 20 small meals a day every time you go to the kitchen you can't put “something” in your mouth.

Pancakes Sizen
Pancakes Sizen

I know that this is difficult and many times it is due to the anxiety of the situation itself, to know if it is hunger or anxiety, there is a very basic way, it is hunger and therefore you would eat any piece of fruit or a bit of vegetable, Or do you not like that?
If you feel hungry but for something sweet, processed, etc... it's probably anxiety!

A piece of advice that usually works very well is to have the fruit peeled, if necessary, and cut in the fridge, for example. Imagine that you have a whole pineapple at home, if you get anxious and see the pineapple to be peeled, cut, etc... You are not going to eat it!
Surely you are looking for a less healthy alternative, but if you already find the pineapple clean, cut and in the fridge. This is already something else!
Well, maybe a couple of pieces of pineapple will calm your anxiety and by the way we are eating better.

Juan Pedro Mora He is a popular runner and ambassador of the machines of presotherapy Sizen.

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