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Sizen presotherapy for tennis players

Sizen presoterapia para tenistas

The Tennis It is the favorite sport of many people. There are those who have made it their way of life, as coaches or as professional competitors. And those who practice it regularly to stay in shape and have a good time. Sizen it is undoubtedly the presotherapy solution for tennis players.
In any case, the tennis clubs They continue to be sports meeting centers as well as social, where there is no lack of members or admiring fans. In this article we are going to review, in an overview, the injuries that those who practice this sport often suffer sooner or later and how the Presotherapy (know what pressure therapy is) It results in a great ally when it comes to recovering.

Sizen presoterapia para tenistas

Presotherapy for tennis players

After some strenuous sessions that literally burn the track, and also the body of these athletes, a proper recovery is essential for a good performance in the next training or party. Contemplating a racket and its inseparable ball, it may seem like a small thing to those of us who are not involved in this sport, but Tennis is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most intense forms of physical exercise.

Not only is the whole body fully used, but the mind is also subjected to great tension due to the high level of concentration required not to lose sight of the trajectory of the ball and the movements of our opponent -our rivals when played in pairs - on the other side of the net. A good physical maintenance is therefore mandatory, in addition to an adequate medical follow-up, especially if we dedicate ourselves to Tennis professionally.


The entire body of the tennis player is in motion while practicing this sport. Sudden movements of the whole body are produced due to the great speed at which each new impact of the ball must be responded to. And the movements are also repetitive, with which it is easy for a overload in the muscles employees, and all kinds of breaks, sprains, contractures and bruises.

Sizen presoterapia para tenistas

Among the most common injuries among tennis players, there are obviously those of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, but the knees also suffer their own, which must respond to a great impact repeatedly for a long time. For joints and tendons, almost torture. All these "gears" of our body need special care. Let's review the most frequent injuries suffered by tennis players:

Most known injuries in tennis players

Tennis Elbow Injury: known as Epicondilitis, directly affects the outer part -radials- of the elbow. When the ball is hit repeatedly, microtrauma occurs. This injury will have a greater or lesser impact depending on the particular technique of each tennis player, but generally, it is an injury that will occur from time to time as it is something logical and unavoidable due to the type of effort that is made with the elbow. Novice tennis players, unaccustomed to training and recovery, tend to be more prone to this type of injury.

Tennis player shoulder injury: In the shoulder we find a group of muscles -rotator cuffs- that are particularly affected during the practice of this sport. Without them, we cannot carry out the rotation movements of our arm. The tennis player subjects this set of muscles to brutal tension, by rotating his dominant arm, that is, the one he uses to hold the racket and hit the ball, in various degrees of flexion and stretching. Any pressing pain should not be overlooked as it could be due to a tendon rupture.

Tennis players also have meniscus injuries

meniscus injury: One of the most painful injuries that not only tennis players but any ball athlete can suffer in their life. Sometimes, a meniscus tear can even be almost irreparable, or require surgical intervention that will help greatly but will surely not be able to restore 100% of the original state of this delicate part of our body. A rotation of the tibia out of step with respect to the femur is enough, and the meniscus, the link between the lower and upper part of our leg, is literally stuck.

Sprained ankle: The ankle ligaments, and especially the external ones, can suffer a severe sprain from having to constantly respond during training or competition. The foot is fixed firmly and with great impact to the court with each movement that the tennis player makes, from one side to the other.

Achilles Tendinitis: As its name indicates, it directly affects the Achilles tendon. It is common to get up in the morning feeling that numb area or even limping. Nodules or stretch marks are produced in that tendon. These numbness symptoms take a long time to go away.

Muscle tears and sprains: Frequently, they occur in the twins, as these muscles are particularly affected. To be exact, the inner twin takes the brunt of it, having to respond quickly and suddenly during gameplay.

The lesser known injuries in tennis players

Low back injuries: Lumbar rotation is also necessary to complete the striking movement in this sport. The vertebrae of the spine are subjected to extreme rotation with this movement, with which joints or even the discs between vertebrae can be damaged.

Wrist injury: Also known as carpal tunnel injury. The continuous movement at high speed and with great impact, suffered by the wrist, can lead to vascular-nervous injuries. It can produce anything from tingling to reduced sensitivity, and in the worst case, functional impotence.

Fracture or rupture due to stress: No less considerable than all the previously listed, is this type of fracture, which occurs due to the continuous rhythm of this sport, with extremely hard and exhaustive training. The muscles end up suffering from extreme exhaustion and not only the muscles but also the bones suffer great stress. They can even produce cracks in the bones.


To avoid as much as possible or at least reduce as much as possible, the injuries that we have explained above, the tennis player, both professional and amateur, must follow a strict and rigorous regimen not only of training exercises, but also diet and warm-up and recovery routines, which adjust to the demands of this sport discipline.

A correct balanced combination of all of this strengthens the skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments, all elements so that the body can respond with maximum performance. However, perhaps it is the tennis players who hope to obtain a scholarship to be able to access the elite of this sport and compete internationally, the ones who should be most careful in all these aspects. A fatal injury can suddenly end the dream of a lifetime. The choice of Sizen to prevent injuries and the use of pressotherapy for tennis players becomes vital.

Sizen presoterapia para tenistas

Focusing on the recovery process, so important to be able to move forward with each new training or competition, Pressotherapy plays a crucial role in recovery programs today. And the tennis players were not going to be less.

Presotherapy and tennis the perfect duo

Pressotherapy is a fast and effective recovery method in Tennis that guarantees the tennis player optimal results both on the court and before and after stepping on it. What's more, particularly in Tennis, Pressotherapy offers a comprehensive solution.
The use of all garments, from arm muffs to leg boots or abdominal corset, is advisable for tennis players. They move their entire body and therefore need a complete treatment that acts on all the areas susceptible to any of the aforementioned injuries.

Therefore, every day there are more and more tennis players, but also the teams of different clubs, which have teams of sports presotherapy to be able to use. Intelligent recovery systems such as the one offered by SIZEN, allow the luxury of being able to be transported to any place of training or competition. No doubt now you will be convinced of the use of pressotherapy for tennis players.

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