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How to return to training after confinement?

¿Cómo volver a los entrenamientos después del confinamiento?

The day came to go running down the street again, after spending 30-40-50 days without doing it, the first thing would be to recommend calm, very calm and patience. But then... How to return to training after confinement?

We can differentiate two groups of people, those who have not been able to do treadmill running exercises, who may be more or less in better shape and, above all, the body has not stopped receiving impacts with each stride. And those who have not been able to do continuous running, and have only been able to do strength or aerobic work on a roller or elliptical bike.

¿Cómo volver a los entrenamientos después del confinamiento?

Above all… Calm and patience!

Although the starting point would not be the same, but the general advice for the two groups would be the same… CALM, PATIENCE and LITTLE BY LITTLE.

We cannot pretend to start where we left off, it is too long without our joints, tendons, or abdominal muscles receiving the impact of each stride. This can only be fixed with time and patience.

Even if you have been able to run on a treadmill, you will notice it less, but the asphalt is very aggressive, more than the treadmill and we will resent it if we are in a hurry to recover our previous form.

¿Cómo volver a los entrenamientos después del confinamiento?

In addition, it is possible that we have gained some extra kilo. Therefore, not only are we going to expose our body again to the impact of strides, but we will do it with more weight than before.
We have to think that we start running again, reducing the days of training compared to before the confinement, we must not be in a hurry, we will go up the days and kilometers.

Resume eating habits!

For the moment little by little, less days, and above all return to the good eating habits that along with resuming the fact of running again.
It will help us to be at a weight close to what we already had. Therefore, resume good eating habits and reduce training days.

The first days, forget about rhythms, times and kilometers, what used to be rhythms for days of easy running or recovery, today can become very demanding days.
Forget everything you did or ran before, this is new, you've been standing still for a long time. It's not a break between seasons, it's more like you're recovering from a fiber tear that has kept you stopped for two months.

cross training

As far as possible, and I know it can be hard after so many days locked up at home, it is to alter different training sessions, cross training is what it is commonly called.

We can alternate race days, with days to go back to roller or elliptical or strength sessions. In this way, we give the body a little breather so that it can assimilate the race training and we give it time to recover well between training sessions with series. It is one of the keys to how to return to training after confinement.

¿Cómo volver a los entrenamientos después del confinamiento?

If you have a pressotherapy machine like the Size 6+, you can help and speed up muscle recovery.

Hydrate well, the last few times you went running, it was cold and the level of sweating was much lower.
Now we find that it is much hotter and the body has not had a progressive acclimatization to this temperature, and you can accuse him, that if we combine dehydration with a low state of shape, the combination cannot be very pleasant.

The key to how to return to training after confinement is patience

In short, the key word would be patience, doing things right now, it will avoid us more than possible injury and the visit to the physiotherapist Within a few weeks it will force you to stop again.
If you are skipping stages, it is better to go little by little and regain the continuity we need, the state of form and the good running sensations will return.

Don't be in a hurry, give your body time to recover and assimilate the I train What will make you improve? assisting you with sports presotherapy
take care of food again and in a few weeks you will see how your fitness is improving without realizing it.
By following these simple tips, this question that torments you will disappear from your head: How to return to training after confinement?

Juan Pedro Mora He is a popular runner and ambassador of the machines of presotherapy (¿what is pressotherapy?)Sizen sports shoes.

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