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Can I do pressotherapy every day?

¿Puedo hacer presoterapia todos los días?

You already have a fairly clear idea about the operation of the presotherapy Sizen and its benefits, but before acquiring your own equipment, you ask yourself: can I do pressotherapy every day? We are going to immediately answer this question that is usually quite frequent among those who are interested in this revolutionary therapy.

The first thing to determine is your needs. For what purpose do you want to use pressotherapy, if you are more interested in its sports application, its aesthetic treatment or even both at the same time. You should also know that depending on the frequency with which you use pressotherapy, you will obtain more or less considerable results. The frequency is important, because if you are not more or less constant, the results may not be entirely satisfactory.

Presoterapia Sizen en casa

How often should I use Pressotherapy?

It is difficult to answer this question exactly. Each body is different and not all of us need the same thing, but you should take into account:

  • What is your goal? Reduce volume in localized areas, attenuate the visible effect of cellulite (orange peel), redirect fluid retention, improve your sports performance, relieve soreness...
  • Have someone assess your physical condition to decide how often you need treatment. Consult a specialist -in any beauty center- or ask directly the seller of the domestic equipment you want to buy. A good pressotherapy brand always offers good customer service with expert staff that you can consult.
  • It is very important that you do not suffer from any medical condition for which pressotherapy is contraindicated. If you still have doubts, ask your doctor if this treatment is indicated for you.
  • What kind of machine are you going to use? If we talk about pressotherapy at home, there is a lot of equipment on the market but not all of them are equally effective. The intensity of the machine is an important factor. Don't be swayed by too low a price. If it is so cheap, do not expect miracles and even less in a short time.

"Home pressotherapy equipment is designed for more frequent use without any negative impact on health."

So, is it harmful to use pressotherapy daily?

First, let's distinguish a professional machine from a domestic one. The professional machines used in aesthetic centers and clinics are the most powerful. They act more deeply and therefore with a professional machine, more than one or two weekly sessions is not usually recommended. It is also important to remember that pressotherapy reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation.

With a professional machine this supposes an effort for the organism to which it is not advisable to submit it daily. Instead, With a portable or home pressotherapy machine, the intensity of the treatment is moderate, so you wonder if you can do pressotherapy every day. days, The answer is yes. Domestic machines have less intensity but be careful, this does not mean that your treatment is less effective than that of a professional machine. Can I do pressotherapy every day?

Quite simply, a home pressotherapy equipment is designed for more frequent use without any negative impact on health. The intensity of compression and decompression is lower and therefore you can use it daily. Of course, you will have to do sessions with a certain consecutive regularity to see results. Normally, all the people who use a home pressotherapy equipment and are faithful to their routine, achieve their goal with satisfaction.

Sizen presoterapia deportiva


Let's say that these machines are semi-professional but offer all the benefits of any professional equipment. And of course there are considerable advantages that only domestic pressotherapy can offer you:

  • You have the team at all times without being subject to any schedule. When you can or do better, your team will always be there.
  • Frequent treatment at a beauty center several times a month is unaffordable for most. It is a good option for specific and intensive treatment, but pressotherapy requires some maintenance. That's why many people give up and get discouraged before getting really worthwhile results. The savings for your pocket is therefore enormous in the short term.
  • A pressotherapy equipment for home is easily transportable. You can take it to the gym, to your office or when you go on vacation. You will no longer be able to say that "I did not do my sessions because I was out or far from a center".

Presoterapia Sizen Deporte

How many pressotherapy sessions do you recommend per week?

Another very frequent question in aesthetic forums. As we pointed out previously, in a center, about two sessions a week is normal. If it is your first treatment, they will surely recommend a pack of 8-10 sessions. Normally each session lasts about 30 minutes. It may also be that depending on your case, in some centers they recommend only one weekly session of 45 minutes. Be patient. With just one or two sessions, you won't notice big changes other than feeling lighter, especially in the legs. Can I do pressotherapy every day?

"About three or four pressotherapy sessions per week is already a reasonable frequency that should already give you good results."

And with pressotherapy at home, how many sessions should I do per week?

Nails three or four pressotherapy sessions per week are already a reasonable frequency that should already give you good results. These sessions can last between 15 and 90 minutes depending on the equipment you have. But do not obsess over the duration of your sessions. Half an hour or 45 minutes is already effective and beneficial enough and some days it will be better for you to spend more time and others less. Up to you. Of course, always keep in mind that the best thing for pressotherapy to work and keep you in shape is to be faithful to your care routine.

In the same way that you brush your teeth several times a day, or clean your hair at the hairdresser from time to time, a pressotherapy treatment with a certain frequency is necessary for you to really achieve your goals. We must also say that once the effects start to show in your body, you will surely go from doing three or four sessions a week to just a couple of them. As your problem reduces, you need fewer sessions to maintain yourself. Also do not forget to take care of your diet and do some physical exercise. Can I do pressotherapy every day?

“Presotherapy manages to move and disintegrate fat cells and retained fluid. All this is redirected into the bloodstream and gradually passes to the lymphatic ducts, in charge of eliminating any waste from your metabolism.

When will I see the results of pressotherapy?

If you want to use pressotherapy for therapeutic purposes, to improve certain circulatory problems or to reduce fluid retention, you will surely notice the effects in a short time, but if the challenge is to shape your figure by reducing volume or cellulite, the results are not so immediate. . We insist that you take the treatment with patience and good will and in one or two months you should see yourself better in front of the mirror. What is clear is that pressotherapy manages to move and disintegrate fat cells and retained fluid. All this is redirected into the bloodstream and gradually passes to the lymphatic ducts, responsible for eliminating any waste from your metabolism.

SIZEN: Daily pressotherapy or whenever you want or need it

In SIZEN We can advise you and answer all your questions before you purchase your pressotherapy equipment. In addition to wondering if you can do pressotherapy daily, you probably have many other related questions for which we also have answers. It can help you read more in our blog, or contact us directly.

You have a team of experts in Pressotherapy at your entire disposal, and not only that. You will be able to test the equipment for 15 days and then decide whether to go ahead. And you know, to your question... Can I do pressotherapy every day? Of course you can! With SIZEN You have your daily pressotherapy or whenever you want or need it. Dare to try presotherapy and you will not regret it.

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