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Presotherapy for arms

Presoterapia para brazos

When we talk about pressotherapy, we usually imagine a person wearing padded boots. Perhaps also in a girdle with the same aspect surrounding a large part of the trunk, but rarely do we visualize pressotherapy in the upper extremities.

Many people do not even know that there are pressure therapy sleeves for arms specially designed to work on that area, because the arms also deserve care and also suffer from lymphatic, circulatory or cellulite disorders. And of course, we also like to show them off in good shape, pretty and toned. How to achieve it? This is what we are going to see in this article, with a series of tips for you to take care of them, including pressotherapy for arms, from which you can benefit whether you are a woman or a man.

For whom is pressotherapy in the arms indicated?

First, you must evaluate the state in which your arms are. Some people who are considerably overweight or have a certain degree of obesity tend to have arms with a lot of excess skin and even stretch marks, the result of having undergone a strict weight loss program. Obviously, in such a case, pressotherapy is not a magic wand. Sagging like that can only be repaired by cosmetic surgery. This operation is known as brachioplasty.

Yes, you can use this treatment after the postoperative period, to oxygenate the tissues and tone the arms. Now, if you do not have this problem but you do have somewhat flaccid or swollen arms, pressotherapy for arms could help you greatly improve their appearance. And there is something else: you can also use pressotherapy for the lymphedema arm.

Lymphedema is a disorder of the Lymphatic System that can cause fluid accumulation in both the upper and lower extremities., being able to affect both or only one of them. Of course, before using any pressotherapy garment, including the arm sleeve, you must rule out certain contraindications:

  • Heart failure or the use of a pacemaker
  • blood pressure problems
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Deep venous thrombosis
  • Considerable or morbid obesity
  • Open or healing wounds
  • Recent infections or burns
  • Cancer or being treated for one
  • hormonal imbalances

You can consult our pressotherapy contraindications guide For more information, although for greater safety and if you still have health concerns, we advise you to consult a doctor before using pressotherapy.

Presotherapy to treat cellulite on arms

Of course, we cannot forget that in addition to using pressotherapy to speed up the recovery of the arms after surgery or liposuction or to treat lymphedema, you can also use the presotherapy to treat cellulite in the arms. Cellulite in the arm is produced in the same way as in any other part of the body, due to an accumulation of subcutaneous fat. This is mostly concentrated around the biceps and makes the arm look flaccid.

Also, if we pinch in that area, we will see that it has the same “orange peel” appearance that appears on the legs or buttocks, due to exactly the same problem. And this not only makes the appearance of the arm ugly, but also makes it difficult for you to wear certain items of clothing, which can tighten in the area, making your arm look like a string of sausages. That's not how you want that t-shirt you love to feel like, is it? But do not be alarmed or despair, because arm cellulite is much easier to reduce or even eliminate completely, and without going under the knife.

I eat? Keep reading because we give you the key to beautiful and toned arms in this article. Everything is within your reach and the goal you want to achieve is only you.

What does presotherapy for arms consist of?

Pressotherapy for arms is very simple to use and is also a non-invasive or painful method that is applied externally but with internal effects.

You only have to adjust the sleeve around the arm and select a specific program on the device or pressotherapy machine. If you feel that it is too tight or uncomfortable once the pressure begins to be applied, loosen the garment a little or adjust the pressure on the pressotherapy device. The air chambers will fill sequentially, applying a gentle but constant and rhythmic compression and decompression massage.

This is how pressotherapy in the arms works whether you go to an aesthetic or physiotherapy center or if you have your own pressotherapy home equipment. With this type of massage, fluid retention is redirected and a good part of cellulite is dissolved. And since the armpits are under the arms, a key point in the Lymphatic System, this technique also achieves the treatment of arm lymphedema and toxins that are clogging the lymphatic ducts are channeled. Does pressotherapy reduce cellulite on the arms? Yes, in the same way that it does in the rest of the body, but you must be clear about what we have already explained in other blog articles. This therapy is an extra help, complementary to other measures that you must take if you really want to improve your physical shape and your health in general.

Which presotherapy program is right for arms?

The ideal is to select an aesthetic program, which is designed to combat cellulite and flaccidity. If you also want to relax your muscles after a physical exercise in which you have fully used your arms, you can opt for a sports recovery program.

Generally, any good pressotherapy equipment that is complete offers both types of treatment. The massage will mainly fulfill the function of breaking down the fat cells or adipocytes, so that they are gradually redirected towards the waste channels of the Lymphatic System.

Home presotherapy with aesthetic and therapeutic application for athletes

A pressotherapy machine can be used for aesthetic purposes but it also has a therapeutic application for athletes. The massage provided by pressotherapy helps the muscles recover sooner and better after training or competition and reduces the effects of muscle fatigue and fiber breakage. And since this article deals with pressure therapy applied to the arms, let's remember that there are many sports disciplines that especially punish these extremities, so the pressure therapy sleeve for arms is the ideal treatment for all of them. And of course, those who practice sports also take care of their physical appearance, so pressure therapy at home with an aesthetic and therapeutic application for athletes is the all-in-one solution that is already being adopted by both amateur and professional athletes and even federated clubs that use pressotherapy as a strategic tool in their physical preparation.

Tips to maintain beautiful arms

In addition to regular pressotherapy sessions, there is much more you can do to maintain beautiful arms:

  • Healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. Minimize: saturated fats, sugars and processed foods. Cook as natural as possible. Your body is what you eat.
  • Physical exercise. Practice it regularly. There are sports that greatly favor your arms – for example swimming – and you can also do series of exercises to especially exercise the muscles of the arms.
  • Can't go to the gym? On YouTube you have countless channels with free master classes from excellent fitness instructors. You no longer have an excuse!
  • Get yourself a pair of dumbbells, a jump rope, or even a punching bag or punching ball. Or why not get all that and set up your little gym in any corner of the house?
  • Pamper your arms with moisturizing and firming creams. You can buy them or prepare them at home with 100% natural ingredients. Again, consult the Internet oracle.
  • Go to pressotherapy for arms. Is it not going well for you to go regularly to a center for pressotherapy sessions? The solution is clear: domestic pressotherapy offers you the opportunity so that you too can benefit from it, spending infinitely less and getting much more. This way you will have not only the gym at home but also your little corner of aesthetic treatments and sports recovery. Can you ask for more?

SIZEN: An optimal solution within your reach!

The opinions on presotherapy for arms are good. So confirm the users of SIZEN and also other people around the world who use pressotherapy in general to improve their lymphatic and circulatory health. And because it works, more and more homes have pressotherapy among their essential appliances. And because well-being must also have its place in our lives, in SIZEN We work precisely in order to offer you a pressotherapy equipment that is an optimal solution and within your reach:

  • Sleek, modern and compact design
  • Light and easily transportable
  • With a very cool transport bag!
  • Easy to use and very ergonomic
  • Quick-Connect patented system: Connect accessories quickly!
  • 6-hour lithium-ion battery
  • Led screen
  • 4 massage programs
  • 6 independent air chambers
  • Pressure up to 240 mmHg
  • Sessions of up to 90 min.
  • Comprehensive pressotherapy: Boots, abdominal belt, sleeve and shorts for the complete treatment of your entire body.

With all these benefits and the opportunity to try one of the best pressotherapy equipment on the market for 15 days, there is no excuse. Also, SIZEN offers you financing facilities so that you can also benefit from pressotherapy in the arms and in the rest of the body. A safe investment in health, well-being and aesthetics that you can also take advantage of.

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