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Presotherapy for men

Presoterapia para hombres

Yes. Men also benefit from pressotherapy. Like women, they also want and need to feel good. Or because like them, they also have a Lymphatic System that doesn't always work properly. And because they also suffer from accumulated fat, fluid retention, flaccidity, circulatory problems... For all this and more, we dedicate this article to pressotherapy for men. And it is that today, this is a treatment that both women and men resort to, although this has not always been the case.

Interestingly, the presotherapy (know what pressotherapy is about) It first had a medical application to treat vascular problems derived from vasectomy, in the sixties. You read well. But of course, there were still many studies and technological advances so that pressotherapy could also be used for sporting or aesthetic purposes.

Later, pressotherapy became generally available in clinics and aesthetic centers, where mostly women attended. And we cannot deny reality. They have always been more concerned with their physical appearance, conditioned by certain socio-cultural pressure. But since the late 90s, everything has changed.

Our society is now much more open, already detached from so many clichés and stereotypes. Ultimately, both men and women have a common desire to feel their best about themselves.

That's why the presotherapy for men it is not a fad, but a highly recommended treatment that has come into their lives to stay, offering exactly all the benefits that women have been taking advantage of for decades. And it is that we can take advantage of the benefits of presotherapy for aesthetic, therapeutic or sporting purposes.

Presotherapy and male health

Pressotherapy can help a lot to improve certain health problems in men. The use of one or more combined presotherapy garments, provides a non-invasive lymphatic massage, capable of treating practically the entire body. Let's review the main benefits that men's health obtains thanks to pressotherapy:

  • Prevention and improvement of spider veins and varicose veins.
  • Venous return is facilitated, helping to pump the blood.
  • Treatment of edema and lymphedema.
  • Oxygenation of all tissues, both interior and skin.
  • Recovery from certain surgical interventions.
  • Lymphatic drainage is improved and enhanced.
  • Prevention and recovery of sports injuries.
  • Muscle recovery in training and sports competitions.
  • Reduced fluid retention.
  • Localized fat reduction.
  • Relief of leg pain (restless legs syndrome)
  • Massage for muscle relaxation purposes.

Presotherapy and sports recovery

Men who play sports of all kinds are in luck. Pressotherapy is the perfect ally when it comes to recovering your muscles more quickly. Whether after a hard training session or a competition in which they have given their all, the sports presotherapy helps them to heal their muscle injuries sooner, relieving the pain of the shoelaces and relaxing your muscles noticeably.

Many athletes, both elite and amateurs, combine manual physiotherapy massages with pressotherapy sessions, experiencing a faster recovery.

Other physiotherapeutic uses of Pressotherapy

In addition to helping with sports recovery, some work occupations subject the human body to habits that end up taking their toll. Circulatory problems, fluid retention or muscle fatigue are closely linked to certain jobs and professions. A clear example of this type of condition can be seen in freight carriers or public transport drivers. They spend too many hours sitting, in the same position and moving little. Others are hairdressers and suffer from leg pain from long hours on their feet. And others work in construction, installations or renovations, jobs that often cause not only exhaustion but also muscle injuries.

Can pressotherapy help all of them? Definitely. The physiotherapeutic use of pressotherapy is ideal for treating the muscles punished by work.

Presotherapy and male aesthetics

The aesthetic application of pressotherapy is being increasingly demanded also by men. Why wouldn't a man want to see himself and others see him better? The man, like the woman, enjoys contemplating a more attractive reflection in the mirror. He is something totally human, beyond sexual genders. Pressotherapy can help men by improving the tone of their skin and reducing fat and liquids accumulated in certain areas of the body.

Cellulite is usually more common in women, but men also suffer from it in certain areas, giving rise to annoying and unattractive michelines.

Obviously, pressotherapy alone will not completely eliminate this type of aesthetic problem, but it will help. The advice that we always give to both men and women who want to include pressotherapy in their aesthetic treatments is to combine a balanced and nutritious diet with regular physical exercise and pressotherapy sessions, which will above all help to maintain shape.

Contraindications of Pressotherapy

Like women, we advise men to consult a doctor before using pressotherapy. There are health problems that, due to their severity, are not compatible with this treatment. Be very careful with these contraindications before using pressotherapy:

  • Heart failure: Pressotherapy requires a greater pumping of the heart, so if you suffer from insufficient blood flow, this treatment is not for you.
  • If you use a pacemaker: For the same reason explained above.
  • Blood pressure problems: Also for the same reason and because pressure therapy affects the dilation of vessels and arteries.
  • Renal insufficiency: There are many possible causes for this problem. In any case, pressotherapy is not recommended because lymphatic drainage, also linked to kidney function, can harm more than help damaged or obstructed kidneys.
  • Deep venous thrombosis: Pressotherapy could displace the thrombus and worsen the situation.
  • Control your body weight

    • Considerable or morbid obesity: Other treatments or interventions will be necessary previously. Pressotherapy helps you reduce certain accumulations of fat and improve lymphatic channeling, through which lipids also circulate, but It is not a weight loss treatment. much less to end excessively overweight. Yes, it will be ideal as a complement to other treatments. Does pressotherapy help? Yes. Does it work miracles? Never.
    • Yes there are open or healing wounds, both exterior and interior.
    • Yes there are any infection in the body: pressotherapy could spread that infection to other parts of the body.
    • In cases of cancer: Whether you have cancer or are undergoing cancer treatment, pressotherapy is contraindicated. It could disperse free radicals by reactivating circulation. This can lead to more widespread contamination of potentially cancerous cells.
    • hormonal imbalances such as hypothyroidism: Only in case of having it very medically controlled, you could do pressotherapy.

    If you suffer from any of these problems or others not mentioned in the list, consult a doctor. Pressotherapy could be contraindicated in your case and for nothing in the world would you want to aggravate your health problems. It is also important that before reserving a treatment at a center or acquiring your own equipment, you have ruled out a possible contraindication.

    Consultation with a doctor is not only advisable, but also that you get good advice from truly qualified personnel who really know the contraindications of pressotherapy. Be careful because not all beauty centers care to know them in depth, but your health is too serious a matter that must come before everything.

    Pre-therapy SIZEN for everyone…he and she, and vice versa!

    SIZEN it is presotherapy for all. Un presotherapy equipment It's not like the pink and blue pacifiers. It is valid for both men and women. And in SIZEN we have always thought of both them and them. With an elegant design and all the features that a good pressotherapy machine should have, our brand offers you the best alternative for domestic pressotherapy.

    So if you are a man and you are seriously considering improving both in terms of health and aesthetics, this is for you. Improving certain conditions, as well as feeling and seeing yourself better, is possible with the help of advanced technology of our teams.

    If you are also an athlete, pressotherapy rewards your effort with a complete treatment that accelerates your muscle recovery, leaving you relaxed and ready for your next challenge. If you thought that pressure therapy was only for women who want to look more beautiful, you were far from knowing the real scope of this type of treatment!

    There Pre-therapy SIZEN it is much, much more. Now all that remains is that if you have never tried it before, you are encouraged to see for yourself its many benefits. Pressotherapy for men confirms that never before has it been so easy to take care of yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us or leave your question in comments. We will be happy to assist you and help you achieve your goals.

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