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Burn fat at rest: tips and keys to achieve it

Quemar grasas en reposo: consejos y claves para conseguirlo

In SIZEN, we are experts in pressotherapy machines and we understand the importance of addressing the localized fat loss. While physical activity is essential for good health, we also understand that some may prefer additional options. If you dream of burning fat without moving, we have tips and recommendations for you. Discover how to maximize fat burning even at rest, while enjoying your favorite series on the couch.

Metabolism is key if what we are looking for is to burn fat at restBut what is metabolism? Metabolism, to sum it up, is the set of processes that convert nutrients into energy for the body to function.

How metabolism can help us burn fat?

Adopting healthy habits can help speed up a slow metabolism. Proper nutrition is key, as food is broken down into nutrients that are processed by enzymes and used for energy. Including protein in the diet can increase metabolic activity, which will help us burn fat faster, while the choice of carbohydrates can affect the release and storage of energy.

Here we leave you some of the foods that help our metabolism:

  • All proteins considered lean.
  • Good fats such as those found in nuts, oily fish, olive oil, seeds, etc...
  • Fibrous carbohydrates, which we find in spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, chard, etc...
  • Complex carbohydrates, which we find in peas and vegetables.

Tips to burn fat at rest

Here we share some tips to burn fat while we are resting:

  1. There caffeine can be beneficial for lose weight. Consuming it in adequate doses can increase resting energy expenditure, according to studies. However, it is important not to overuse caffeine due to possible side effects such as elevated blood pressure and insomnia.
  2. A high protein diet good quality (meat, fish, eggs, seitan, tofu, cheese) helps maintain an active metabolism, even at rest. It is not necessary to follow an extreme hyperproteic diet.
  3. Consume high fiber foods helps reduce appetite and avoid eating fatty foods between meals.
  4. Add hot spices such as pepper, chili pepper and cayenne pepper to meals can increase energy expenditure and fat burning due to its ability to stimulate heat production.

Pressotherapy to burn fat at rest

Although we have already commented on several occasions that pressotherapy itself does not help to lose weight, it does have the function of facilitate lymphatic drainage, which helps to eliminate toxins and fats from the body.

In short, the presotherapy for slimming does not exist, it is not intended as a treatment to lose fat, but to help stimulate blood circulation and contributes directly to purifying the body and lymph nodes.


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