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How does presotherapy work?

¿Cómo funciona la presoterapia?

The presotherapy It is more and more popular with each passing day. Even so, there are always those who have not heard about the subject or are not very sure if the wonders that are said about it are really true. If this is your case, if you still do not know all the positive aspects of this therapy, keep reading. With this article you will understand what pressotherapy is and how it works.

Today we enjoy modern equipment, both professional - in clinics and beauty centers - and domestic, but Pressotherapy is not something new, although it has evolved a lot.

Its first application was purely therapeutic, in the 70s, to treat, curiously, men after having undergone a vasectomy. Later, it was gaining prominence in the world of aesthetics, promoting itself above all with a feminine approach. But over time, it stopped being so pigeonholed, recognizing not only its aesthetic function but also its therapeutic and sports function.

And of course, currently, both women and men take advantage of the many benefits it brings to their health, so... How does pressotherapy work?

How does a pressotherapy machine work?

A Pressotherapy team consists of a machine or device and a series of padded garments. These garments are made so that they can be inflated, with a material that is usually flame retardant as well as being very pleasant to the touch.

Connected to the current, the machine blows air through tubes connected to the garments. That air goes through the different chambers, called pneumocompression, distributed throughout the garment, and it does so sequentially.

In other words, the chambers fill up consecutively at a certain rate. Depending on each team and program, there comes a time during the session in which all the chambers are inflated, maintaining the pressure for a longer period of time.

This compression and decompression massage exerts moderate pressure and is sufficient to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is found shallow under the skin. Therefore, a lot of force is not necessary to cause an effect. The most used garments are pressotherapy boots, here we explain how boots work, but there are also shorts for the buttocks and hips, an abdominal belt and a sleeve for the arms. These garments can be used separately or combined for a more complete treatment. Regarding the programs, each team is different, but a quality one should offer you at least 4 programs to give treatment versatility.

Distal-proximal massage

Don't be scared, it sounds like something super scientific but its definition is very simple. Colloquially, a distal-proximal massage is one that is performed from the periphery of the body towards its center. Distal means distance and proximal means proximity.

When we use a complete set of Pressotherapy, the garments cover almost our entire body, from the feet to the upper part of the abdomen. And the massage follows this same order; from the feet upwards, progressively approaching the most central points of the lymphatic network that runs throughout the body.

And if any garment is used separately, the massage also follows that order. We tell you in case you read it out there and it sounds a bit like Chinese to you. For example, the fingers are distal to the shoulder.

Some pressotherapy machines also allow you to program the air chamber filling circuit in reverse: in a proximal-distal direction, something indicated for peripheral arterial disease. Those who suffer from it have difficulties conducting blood flow from the heart to the extremities.

Pressotherapy and its 3 main applications. What is it and how does it work?

Pressotherapy has 3 main applications: Therapeutic, sports and aesthetic. We can also say that it is a 3×1 treatment, because even if you select a specific program, this type of massage achieves several effects at the same time. In short, it is a method of moderate alternating pressure that stimulates the lymphatic system, while improving the functioning of the vascular system. And when both systems work better, the body responds with a whole host of improvements.

Fátima diame embajadora Sizen España

Pressotherapy for therapeutic purposes

Using pressotherapy for therapeutic purposes helps greatly to prevent, alleviate and reduce multiple problems. You can use it for:

  • Edema and lipoedema
  • Congenital and post-operative lymphedemas
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • blocked lymphatic ducts
  • Accumulation of fats and toxins
  • spider veins
  • Varicose veins (varicose veins)
  • Venous ulcer (including recalcitrant or chronic)
  • Reduce any general inflammation
  • Venous stasis (obstruction or compression of the veins)
  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Relieve tired legs syndrome
  • Muscle recovery of immobilized patients
  • Reactivation of circulation in paralyzed limbs
  • Post-operative liposuction
  • Post-surgical bruising
  • Stress (due to its relaxing effect)
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (with proximal-distal massage)
  • Post-phlebitic syndrome (pain, redness and swelling of the leg due to a venous clot)

Pre-therapy for sports purposes

Many athletes, both professional and amateur, join the use of the presotherapy for sports purposes for:

  • Relieve soreness
  • Eliminate lactic acid first
  • Oxygenate all tissues
  • Maintain good lymphatic health
  • recover sooner after training
  • Relieve edema caused by muscle damage
  • Combat the stress of competitions

Presotherapy for aesthetic purposes

What about pressotherapy for aesthetic purposes? Its benefits are highly sought after, especially by women (although more and more by men as well) who want:

  • reduce cellulite
  • Reduce volume in localized areas
  • Oxygenate the skin and tissues
  • tone the muscles
  • postpartum recovery

Although very beneficial, keep in mind that Pressotherapy is not harmless. In some cases it is contraindicated. Before using it, consult a doctor to rule out any possible contraindications. Only in very exceptional cases should you deprive yourself of it, but it is always better to consult a medical professional.

Advantages of using your own Presotherapy machine

A pressotherapy machine is the ideal alternative to manual lymphatic massage. Modern pressotherapy equipment contributes to lymphatic drainage by pressing on one or more areas of the body. What other advantages does using your own pressotherapy machine offer? They are not few; attention:

  • The machine does it all. You just have to relax.
  • Without time conditioning or of any kind. You decide when and how much to use your equipment.
  • At home, you can watch TV, read or listen to music during your session. To your roll!
  • You can lend your equipment to other people in your family.
  • It is infinitely cheaper than going regularly to an aesthetic or physiotherapy center. Even a pack of several sessions has a considerable impact on the monthly budget. For this reason, acquiring a domestic pressotherapy equipment is a magnificent investment in health. You pay once and quickly make the expense profitable. And the truth is, having pressure therapy at hand for life is PRICELESS.

SIZEN: The leading Pressotherapy brand in the Spanish market

Since its inception, SIZEN has opted to offer pressotherapy equipment with one of the best quality-price ratios on the market, thus ensuring that more and more people can benefit from this treatment every day. Complete and effective, aesthetically beautiful and elegant as well as comfortable and easy to use, it has quickly become one of the favorites when choosing a presotherapy equipment for home. So if you are also thinking of signing up for this taken , you should know that SIZEN offers you 15 days of trial before you decide to buy it.

In addition, you have an expert at your disposal who will inform you of everything and answer any questions you may have. Because buying pressotherapy equipment is a serious and important acquisition that you should not do lightly but with all the guarantees.

After all, it is the satisfaction of the users that really makes SIZEN the leading brand of Pressotherapy in the Spanish market. And now that you know what pressotherapy is and how it works, you could try it and tell other people about it. There are still many people who do not know it or who know what it consists of but believe that it is not within their reach. Nothing of that! Pressotherapy is no longer a privilege of few. Whether for its aesthetic, sports or therapeutic use, many are the people who today can take care of their body thanks to pressotherapy.

And remember: your challenge is also our goal and your well-being is the reason why we will continue to evolve to offer you a pressotherapy that meets your expectations.

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