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Lymphatic drainage to lose weight: does it work?

Drenaje linfático para adelgazar: ¿funciona?

Improving physical condition and losing weight is an objective for a large part of the population. To achieve this, there are multiple aspects and factors that must be taken into account, such as the adequate management of body water, which is a fundamental part of the human body. In this sense, part of the body water is destined to the formation of the so-called lymphatic fluid or lymph, along with the toxins released by the cells. For this reason, it is important to drain this cellular debris and this is where lymphatic drainage becomes a technique to be evaluated.

What does lymphatic drainage do in the body?

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that seeks to stimulate the network of vessels and lymph nodes so that there is a correct purification of toxins and body fluids, including fats, by eliminating interstitial fluid, excess fluid. In summary, it helps with the detoxification of the organism.

Can lymphatic drainage help you lose weight?

For weight loss there are no miraculous techniques and neither is lymphatic massage. However, it has many benefits and helps cleanse and reduce inflammation, which makes it compatible with a comprehensive healthy weight loss program and will enhance other vital actions such as following a balanced diet and increased physical activity.

Effects of lymphatic drainage

Specifically, lymphatic drainage helps expel toxins from the body, as a slow lymphatic system can lead to stagnation during the weight loss process; increases lymphatic circulation, which helps to have higher energy levels; releases retained liquids, since it is the lymphatic system that is in charge of expelling them through the urine; and in short, favors the functions of the liver and kidneys, fundamental organs for the elimination of toxins.

On the other hand, it provides benefits in areas independent of the loss of weight. Lymphatic drainage also stimulates the immune system, promotes tissue regeneration, accelerates healing and recovery, is relaxing for the nervous system, helps the skin appear clearer and more luminous, and helps absorb edema.

Types of lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage technique has multiple applications, such as the treatment of lymphedema, cellulite reduction, fluid retention, acne and anti-stress techniques. Thus, specialized centers offer different approaches, among which facial, abdominal and leg lymphatic drainage stand out. In addition, pressotherapy is a medical technique that can help perform a lymphatic drainage.

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