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judo builds people

El judo construye personas

He Judo is an individual sport, it is considered as a martial art in which you compete with an adversary with the purpose of knocking him down, whose objective is the initiation and learning of self-defense techniques and movements.

"Judo builds people"

Much more than a sport "Judo builds people"; Institutions such as UNESCO, the UN (United Nations) or UNICEF, have introduced judo in several of their cooperation and development programs. Judo is one of the most appropriate sports from childhood, since, in addition to physical and mental well-being, it develops great educational values in those who practice it.

Alfonso Urquiza embajador Sizen.
Alfonso Urquiza is ambassador of Sizen.

Judo was codified from the beginning for this purpose by its creator, the Japanese educator and first Asian member of the IOC, Jigoro Kano.

  • It highlights the ethical components: respect for norms, people and places of practice.
  • Promotes camaraderie, discipline and perseverance.
  • Develop a culture that favors mastery and self-control defined in a human environment and a code of behavior.
  • The mutual esteem produced by the physical challenge, the acceptance of the result of the confrontation (rejection of the trap or winning at any cost), the development of the capacity for analysis and adaptation, make judo an outstanding contribution to the construction of the individual and social personality of the student.
  • It makes a very solid contribution to learning the basic principles of citizenship.
  • Development of motor skills, improvement of control and motor performance.
  • Improvement of perceptual-cognitive and sensorimotor mechanisms.

“Through the practice of judo, one shows his consideration for your adversary, and also learns to fully understand his point of view. Precisely the development of these qualities is what contributes quality people to society, the ultimate goal of judo. It also provides physical and mental strength that prepares us to face any problem or challenge in life with greater guarantees of success" (Y.Yamashita, 2012)

In 1964 Judo is admitted as a olympic sport

in the olympics 1964 Judo is admitted as a olympic sportIt is the first martial art to be introduced in the Olympics and today it is already practiced by millions of people around the world and not only for training for effective self-defense. But also because of the values and discipline that foster the personal growth of those who practice it.

Alfonso Urquiza en un campeonato, es embajador Sizen.

Judo allows the skills of Judokas to be put to the test both at an amateur and professional level, generating seven different divisions by sex divided by the age of the participant.

Almost three and a half million Spaniards are federated in some sport, so if we can affirm that Spain has a high sports culture. According to official sources from the Higher Sports Council, Judo is the sixth sport in spain in terms of number of licences.

This leads us to a conclusion and that is that Judo is not a minority sport, but little media coverage. Since more than one hundred thousand people in Spain practice this sport, perhaps the problem is its null attractiveness to the media.

He judo It's not just a popular Olympic sport, its philosophy goes beyond mere competition. Judo is a school of life, a way of facing existence.

There can be no physical effort if there is no character, willpower, or intelligence.

Judo, through physical contact, establishes a close relationship between people, helps self-knowledge and understanding of others, is a school of sociability for everyone, whatever the age, sex or objective for which it is done. they practice. The longer the individual remains involved, the more positive effect judo will have.

Alfonso Urquiza He is a Spanish 81k weight champion and aspiring to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. He is also an ambassador and user of the Size 6+.

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